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  2. Totally agree. For some unknown reason, I found myself watching a few trotting races online from France today. Not sure how I managed to stumble upon them, but their trotters seemed very impressive. Speed at the end of the race and very few breakers. They have had a few years to refine the breed but some of them looked real good. Instant disqualification if a horse breaks too, no messing about with any lapped on rule, they learn the hard way over there. In more ways than one. Horse meat sold oncourse with fries. Apparently horse meat is very high in protein and double the iron conte
  3. R1..5/11 R2..2/7 R3..1/9 R4..5/6 BB R5..4/5 R6..6/11 R7..1/14 R8..1/15 R9..1/9 BB R10..2/18 Cheers PJ
  4. Hope the Bach isnt to close to the sea Gary. Spent many an hour fishing down there with the kids , and putting out our inflatable bag with 50 hooks only to pull in 25 paddle crabs. Some blue cod on occasion but mostly Kahawai.
  5. The starts are just anarchic, a bloody lottery. I was ,at the advent of some Franco/ American blood showing up in our bloodlines ,hoping for a purer type of trotter. Crikey there are some pigs out there.
  6. I should learn the rules (maybe Matt Cross too 😂) My sincerest apologies to the Stipe Family.
  7. I don't know if it is just me but the racing recently seems to be frenetic and loose with lots of false starts and horses breaking. How did I Dream of Jeannie hold first? I thought it was lapped on so doesn't that mean it is gone? I await the stipes report.
  8. off out to Lake Ferry first thing to check out the bach I bought - well I take it over in a couple of weeks but handing over saturday. Retirement day from RNZAF regular force on saturday 16 Jan so its a funny old day...44 years of loyal service. Been snapped up as a Reservist for a project starting monday so no rest !! 8/16 2/5 8/11 1/2 ** 2/7 2/4 4/11 3/13 3/16 ** 6/13 Good luck all..happy punting. My retirement day punt Wild Moose for a tenner or maybe 2 of them
  9. Time to give the Trotters a miss. My BB for the 6th time in a row, 2nd again. My patience is running out. Close for the place money on Melando Chief , dissapointing Annerie but had excuses.
  10. The only thing...............Rees is it's a "Rugby" Championship so I get VS idea Thieves~~Steelers!!
  11. R1) 2,3 R2) 4,10 R3) 1,8 R4) 1,8 R5) 3,14 ** R6) 2,3 R7) 1,4 R8) 3,13 R9) 3,12 ** R10) 2,6 Cheers PJ ....
  12. How about shortening Thieves on Wheels to TOW. Then when we win they will say Geeze they had some tow.😜
  13. I'm about as keen on The Steelers VS as you most probably are on The Highlanders 😬!
  14. i will try to remember to put in selections for every meeting this time . im in
  15. R1 - 8 & 9 R2 - 5 & 8 R3 - 8 & 9 R4 - 2 & 6 BB R5 - 4 & 5 R6 - 2 & 3 R7 - 10 & 12 R8 - 3 & 12 R9 - 1 & 12 BB R10 - 2 & 6
  16. VS, is this a serious suggestion and if so do you have some agreement from the team ?
  17. as this is a regional comp as pointed out by a nice person much earlier - it is now obvious that we should be called the Steelers ( Counties Manukau)
  18. Yesterday
  19. Thanks Craig,I work a lot of Saturdays but if you get called in message me to fill in just in case it one of my days off
  20. ya beat me to the draw there on the 10/2 record, Foxy One ...Kapitain Max has filed that away for future reference (if required)! MM
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