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    Magnificent game ! πŸ‘ I though Kordia was battling there for a while, but way too good in the end. A very big, big congratulations to Jack, Pete, Hesi, Stevie P, and Blind Squirrel ! Very worthy CHAMPIONS ..... controlled the match for much of the day, withstood a very strong late challenge from us 'MTF' and ultimately just that little bit too good. After being in front for most of the day 'The James Gang' were needing a hero to step up ... and long-time stalwart Jack fitted the bill perfectly. A hero , just as the Zac Attack was last Saturday for the 'MTF'. So 'The James Gang' ...fourth and final berth into the Championship Round ..... but too good for very strong opposition, first the 'Five-Oh' and finally the 'Much Too Fast'. Stevie P played an absolute blinder today, but the whole team stood up and did sterling stuff this back end of the comp, the sharp end of the comp. I can't have wished for a better group of "teamies" - my MTF buddies - Rex, Craig, Ashoka, Zac. After 159 races over 4 months we were just the 1 race away from wiinning this thing. A great effort "buddies", especially the way we fought back from 1-4 deficits in both our Semi-Final and in the Final ! All my team-mates were great, but I feel inspired to give a special "shout-out' to the Zac Attack, last player into our squad of 5 but established himself as an absolute superstar. Brilliant stuff, Zac. You may even have topped 'The Magnificent Seven.' Thanks PJ for your brilliant performance running this comp, scoring, commentating .... it was legendary stuff, and very much appreciated. Took our minds off the pandemic and lockdowns and restrictions. Thank you to all players in the 8 teams who took part. It was an excellent comp ...and I believe that both 'The James Gang' and the 'Much Too Fast' did justice to an enthralling Grand Final. πŸ‘ 'Much Too Fast' ... you can stand down now. 'Mighty Blues'...here I come. Pete will be winning back-to-back comps ! πŸ˜€ Cheers Howie
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    "CONGRATULATIONS TO THE JAMES GANGS" Very worthy opponents and imho the toughest team to get by in this comp. Just look at the numbers my OPPONENT PETE ,,,, put up through the comp, his results defy how well he played. To my friends and team Howie, Zac, Ashoka & Craig ..... you guys are fabulous and I have enjoyed being part of the TEAM Finally without over emphasising it PJ WE ARE so BLESSED having you running this and all your Competitions ,,,,,, roll on next week ..... with a new team a new challenge/ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
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    ... Cheers Howie Thank You Mr PJ ... Another fine competition under your guidance ... thanks to ALL those who participated throughout this competition ...
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    What a final...................Congratulations The James Gang. Really enjoyed today...................Thanks team mates & Howie your a legend until next week!! Cheers PJ your Comps are just the best.
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    WOW!!!!! I have a bittersweet feeling in celebrating an amazing victory after getting my ass well and truly handed to me! Zac you were superb and the whole MTF team can take a bow for such a thrilling afternoon.... I think my neighbours thought they heard someone getting murdered the yelling that was coming from my lounge. To the James Gang - you are all stars and such a great bunch of guys. Truly a privilege to be a part of the team. We said right from the first round we would come with a stayers run and we did although we hit the front a tad early but fought back under a hard ride! Finally to PJ - thank you for all of your efforts. So many here comment on this comp and others you run and they are correct in all detail. You deserve the highest praise..Hip Hip Hooray. The Squirrel will now go and ice his nuts which may have become overheated!
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    GRAND FINAL DAY !(thx Howie) Race 1. 7, 9Race 2. 2, 7Race 3. 14, 16Race 4. 1, 2Race 5. 4, 12Race 6. 6, 12Race 7. 1, 8Race 8. 1, 7Race 9. 6, 12 BBRace 10. 5, 11 BB Good luck Craig Prepared headlines Jubilant James Gang juggernaut come from almost nowhere to claim the crown James Gang humbled by hapless Howies haranguers Thanks for another fine comp Peter, you're a champ
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    right on, VC... high team totals, lowest individual score was relatively high (!), plenty of lead changes and not won til the last...as it should be. Well done, all! Congrats to The James Gang, peaked at the right time! Commiserations, MTF, fine contributors throughout the last 4 months. MM
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    I have to say PJ, that the day you hang up your boots on theses comps,will be a very sad day for all those that have competed over the years. Long may it continue.πŸ‘
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    FINALS DAY HAS ARRIVED ..... Good Luck to my teamies , Best wishes to the James Gang ..... very good luck to my opponent Pete. Many Many thanks to PJ for his fab comp and his work !!!! EXCELLENCE IS SUBLIME and that is our PJ. NOW for my picks //// heres hoping R 1 # 7 - 18 R 2 # 2 - 7 R 3 # 14 - 16 R 4 # 2 - 9 R 5 # 1 - 7 R 6 # 7 - 16 R 7 # 3 - 8 R 8 # 1 - 8 R 9 # 2 - 5 BB R 10 # 5 - 7 BB Have a great day everyone 😊
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    1. 11 / 18 2. 5 / 7 3. 5 / 14 4. 1 / 7 5. 7 / 12 6. 8 / 12 7. 3 / 12 8. 2 / 3 BB 9. 2 / 5 10. 2 / 11 BB Thank you Mr Jenkins. Good luck Steve P.
