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  2. I will put up a clue for each of the unanswered questions at 8 pm on Sun night
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  4. VC - 17 points NG - 8.5 point LFV - 7 points Maxi - 6.5 points PJ - 5 points Maria - 4 points London Trader - 3 points Pete - 2 points
  5. QR21 1994 Trentham Stakes
  6. 1985 Epsom Derby won by Slip Anchor (Steve Cauthen)
  7. classic-new-zealand-horse-racing-bloopers-1_lxCwzkm4.mp3 2.58 MB · 3 downloads thanks for that info PJ, now I finally get to know who won the race LOL
  8. First NZ Derby run in March
  9. Mardy


    Definitely not doing the deep South Rees. I'll more than likely do Canterbury,top of the South,West Coast and Oamaru would be as far down as i'd go.
  10. I apologies if these are maybe repeats. Haven't checked Pages 1~85
  11. i believe this sog holds some kind of record for the longest-held (final) note in pop music.. mid you, theyve had a few decades to beat it ...
  12. I saw them after a Grand Prix Equestrian event They've still got it.
  13. The Air that I breathe - The Hollies
  14. craigos1


    From August I'll do Timaru south! Although might do the coast too!! Awful tonight.
  15. I know you're out there somewhere - The Moody Blues
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