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  1. cheers Blazes - was a close match and also well done to you on what was a difficult day. All the best for the next 2 matches.
  2. Correct you are -thank you.
  3. Did Kazakstaan end up standing at Fairdale just out of Palmerston North?
  4. I am stumped as the only other son of Balloch I can recall was Harken and that was ages ago and he stood at White Robe from memory.
  5. I've been on the bench - come on at half time 😁
  6. PJ - was the sire that stood at Hunterville Valuate?
  7. You are thinking of Papillion who was the sire of Auckland cup winner Tamboura. Papillion stood just out of Taupo.
  8. was this hoirse you are looking for by Kurdistan?
  9. Gluteus - was that their real names or was it really wun hung lo 😜
  10. well - what have we learned from this outbreak this week --- the first 2 escapees across the border from Auckland were the equestrian whose mummy is a court judge and his 'squeeze' the lawyer. Then there was the 2 so called sex workers that went to Northland and then another sex worker and the minder arrested in Wellington. Yesterday another 2 sex workers from Auckland arrested in Blenheim and have until 5pm today to be back in Auckland. I have learned that the predominant occupation in Auckland is - you guessed it - sex worker! 😜
  11. Brian Andrews rode Furys Order and Bruce Marsh on Show Gate.
  12. wouldn't that make ya rip your nightie 😉
  13. PJ - I think you will find vS had 1 & 12 in race 2
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