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  1. Multi Trentham Rs H5 Nobellum $5.50 Cambridge R5 H1 Leesa Castleton $8.00 Odds $44.00 Mike
  2. I predict a few of us will be on $Zero after Kaikoura Including me!
  3. I’ll be home later Lightning so thanks for helping out Yes, Mike out in Race 1, bloody hopeless
  4. Mike


    Very good Happy I would substitute it for something more permanent Mike
  5. Bloody hell Double R I picked you as my partner as the voice of reason Now you're going wide
  6. $100 MULTI All Top4 R1 H8 The Big Bird $1.25 R2 H2 Matt Major $1.25 R3 H1 Mr Perfect $1.60 R5 H3 Montana DJ $1.60 R6 H5 Kings Landing $1.35 R7 H5 Christianshavtime $1.50 R8 H5 Arden Velocity $1.35 R9 H6 Korloff Noir $1.40 Return $1530.90 Just lock it in Eddie
  7. $50 at $1.90 isn’t a return of $190 Karrots! Mike
  8. Mike


    Can’t agree sorry Happy I would support any pro animal charity, but not PETA Mike
  9. Mike


    Hi All It seems to me that the Harness Forum is populated by really nice people who want to discuss Racing, and Tips, and that's great (just don't listen to my tips) It is super that every 2nd post is not a repetitive post banging on and on about rubbish that's not really about Harness I also subscribe to an Australian site called Peter Profit, mainly because his posts appeal to my warped sense of humour The author does get some great oil though I did manage to sell him 10% of my foal by Vincent out of Beckinsale as well (I have 20% left, please contact me!) One of his stories really struck a cord with me so I asked him if i could reproduce it Here it is, it's quite long but with the Cups Carnivals coming up it's topical as no doubt the Vegans will be out in force in their hemp sandals I have removed some sentences comparing PETA to Adolf Hitler The story uses Oz figures as I haven't as yet found the NZ branch of PETA, if there is one Mike PETA's Campaign Against the Whip is a Lie - PETA is Lie - What This is Really All About is Raising Money to Fund the Final Solution of Turning the Whole World Vegan - Sound Mad? - That's Because it Is Hunting and horse races are the last vestiges of a dead feudal world PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - paints itself as Jesus Christ for quadrupeds, a selfless organisation that toils for no gain to end speciesism, and place animal rights on the pedestal above human rights that it's deluded vegan membership hold that they deserve. Here are some of these rather odd folks other somewhat strange beliefs. Meat is murder Meat eaters are murderers Butchers are flesh peddlers Greyhound racing is cruel and barbaric Flicking a horse down the side with a whip is torture Horse racing is the sport of the Devil, and punters are Satan Testing vaccines on rats to see if they can save human lives is evil Shearers are thieves who beat and mutilate sheep to steal their wool Fishermen and women deliberately stab fish with their hooks and suffocate them Cages domestic birds such as budgies and cockatiels suffer mental health problems. I don't think the birds are the only ones, do you? Two things that aren't so bad though are telling lies to advance your cause, and making lots of money. PETA International's gross annual income over the past 5 years is $264 million. In the past year alone it dragged in $67 million. This is big business Bubba. Sadly Australian so-called animal cruelty isn't a priority for PETA, despite all it's froth and bubble and big talk about donning quasi police uniforms and prosecuting Tasmanian racing officials for alleged criminal assaults perpetrated by jockeys carrying whips, which is a proposition so devoid of any sound legal basis and justification that is laughable. The Aussie anti-racing, anti-omnivore, and anti pretty much everything PETA warriors received just $185 361 from head office last year. That might be of some interest to the Australian Charities Commission, for the local PETA branch swore a declaration in it's legally required annual return that it had only received all up other income of $154,796.00, which seems a tad unders if head office are telling the truth, a proposition that on any read of form only a mug would take even a price of $81 about. PETA claims to anyone who will listen that it spends only 16% of its income on paying professional fundraisers to cold call gullible animal lovers and talk them into making donations to the cause. It also claims that it only spends a million dollars annually on legal fees, despite boasting that it launches dozens of clearly highly expensive lawsuits against any firm that it chooses to target and brand killers. Another claim made by PETA is that everyone who works for the organisation does so for minimal pay, which is an earnest and noble ideal, but makes you wonder about the organisation's adherence to minimum legal labour standards. Don't worry too much though, because like a lot of things PETA say it's just not true. If you believe these things you believe in fairies, or the inalienable right of rats to live along and and undisturbed existence in your walls, roof and floorboards. What PETA really does is pay $13 million a year to its staff, spend $20 million a year on undisclosed or described 'professional fees' which are actually payments under the Aussie equivalent of ABN's to contractors, and funnel a further $16 million into a secretive foundation purportedly operating to protect animals. The real purpose of the foundation is to employ 17 lawyers to beat the crap out of PETA's perceived enemies in the courts and try to bully them into submission, an act that involves paying not the poor rats, rodents and racehorses compensation for the pain and suffering that jockeys and the companies like those who are trying to find a cure for COVID supposedly inflict upon them, but instead pay a large settlement to these animals great protectors. PETA. Like a