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  2. Yes, agree with the above. My comments about tired, old and now unsafe buildings shouldnt be taken to mean i was referring to replacement with multi - million dollar stands. Demolition, and landscaping the vacant area for a good number would be all that would be necessary, along with a suitable, tidy admin area.
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  4. Andy tells me they will have 4 portadunnies at Cambridge. Probably do candy floss for the kids.
  5. R1 1=2 R2 3=14 R3 7=10 R4 2=5 BB R5 4=7 R6 3=10 R7 5=6 R8 4=7 R9 2=3 R10 2=3*BB Alternative R7 5=7 BB R8 2=6 R9 4=7 R10 4=9 Lets go Chiefs all the best Jen Cheers
  6. Lets go Turbo's lets go. 2/9 9/14 1/8 6/14 ** 12/17 3/8 4/6 2/8 ** 1/2 2/4 Sub Rosehill races 4/7 6/8 ** 5/10 2/8 Good picking Heather. Some great races across the day...likely a heavy track in Sydney could upset the selections.
  7. Yep to those - commensurate being the key as said.
  8. Let's see what the response is like first
  9. I'd be in,tho am sensing it could be a struggle to find someone to run it.
  10. Probably sufficient for a few winter industry day meetings. Maybe no manned tote windows either. Perhaps someone to help people bet by phone app and maybe a couple of tote machines with similar help.
  11. You mean like a couple of portadunnies, a coffee stand and a sausage roll vending machine at Cambridge
  12. It wouldn't be to necessarily build a stand beyond requirements - but to build an appropriate facility at (any) course commensurate with its needs. Your other points make sense - but they should be club driven imo.
  13. 1. Trentham R5 – 5,7 2. Trentham R6 – 2,3 3. Trentham R7 – 7,11 4. Trentham R8 – 4,14 BB 5. Trentham R9 – 14,17 6. Rosehill R5 – 9,10 7. Flemington R2 – 1,8 8. Flemington R3 – 3,7 9. Flemington R4 – 2,9 BB 10. Flemington R5 – 3,6 Thanks Pete
  14. M12 R1 – 4 M12 R5 – 2 M6 R1 – 2 M4 R1 – 7 M4 R7 – 7 Thanks Craig
  15. Can we get an indication from the current members, what the interest is in a new Punters Club, run by somebody. Also any new entrants It could be, that like PJ's comp, the Punters Club is about Jason, so many may not be interested without Jason Moosey Steve paul Tom YES Nek Andy Maximus Pete Sir G Mardy YES Brownfox YES Sandpiper YES Group one winner Porky YES Smiler Blind squirrel McCooks YES Richie Vanturk Tigertiger
  16. Then you have to ask, what is the point. When was the last time they filled a grandstand at Ellerslie Also many of the rural clubs that are destined to remain in the 28, how many meetings do they have per year, to justify millions spent on facilities. Also, where is the business plan, that should be done in conjunction with the facilities, that is going to detail, how they are going to get people back on course, and where is the business plan that details what/how these new facilities will be used for on the other 355 days of the year, that gets a return, for the millions spent
  17. 1. Trentham R5 – 4,9 2. Trentham R6 – 6,13 3. Trentham R7 – 5,12 4. Trentham R8 – 7,12 bb 5. Trentham R9 – 11,13 6. Rosehill R5 – 6,7 7. Flemington R2 – 4,5 8. Flemington R3 – 4,8 9. Flemington R4 – 4,6 bb 10. Flemington R5 – 1,4 Alternative Races 7-10 (if Flemington is abandoned): 7. Rosehill R6 – 3,5 8. Rosehill R7 – 3,7 9. Rosehill R8 – 6,9 10. Rosehill R9 – 1,6 bb All the best Stevie and fellow kats. Thank you Peter.
  18. Gidday Ferdies/PJ et al.. Early start 1. 1/2 2. 3/14 3. 1/7 BB 4. 2/6 5. 7/11 6. 6/8 7. 4/6 8. 4/6 9. 5/7 10 8/9 BB Good luck all. Bit of a poke toda
  19. Serendipitous only for her opponent, methinks...never mind ... as for 'team video conferences' you confuseth we sweet 'n harmonious Puddytats with the evil HairyCanes. Thinking though that we Kats might just play our Joker on the morrow against the blokes from the misty murky muddy Waikatoo. MM
  20. I am definitely a starter if someone can take up the reigns.
  21. The serendipitous part is she only had a $69.00 score to beat - that she could only match it, is lacking relevance. I'm sure she will do far better this week ! How are the team video conference training and interface sessions progressing? Paws for thought ? You wouldn't want to take these Tainui fellas too lightly......
  22. Jen (0/1-69.00) (Kauri Kats) and on what grounds, may I delicately enquire, is it in any way serendipitous for my gorgeous Kat-fellow Jen to have lost? I suggest you remover her name and amend that list to THE FAILING FIVE without delay. Hrrmmmpphh! MM
  23. M4 R1 - 7 M4 R2 – 5 M4 R3 – 6 M4 R4 – 6 M11 R1 - 6 Thank you Craig
  24. Just rehashing Jason's post on what he does I think the PC needs a tweak so the new person may have some new ideas but the 3 mains things I had to do to run it were * collect the weekly entry money and keep a spreadsheet of payments * create a betting draw * deposit the betting money in to members account or place all bets for non TAB acc holders * update results weekly and keep winnings spreadsheet updated * payout at end of period With the awesome members I had it was easy keeping track as no bad payers (most people actual paid in advance)
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