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  1. I should learn the rules (maybe Matt Cross too πŸ˜‚) My sincerest apologies to the Stipe Family.
  2. I don't know if it is just me but the racing recently seems to be frenetic and loose with lots of false starts and horses breaking. How did I Dream of Jeannie hold first? I thought it was lapped on so doesn't that mean it is gone? I await the stipes report.
  3. I reckon you are onto it here. She is another with a good chance at odds. Excellent track record too.
  4. Some of the horses I will be following over the 2 days. Race 2 – Best Trio Showed a fair bit trialling last year as a 2 year old against horses who have gone on and won. Ran a strong 4th down south to American Lightning only losing by 1.9L but then lost the plot manners wise in trials and in only other start at Addington. Has had 2 solid runs to get ready for this and has Mark Jones aboard which is something new for Dean Taylor so he won’t be mucking around. Race 3 – Spikey Boy and Blazing Impact Shame these 2 are in the same race as they come out of the strong maiden races
  5. I will be expecting big things from these colours over the next wee while. I think Matthew Williamson has what it takes to become a great trainer. And they can't ever close Oamaru now!
  6. It is a shame to see Geoff and Jude Knight end training after 20 years. He was always a larger than life character at the races and seemed liked a good bloke. He had a heap of horses at one stage where he was travelling everywhere but has been quiet in recent years. He did very well with cast offs too. Very little information about it but I see they are wanting a change in lifestyle from the brief interview he did. He alluded to issues with where they are training at Roxburgh, wonder what they are? Could be a forerunner of other trainers pulling the pin if track closures go ahead but
  7. The article in question was put up on Harnesslink and had the faces of John and Robert Dunn along with the title which has since been substituted to something less 'explosive' The article itself is about the horse Ned Kelly and its win on Friday and involves several plays on horse names in the Dunn Stable. Some pundits have been quick to get stuck into this article because of the similarities about it and the ongoing INCA investigation which to an extent is fair enough but the lack of perspective is what grates me. So the article may not make the Top 10 Best Articles of 2021 but
  8. If Rusty is in, I am in too. Do all participants in these competitions receive a prize?πŸ˜‚
  9. I sometimes take a multi at good odds and this is the one I took tomorrow. Sweet Infinity looks like a really really good horse. Terrible draw with some talented horses inside her but I think she has the measure on pure ability of every other horse in the field. Sport Mental is in an average field and the hot pot Off and Gone has not had a standing start nor a race for 7 weeks. 80 to 1 but those planets could align. Why not😁
  10. Chuck up who you like at Nelson. Got to keep at it to turn the form around.
  11. Well, Benson was with Mark Jones but Jesse Alford can make a horse go faster. See Held to Ransom and Skidaddle (who was ridiculously fast winning at Ashburton). If it is locally owned then watch out but it is a very strong field. If a punter wants, they can follow the young 'clan' that is emerging. Cam Jones has Magicol Ideal and No Nukes Skipper. Matt Purvis has another transformed horse in Sport Mental who won at short odds at Rangiora but is at 10ff tomorrow. I will go with Cheezel who might trail Laver the whole way and pip him on the post. Some good chances there, Mardy
  12. I thought the TAB were trying to say 'Happy New Year' to me at Wyndham tomorrow. Anybody get on numbers 7 and 8? I rushed to have a crack but they are now scratchings anywayπŸ˜‚ The TAB are having moments of confusion at the moment with their odds setting, that is the best I could describe it as.
  13. Finally, the irrefutable INCA proof needed by the prosecutors πŸ˜‚
  14. Not one of his bad ones but he basically called Missalyssa home at the 100m before it all changed quickly on him. He is a very good caller and taken over from Dave McDonald with a good measure of class and personality so I am sure he will iron out this tendency before long...😁
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