lot of charities that started off crewed by well meaning people and morphed into big businesses - and indeed like modern Australian unions who push for an expansion of uranium mining so that we can stock up on nuclear weapons that we don't need - these days PETA is all about PETA and keeping it going, and it's management in well paid jobs. In other words, it is a self-perpetuating con job. Let's have a look at the Aussie arm of the professional rabble rousing outfit shall we, the one that is making all these grandiose claims about criminally prosecuting Tasmanian racing folk. PETA OZ branch rakes in donations of about $1.7 million dollars a year. It has a grand total of 5 employees, and 30 unpaid volunteers, or so it says. On average each of the staff earn over $90 000 a year, although there is no doubt that the admin person gets a lot less than that and that the university educated racing haters earn a lot more. The very small outfit spends an extraordinary $200 000 a year to pay a media monitoring company to give the five staff daily updates and copies of clippings of every time their soap box rants against racing and killing poor rats makes the news. Just like big Mama in the US, it also pays a big whack to consultants for undisclosed services, in this case about $323 000 or 20% of its donated income. $86 000 is given away in donations, to God only knows who because PETA doesn't tell, but most likely the secretive PETA foundation. Over half a million dollars - a third of its income - is spent on printing and postage, which in the modern internet age is simply extraordinary, and smacks of a con. I wonder who the mailout company is and who owns them? I reckon I could guess. A thousand bucks a week is supposedly spent on bank charges, which doesn't make any sense at all given that PETA by its own reckonon only has about $210 000 in the jug, and owes $140 000 of it to creditors. How the hell could it's bank charges be $49 391 a year? Unless these vegans are being robbed blind by their CBA bankers it is impossible. So is the $54 531 that PETA OZ claims that it spends on computer expenses for its 5 employees, down from $60 000 the year before. There is no way on earth that can be true, no way in the world. I don't reckon much about PETA is true. It's all in my considered opinion just smoke, mirrors, secrets and lies. Just like the lie that PETA International told the American regulators under oath about the PETA OZ branch not being a controlled entity. If that was really the case, why would three US execs of the outfit sign the Australian charity register returns swearing that they were the responsible people for the entity? Allow me to let you in on a little secret that PETA don't want revealed. What PETA really are is a big multinational business whose business is sucking cash donations from naive animal lovers, just like leeches and mozzies suck blood. PETA's favourite tactic and trick is to talk up a big campaign that will get them in the news (remember the $200k spent on the media monitors) at strategically targeted times when the attention of the suckers they plan to bite is on the animals that they intend to use for their cause. For example, the Aussie public at Melbourne Cup time. The purpose of their deceit is three fold. One is to grab free air time. Two is to snaffle cash from the innocents who believe them, Three is the grubbiest of all. It is to siphon the save the poor animal donation spend away from the animal groups in Australia like the RSPCA who actually walk not just talk, for the purpose of spending not on helping or saving animals, but on indoctrinating the public to their real and true cause. The one that half million dollars a year in printing and postage is really spent on. This is not an animal welfare group. It is a cult, and like every cult it's true aim is to impose it's mad world view on us all. This isn't about racing, and it is not about the whip. What PETA's campaign is about is raising funds for it's real campaign. To turn the whole world Vegan. PETA want to flog jockeys with whips to show them how the horses feel. Many of their supporters say that people who they perceive as mistreating animals - in effect all of us in racing and anyone that eats meat - are evil, and should bear the consequences of our evil fruits. It all sounds insane doesn't it? That's because it is. Speciesism is bad. Veganism is good. All these people want is money, air time and attention.. PETA target young people too. They are more innocent, idealistic and naive than adults. And thus easier to indoctrinate and exploit. They are also far more likely to turn out at mass rallies and protests, and give PETA's crazy world views seeming legitimacy. Ignore PETA and avoid them like them like they plague. They hate you. Don't pander to them. You can read the annual returns and financial reports of PETA Pty Ltd (Australia)- yes they are a corporation - below. The US filings can be read at https://www.peta.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/PETA-990-FY20.pdf https://acncpubfilesprodstorage.blob.core.windows.net/public/744d4493-3aaf-e811-a963-000d3ad244fd-ccb6e622-2164-4492-ac5c-53f0b06a6c5b-Financial%20Report-6e36c800-ab91-eb11-b1ac-000d3acbde6c-PETA_Australia_FY20_Financials_FINAL.pdf
  10. No need, it doesn't appear to help Mike
  11. I'm up for another $100 if I can't beat you I'm up for another $100 idf I can't beat Maximus That'll do me However to sate your competitive appetite give me Double R as a partner. He appears the steady hand type as opposed to my wild impulsive persona Mike
  12. Avoid 1, 5,10,15,19,27,29, 33,35,40
  13. Wasn't on purpose Slipped through as I was running my eyes down the list of placegetters Same as Craig, doubling your money Nothing wrong with that Mike
  14. Look at the date Karrots It might be summer
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