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    Take a bow all 11 of you! Cracking final!!!!!!!πŸ‘
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    Sorry I have been out looking for nuts but have found Zac stole them all....bastard hehehehe
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    The James Gang R1) 18,20 R2) 1,5 R3) 12,14 R4) 7,9 R5) 1,12 R6) 6,16 R7) 1,3 R8) 1,2 R9) 2,7 ** R10) 4,5 ** Good Punting Howie .... cheers
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    Well GOOD LUCK to both finalists...its come down to an all in brawl reminiscent of a Shootout at the Γ“K Corral ..!!? only the bravest will survive,,!! Had a pep talk with Ashoka regarding lack lustre performance last week he assured me he hoping for drastic form reversal ... and definitely WILLTRY to overcome his opponent with much aplomb!! Am watching on side lines as this battle for Supremacy unfolds ..on two stateside tracks one a bog and one a so -so depending on which jockeys want it the most!! Thanks P.J looking forward to next weeks enthralling regional comp.!!
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    My apologies. Too much excitement !
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    more like Custers Last stand but at the James Gang Korral! Fab finish looming
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    thats what we have done all series long we just don't give up 😊
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    Trumbull looks great in the yard
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    pity 🀣 ..... but aall tthhiinnggss beeee inngg eqqqual weeee must starttttt winnnning sooooo\nnnn
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    Looked to be going well to me on the turn, she just needed to find a way through. Nice and patient I thought. Well done to you and the team.
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    Thanks for the kind words, a very genuine little mare, wasn't sure if she'd handle the horrible ground but Battle Paint / Montjeu had to be a help I guess. Always a thrill to get a result for some very supportive, decent people. And Tina Comignaghi just rides her so well.
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    Race 1 # 13,15 Race 2 # 1,2 Race 3 # 5,11 Race 4 # 1,4 Race 5 # 2,7 Race 6 # 6,14 Race 7 # 2,8 Race 8 # 1,2 Race 9 # 5,6 b/b Race 10 # 3,4 b/b To my Fellow Move Too Fast Team Member's Ashoka , Craig , Howie and Rex. It has been a pleasure to be in The Move Too Fast Team with you all. Whatever the result today. It has been fantastic to catch up with you all these past week's. Thanks for your Xcellent Company and Fun. Blind Squirrel , good luck to you and all fellow Player's. Have a Great Grand Final Day Everyone. PJ , thank you as always.
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    Omen bet of the day ( isn't a comp race) has to be :- Rosehill R8 Knowitall Jack πŸ™‚ By 6.40pm we'll know how accurate the description is ! Good luck Jack. πŸ˜ƒ
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    GRAND FINAL DAY ! Good morning, folks. Big day ahead .... 14 Saturday's of Round-Robin, 1 Saturday of Semi-Finals ....and it all comes down to this. By 6.40pm, we will have found the Champion team. I'll get straight into this, having alighted upon these 20 equine superstars to carry the flag for me today. I'm up against a wily and very successful long-time campaigner in Jack, so I'll need to be right on my game. Good luck, Jack. If I can strike good form today and help put my 'Much Too Fast' right in this, then my lowly aggregate leading into this will be but a fading memory. R1) 9 Sebago 18 Dream Runner R2) 2 Ablaze 7 Loveseat R3) 12 Zing 14 Fulmina R4) 1 Another Dollar 2 Le Juge R5 4 Carzoff 7 Sully R6) 7 Thy Kingdom Comes 12 The Pines R7) BB 3 Sambro 8 Trumbull R8) BB 1 Scallopini 8 Star Reflection R9) 6 Krone 12 Shuhood R10) 11 Malea Magic 12 Accelerato A hearty congratulations to my "teamies" Craig, Rex, Zac & Ashoka for making the Grand Final, and also to 'The James Gang''s Steve P, Hesi, Pete, Blind Squirrel, and Jack for being Grand Finalists. A very, very good team finished 8th of 8 in this very even competition, which underpins the significant achievements of our two teams in making it 'Top Two'. Us 'Much Too Fast' will be very, very pleased when we take this thing out today .... and will savour the big moment ..... before it's back to reality as comrades become adversaries when a 'Mighty Blues' v 'Crusaders' match in the opening round of PJs next comp sees a Craig v Howie clash first-up ! Good luck to both teams today. Let's hope our scores do justice to the big occasion. Many thanks for your brilliant running of this comp, PJ. It's been an excellent and very welcome entertainment through the difficult weeks of pandemic. Let the games begin ! 😊 Howie
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    Please Rex, we don't want to know about your conquests on here Anyway, what happened to Nurse Ratched
