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  1. Well season is underway and I'll post everything Leeds! Everyone can post things from there teams as well if they wish. Leeds had a tough 1st up match last week against Liverpool who got over a gallant Leeds with a late penalty. (Goal highlights below) Much better game this morning with Leeds winning 4-3 against Fulham will post something when I get some.
  2. About 10 years ago the wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I said nothing. I got the look! So I said Supertramps Greatest Hits as I don;t have any of there Albums. So comes Christmas time and open present. Spandau Ballet GOLD..............I say what's this..................it's not Supertramp!! No I'm told .............couldn't find that and Spandau Ballet sound the same 🤪
  3. NZ TAB site takes ages to give finishing order Rees.
  4. Well done Rees too good. The only thing I could pick today was my nose! Congrats to all the winners Many thanks PJ. As an aside didn't enjoy jump races today....................3 horses slipped at least........some on the flat - some as they landed. Was grass too short for jumpers?
  5. Morning All, R1: 1~7 R2: 2~3 R3: 5~12*** R4: 1~10 R5: 1~2 R6: 13~15 R7: 1~6 R8: 1~3 R9: 12~18*** R10: 5~9 Good Luck Rees, Thanks PJ. GO REAPERS!
  6. Looking forward to getting home in the small hours to watch Garrard Series final from Alex. Park tonight. Hoping something can at least challenge Krug who's last start win was massive. My tip tonight is: R8 9 Paramount King @10 Ran home nicely from the back last time and think should be ready to hit form.
  7. Today is first grass track meeting of the season. A couple I like R4 6 Kusanova.....................Only needs to bring his trial / workout form and be hard to beat Currently @ 4.2 R6 15 Bonnie Boy................Awful draw but maybe if he gets on the train could be storming home late, Backed and beaten last start Currently @ 12 Good Punting.
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