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  2. Porky, I'm struggling to see what any Covid restrictions for on course crowds have to do with the above NZTR proposals.
  3. Jazz Craig I thought I had eclectic tastes in music from 70s/80s pub rock to Adele and Whitney Houston
  4. It's weird I know but I've always liked Conway Twitty Apologies to the left!!!!
  5. There aren't many songs that have had 1 billion views on youtube that I play but this is one of them
  6. Cambridge 24/10/21 R1 3 Matais Louis 1rst $3.00 $1.50 R2 5 The Hulk 1rst $4.10 $1.80 R3 7 Some Girls Dont 1rst $10.90 $2.60 R4 5 Delson 1rst $3.50 $2.00 R6 6 Brookies Jaffa 1rst $4.00 $1.90 R7 6 Del Shannon 1rst $2.40 $1.30 Total spend $14 Total Return $39.10 Profit $25.10 JUST KIDDING> MISSED TODAY-FAMILY BUISNESS
  7. Apologies for playing repeats mainly tonight Finishing with one I've played so many times But it is great and even live it is still so close to original
  8. Now for something completely different
  9. Cool is a vast understatement. Karrots you really do need to go and visit it. For a Harness nut it is the closest you will get to Heaven. For those of us with long memory's it is genuinely eye watering stuff.
  10. So they weren't even in the Racing industry
  11. Porky

    Great idea

    I think 6 beers or a bottle of wine is the ruling these days...( a well parked car) allows for more LOL
  12. Good points Globe. It’s great you have retained MM he helps make up one of the finest groups of open class trotters we have seen, and that is saying a lot. Agree we need higher stakes but like you I am in it for the fun. I was in a syndicate that sold a really good race mare and I kind of regret that now. Would love to have bred from her, but you have to go with the majority. Good luck for Ash Vegas, would love to see him win
  13. Karrots I’m intrigued by your horse Sweety. By Sweet Lou no doubt. Can you tell us who it is out of? Fair enough if you don’t but I’m just interested now
  14. Stakes can only be increased by growing revenue ie betting. I think that will take time but I remember Woodham saying they were looking at ways to increase turnover from overseas, or export turnover I think they call it. Hope they can put a successful plan together
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