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    I have a lady friend who i nicknamed squirrel ..... so i got a nice piece of that πŸ˜€
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    THE MAGNIFICENT SEVENο»Ώ 4342.80 Zac (Much Too Fast) 4088.40 Max (Maximillions)^ 3987.00 Pete (The James Gang) 3929.20 Rob (Maximillions)^ 3853.80 Georgy Boy (Maximillions)^ 3819.60 John (Five-Oh)^ 3804.40 Porky (Covid-Y)* ^ 15 matches only THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them) Rex (7/8-4093.80) (Much Too Fast) Sharne (3/11-4199.60) (The Tigers)* Midnight C (7/7-4324.40) (Hall of Fame)* Tom (4/10-4495.80) (The Tigers)* Pete (5/11-4925.80) (James Gang) * 14 matches only
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    Round 1 results: 13 out of 33 entrants lose 40 points and a life in Round 1, including a number of grand finalists in PJ's Super Comp - clearly focused on tipping winners today. Each of the winners that were selected today won quite impressively - I guess if you're going to lose a life you might as well do it in style. Geoff and Richie top the table after the first week, but not a lot separating those in the black. See you all next week.
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    Correct, see my last post. It's my lay of the Day - haha !
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    Rex, are you going okay there young fella ?
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    OOOhoo , MTF rising to the occasion. Its all on for the final race. great stuff.
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    At the very least, in a Grand Final we want to go into the final race with a chance of winning this thing ! Let's do it ! πŸ‘
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    Three chances ! I like it ! 😊 This is the day I can see 'Delectation Girl' turning the formbook on its head.
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    the plot thickens ..great stuff MTF
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    Surely more to come from trumbull that was very nice and good money to !!!!
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    whats changed? They were listenin' last week!
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    yes you're spot on, maxi, the zac attack is playing another 'blinder. the rest of the MTF will need to get into step very, very soon. here's hoping ! 😊
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    aha .... the Best Bet races comin' up. now things get interesting. can 'The James Gang' hold on ? did they make their run too soon ? have they mis-timed ? we 'MTF' have been in worse positions than this . Just a week ago, in fact. maybe we can go to the well one more time.
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    absolutely Pete .... best bets ...... PJ refused to allow me Joker plays today ...... very picky I thought ... 😁
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    Hmmm. I admire your positivity Howie. Presuming you mean Best Bets?
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    Top effort labelling her as the value bet in the race as well.
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    Yep its as boring as batshit, 2 guys whom know breeding and things but fucking no idea how to tip horses and have any passion what so ever. Mono toned boring bullshit it is.
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    3 more omen bets Who Dares Wins R10 Riccarton Time To Reign R5 Rosehill Zac Attack R5 Caulfield good luck, Grand Finalists!
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    Yes, Pam and I are the main owners.
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    Got to love Pam, one of the owners is a top bloke also.
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    R1 - 3/7. R2 - 1/7. R3 - 7/14. R4 - 1/3. R5 - 4/7. R6 - 4/6. R7 - 1/11. R8 - 5/7. R9 - 2/6 BB. R10 - 11/12 BB. All The Best Ashoka, Thanks PJ, Good Punting All, Go the James Gang! Steve.
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    The big day has arrived and the Squirrel has been preparing for a knock em down, drag em out battle with the Much Too Fast tribe. Just hoping I can quell the fire of the longshot king Zac today or I will get badly burned and nobody likes the smell of singed fur!!! Good luck Zac and all players - may the final be worthy of the battles that came before it. Race 1. 9, 13 Race 2. 2, 4 Race 3. 12, 14 Race 4. 2, 5 Race 5. 1, 4 Race 6. 7, 14 Race 7. 1, 8 Race 8. 1, 5 Race 9. 6, 9 BB Race 10. 5, 11 BB
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    R1 Last Letter #5 18.00 R3 Just A Girl #7 13.00 R4 Darci Mac #1 9.00 R5 Highland Lady #7 4.60 R6 Tryfan #1 7.50 R7 Irish Excuse #1 21.00 R8 Smiling Assassin #6 26.00 R9 Tomm Jones #1 31.00 R11 Tai Ho #12 111.00
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    R1: 3~15 R2: 7~8 R3: 11~14 R4: 3~5 R5: 2~12 R6: 12~14 R7: 8~11 R8: 7~11 R9: 3~8*** R10: 4~5*** Good Luck Alan, Many Thanks PJ.................Always enjoyable.
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