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  1. I had to read the latest posts on this thread very carefully so not to come to the wrong conclusions. 😉
  2. They are completing revamping the season so I hope they address stakes as well.
  3. When the stakes went up at Auckland I thought more horses might have gone up there but it doesn't seem to have happened. I would also initial costs and lack of knowledge about racing in Oz would play a large part too. I might be very wrong, but I think trainers prefer to keep the horse in their hands as they get their weekly training fee which is their bread and butter income. Not sure.
  4. Addington charges $100 each to enter the futurity so that is how they get to 30K. If maidens are getting 25K straight up, maybe they should pay too. I am not sure of the breakdown of stakes but it could see a maiden get more stake money than a horse who finishes third in a Group race. Work that out. Surely there are enough horses to not have maidens on Cup Day?
  5. I think there is something inherently wrong with this programming. Newcomers to the track get a stake of 25 000 and a Group 3 FFA has a stake of 35 000. A 10 000 difference. That is pathetic. Sell....sell....sell.....sell.....sell.....
  6. True but it is quite a narrow view isn't it. I bet those drunk young ones and fashionistas who flock to Cup Day would be shocked to think the 'big day' they are attending only has 25 000 dollar stakes. They probably think it is like a big Aussie race day with its 100 000s + Also means the hype around Cup Day is just around a couple of big races as 25 000 is not much for the others. Club is using the traditional of Cup Day to pull one over the owners?
  7. Most would be trying to win to sell unless you have a very very good horse. A 25 000 stake on Cup Day still won't cut it financially. Peanuts really. Maybe they should boost Cup Day stakes by taking a little out of the Jewels money and get it up to 50 000 per race. (is the Jewels still going?) And I don't think making big money off the punt is viable these days either.
  8. I would think the likes of Muscle Mountain may not be taxed too much in his first run back from that draw. Chances of winning do not reflect the FF offering. Looking at the programme for Cup Day, I can't really see any races that would be affected by a win on Monday. There is a Maiden 46-50 pace for 25 000 so maybe Vincent Vega in Race 1? But this race will have the fringe (non winner) Futurity runners in it and sometimes it is a more targeted race for them than the Friday. Who is going to beat Romeo Shard, Slip the Hundy, Socrates etc on the Friday who have all won a couple of races. Lockart Shard is MR50 so could be targeted at this race. The Show Day Futurity is 30 000 in comparison and I thought last year it was too much for some backing up from Tuesday to a gut busting 2600 on Friday. Romeo Shard went 3.10 on Thursday night and they will easily run this again, You can write a few off if they back up. Kaikoura next week will need to be watched more closely for horses who could be affected by a win. Overall though, I think trainers and horses take a win when they can get it. The crap that happens these days is the likes of Rachel Daytom first up for Matt Purvis and backed in from 5.50 to 2.90FF. Have they cashed out to distract punters? Have they set it up for another runner so will need to watch the FF or tote closer to start time? Who would know with 3 stable runners in the same race. Consequence for me? I won't bet in that race.
  9. Cindy can have her team of 5 million. I just need a team of 5. Go you good things.
  10. My thoughts exactly. All these galloping people who actually know something about galloping are doing my head in 😂 I need a harness competition and go up against Mick Guerin...my life would be so much easier.
  11. Just don't tell him that. Manawatu is Tuesday night so the curtains are undoubtedly pulled as I type.
  12. Mark Purdon is all class indeed but remember last year was a mobile start.
  13. It shouldn't make any difference to Cup Week but with this government's flip flopping anything could happen. Auckland races with 100s of cases each day so Cup Day will proceed in some shape or form regardless, even at Level 3. I couldn't care less whether the 'elite' 1000 odd in their bubbles get to go.
  14. He needs to get out more so it would be nice if he turned up here. As for Monday, I am waiting to see if Self Assured jumps inwards at the beginning of the race. With so few on the front line they will have a bit of space and Classie Brigade will be quick enough away but I still worry with a full front line in the NZ Cup that he may clean up the horse inside him.
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