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  2. I take offence to that bro!! 10 minutes more like and the clubs reside in my boot🏌️ Draft thanks Pete
  3. The man with the 3rd biggest hands I know Only beaten by a farmer & fisherman whose 7 ounce glass disappeared when having a drink @ Portobello Hotel!!
  4. Result Race 10 No 7 $13.30 Quinella $No one again Wrinkles finds the long shot in the last as does D Show. But Wrinkles blows them away and wins the night, well done .👍 Wrinkles $402 Hesi $294 Gordy $294 Ngakonui Grass $250 Rees $225 Pete $225 D Show $204 Great finish girl Steve P $122 Godzstar $107 Craigos $104 Thats it folks . Hope you enjoyed it. Nite Nite
  5. Yes he did at live concerts but not on any of their recordings. I suppose he could get away with it with all the noise.
  6. Docker


    I was lucky enough to be on course the day Sacred Falls won the Hawkes Bay Guineas. Aegon is the closes I have seen to have his sire's genes. He may even be better.
  7. Bobby Farrell sang when I saw them At Carisbrook. At least I think he did!!
  8. I only recently found out that Milli Vanillis creator Frank Farian's other band Boney M did the same thing with their male vocalist. Only 2 of the 3 females and Farian himself contributed to the vocals. Bobby Farrell only sang at live concerts.
  9. oh dear i made a blue!! me bad in my rush put -8x9 in last should been 7x8 ..no probs tho !!
  10. IMO one of the most underrated bands that deserve all accolades they receive
  11. Possibly my best moment on Kareoke!!👀👀
  12. I believe ZZ Top are the oldest band going where there has been no changes to the band members. I pretty much have every album they've produced not bad considering I'm left of left & there right!!!
  13. Today
  14. John , if you want a social life just do what Ziggy does. Take five minutes to put your picks on while loading the clubs into the car then gap it. I you have a shit round then brighten up the day by checking on how they are doing. We will still be here.👍
  15. One of my favourites Joe Jackson thru someones Cell phone. Still pretty good
  16. Shame to see you go John. You've been part of the race forum community for a while now. A valued contributor, astute tipster and fierce competitor who knows more about numbers than any man should. 👊 On the positive side, I'll climb up at least one ranking as far as *active* individual performances in PJ comps go. The other positive is that Max's posts will reduce by half.... 😁 cheers R
  17. Back to singers who do actually sing!
  18. Race 9 Nine on no 7. Guess the odd one out, yep Ngakonui alone on 1 and 6, could it be the killer blow? Result Change at the top as Ngakonui loses his lead, with the pack chasing hard . No 9 $5.30 Quinella $2.50 Last race picks in parenthesis. Down to the wire with any of the top six with a chance to steal it, depending on finishing order and price. Hesi $294 (1-4 ) Gordy $294 ( 4-8 ) Ngakonui G $250 (1-8) Wrinkles $269 (6-7) Rees $225 (2-8) Pete
  19. "Girl I'm Gonna Miss You" (sometimes listed as "I'm Gonna Miss You") is a song by German dance-pop group Milli Vanilli. It was released in July 1989 as a single from their debut album Girl You Know It's True. The single was a success, hitting the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and being certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. The song also reached number one in Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands and Switzerland, number two in Ireland, the United Kingdom and West Germany, and number three in Australia. I believe the actual singers have bee
  20. I have never seen a horse do that in a Derby Craig. That was arrogant.
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