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  1. Well done Team sorry I wasn't much good today. Thanks for the match Ian. A bonus point really was needed by us. You Kats killed it today congrats. Many thanks PJ ...... this comp has been so close. Look forward to the battle next week Howie.
  2. Hi PJ Think Rees' score is double that! Cheers.
  3. I noted on Infinite Jukebox some fans of OMD .....WITH OUT A DOUBT so am I. I will play my favourites
  4. Start tonight with a song that automatically got you called all sorts of names if you got up and danced to it in Night Clubs in the 80's thankfully now days no one would really give a shit.
  5. Good to see Leeds have a good 2nd half performance against Southampton to win 3 - 0 Starting to feel Leeds will make the grade. Here's the link to view 3 minutes of Highlights! https://youtu.be/OW98BUVyYnQ
  6. Bein a Highlanders fan I'll say Booooo
  7. I have too many holidays (apparently) so am trying to work out a Racing Holiday. I haven't been to a Grand National Carnival for a long time. I'd only go if there are Jump Races! Cheers, Craig.
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