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    Come in Maxi....
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    i dont think anything will work with this lot. In the words of a Zager and Evans song "lets tear it down and start again".
  5. Meetings: Lingfield, Hamilton, Dundalk, and Cork All selections to win only for 0.50pt Lingfield Race 1 7. Devil Or Angel Lingfield Race 1 9. Terri Rules Lingfield Race 5 2. Twice As Likely Lingfield Race 5 8. Come On Girl Lingfield Race 6 2. Kath's Lustre Lingfield Race 6 8. Equipped Lingfield Race 8 2. Double Legend Lingfield Race 8 10. Phoenix Dawn Lingfield Race 9 7. Sir Gnet Lingfield Race 9 13. Island Flame Hamilton Race 2 4. Red Stripes Hamilton Race 2 8. Burtonwood Hamilton Race 4 4. I Know How Hamilton Race 4 7. Shortbackandsides Hamilton Race 5 3. Akamanto Hamilton Race 5 9. Firlinfeu Hamilton Race 6 6. Cuba Ruba Hamilton Race 6 7. Convivial Hamilton Race 7 2. Sarvi Hamilton Race 7 5. Perfect Rose Hamilton Race 8 3. Lukoutoldmakezebak Hamilton Race 8 4. Scots Sonnet Dundalk Race 4 8. Dance Alone Dundalk Race 4 13. Theoneyouare Dundalk Race 5 9. Tynamite Dundalk Race 5 14. Village Rock Dundalk Race 6 10. Glory Dundalk Race 6 13. Calidus Mirbalis Dundalk Race 7 5. Nobel Prize Dundalk Race 8 5. Loaded Dundalk Race 8 6. Jack Berry House Cork Race 2 3. Edessann Cork Race 2 4. So Familiar Cork Race 3 5. Petite Amie Cork Race 6 7. Tauran Shaman Cork Race 6 9. Colfer Me Cork Race 7 4. Brook On Fifth Cork Race 7 8. Schroders Mistake
  6. That's if you can get a word out of them, let alone a number!
  7. It makes no difference what happens, they will still give themselves a glowing report. Happens every year.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Peter's must be complicit in holding everything back till after the election If he gets back in, then he can fudge it for another 3 years, no one in Govt will really care If he doesn't get back, then it won't be his problem, and he can say all he has done, Messara etc etc, and blame the industry for not pulling together One thing for sure, if the true picture gets revealed pre election, then he loses a big chunk of his racing support base
  10. I thought things were bad enough with the new FOB platform, but apart form the upfront costs and the ongoing charges, there appears to also be a component of profit share fee that RITA has to pay. These guys are good. What negotiators. Let's pay a fee for some software. Let's pay an annual fee to keep running the software. Let's pay a share of profit fee the new software helps generate. So with the ever increasing focus on fixed odds, the need to obtain a decent margin becomes ever more pressing. The higher the resulting net margin, the higher the resulting profit share fee. Good work, well done. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Couple that with the shift from NZ racing to offshore racing - which incurs the additional fees (effectively race fields fees to offshore jurisdictions), we have a platform that has to pay more and more for fees associated with betting every where except here. And then pay a share of profit from the fixed odds profit (also from more and more from off-shore betting). Send in the clowns. Don't bother, they're here. Then when we add in the increased level of sports betting, that comes at a cost for fees to sporting organisations. The NZ industry becoming increasing dependent on 3 things outside of pokies - fixed odds, off-shore racing and sports betting. These three things are the primary costs that relate to 'turnover related expenses' So in the six months to 31 Jan 2018, the net revenue was $188.085m. The turnover related expenses was $36.259m in the six months to 31 Jan 2020, the net revenue was $187.144m. The turnover related expenses was $39.355m (nothing to do with operating expenses) Which has meant that even when they have made a lower net betting profit, the expenses related to those items above has increased by nearly 10%. These people are so stupid, they seem to think they can just increase net betting revenue. Yet they haven't managed to do that. The last 3 equivalent periods - $188m, $184m, $187m. If the shift to sports/fixed odds/off-shore keeps increasing, the same $190m odd will have to pay the increased fees associated with that revenue. Ultimately, delivering reduced betting revenues net of turnover expenses. To increase it, would require a decent uplift in losses from NZ punters. Yep, it's looking rosy. Idiots is being kind.
  11. Yes I noticed on the TV that there was one group missing and not on in your list.... the public. Those in "the industry" forget/ignore that group, at their peril.
  12. UK selection results for Saturday 11/07/2020 (winners/placings only) Newmarket Race 4 5. Dance Fever (NR) Newmarket Race 5 7. Rosadora (NR) Newmarket Race 5 11. Indie Angel (WINNER @ 7.59) Newmarket Race 6 5. Master Of The Seas (WINNER @ 6.20) Newmarket Race 7 6. Oxted (WINNER @ 13.78) Newmarket Race 8 17. Red Bond (NR) Ascot Race 3 10. Rajinsky (2ND) Ascot Race 4 6. Al Rasmah (2ND) Ascot Race 5 5. Carlos Felix (WINNER @ 3.46) Ascot Race 6 8. Dan Donato (2ND) Ascot Race 7 7. Mountain Peak (2ND) Ascot Race 7 14. Jonah Jones (3RD) Ascot Race 8 5. Table Mountain (2ND) Leopardstown Race 3 11. Tanseeq (3RD) Salisbury Race 1 3. Queen Of Burgundy (3RD) Salisbury Race 6 3. Zuba (3RD) Salisbury Race 6 7. Dono Di Dio (2ND) Salisbury Race 9 8. Sufi (3RD) Newcastle Race 1 5. Cipango (3RD) Newcastle Race 4 6. Jems Bond (NR) Newcastle Race 5 7. Dandys Gold (2ND) Newcastle Race 8 5. Adams Park (2ND) 4 winners, 14 placings, 4 non-runners from 59 selections Starting balance 01/06/20 – 200pts Currently – 185.38pts
  13. Thanks and Congrats to the Baa Baas on a deserved victory yesterday - we KKs were like a car that wouldn't start and when it did couldn't get out of first gear (mebbe we'd run out of anti-freeze). So the mountain has got a little higher and steeper for us. At least Sharne saved the down-trou, which is just as well, cos 5 blushing Kitty Kats minus their knickers might not be everyone's idea of sexy. As a complete aside, Max was at Ellerslie yesterday ...so good to be back doing what we love, catching up with mates and chewing the fat with the real people who make this industry worthwhile - hardworking trainers, owners, jockeys, stablehands, studmasters and employees etc. It's 7 days a week, rain hail or shine for many of these people (I don't know Ken Kelso but I know he got lost trying to find his horse in the tie-ups before the last, but at least the horse knew where to go! LOL.) Leaving the course, one sound-byte kept rattling round in Max's mustelidian (= huge but sometimes vacant) brain. A young-ish woman, dark jacket and holding a lead-rope, cheering on her charge from the grandstand as the field got to the 100m mark in the last. Twas the almost-manic sound of a passionate racing fan willing her horse to win. What she said / screamed didn't matter. The passion and excitement in her voice was worth bottling. It's all about the way horse racing makes us feel. And if I could, I'd replay the tape in front of Dean McKenzie and all the other 'suits' who are paid squillions (while this lady earns sweet flock-all in comparison) and make them answer a few pertinent questions. Starting with: why did you 'can' Trackside Radio? And when are you going to do the right thing and bring it back? MM
  14. Communication is the equivalent of a two man small town business. Nothing. wouldn't trust them with a single cent - and NZTR can be thrown in that arena also.
  15. Absolutely, we are 2 weeks out from the new year and we have nothing. Cant justify having a horse in work, we have zero idea what we are running for in just over 2 weeks. Is the hold up NZTR or RITA?.
  16. Who in their right mind would believe a single word that comes out of RITA. I feel for the major stakeholders in this industry. My opinion is, RITA have been sharing nothing but lies and propaganda to the public. They're running scared. They will no doubt not even put out an annual report by getting around doing so by mutual agreement with the minister. There is no doubt in my mind that the real situation at RITA is woeful. And they will hide this as long as they possibly can - which is a real injustice to those people basing their futures on it. Come on McKenzie - prove me wrong and put out the equivalent of a 6 month financial report (similar to what was previously provided by NZRB). From what you've publicly released, it looks like you lot have been sitting on your hands doing sfa. And now covid has come along and you think you can use that to cover up all your mismanagement. Talk about clueless.
  17. that was a heavyweight slugfest between the Blues and Hurricanes a huge day for VvD (Very very Dazzling) ..but if he tipped the winners of the last two races how come his personal total didn't go up when race 9 result posted? Did he tip it for everyone else and take something else his own self? MM
  18. till haven't had tea! I guess I have................ bottle of Pinot Gis & 3/4 of a bottle Cab Sav!
  19. Not feeling well tonight so I'll carry on with Musicals whenever next time is
  20. Thanks Chiefs for the match today Gee & Jack ...................you two were great today, To my Crusaders teammates I guess we played our Get Lucky Card today............especially in respect to myself. Anyways onwards and up! Cheers, Craig.
  21. Maybe the Hurricanes, Chiefs and Highlanders are more our rugby boys' 'go'. We had no trouble seeing-off those mobs.
  22. After Round 2 Gary with a very impressive 4 teams in exactly the right spot. Stevie not far behind and clearly in the zone - not far behind here or in the Lay of the Day comp and his Chiefs leading the way in the Super Comp.
  23. Yeah personally I think it's an administrative blunder ...... when you're playing in the freezing cold of the Southern climates games should be limited to 70 minutes only. Then we Blues would have been winners and grinners.
  24. Just like the Mighty Saders did in the Racing forum ...bomb ém at the Death ,,,commiserations Blues.....there's always next week !!' racing and rugby!~!
  25. drat ...I hoped that one had slipped past you, Craig. I should have known .... you're Much Too Fast to have things slip by you. 😊
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