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Craig's 5 Winners Spring Summer Comp Second to Last Day Feb 22
Sir Gee Gee's(Sir Gallivant/Rex) HARNESS Comp continues FEB 23RD OAMARU - BURNIE
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  1. For The Crusaders. Race 1: 1,7. Race 2: 1,3. Race 3: 1,3. Race 4: 3,4, Race 5: 5,9. (Best Bet) Race 6: 7,8. Race 7: 2,8. Race 8: 1,2. Race 9: 3,15. Race10:4,5. (Best Bet)
  2. :Race 1: 3,10. Race 2: 3,4. Race 3: 1,6. Race 4: 4,5. Race 5: 3,8. (Best Bet) Race 6: 1,3. Race 7: 3,4. Race 8: 1,2. Race 9: 8,9. Race10:5,8. (Best Bet) Thanks.
  3. Race 1: 4,7. Race 2: 1,2. Race 3: 6,7. Race 4: 6,7. Race 5: 1,6. (Best Bet) Race 6: 1,2. Race 7: 1,9. Race 8: 2,10. Race 9: 12,13. Race10:1,3. (Best Bet) Thanks.
  4. I will not be posting "before the ink dries" on Wednesday, but shock horror, I am having a couple of days away from the internet, so will post on Friday. I am unsure what the The First Call blokes will do, but I guess they have got to face the big wide world out there on their own at some stage!! Robert.
  5. A horses ability will not change in three days, but the tracks can of course. Too much analysing can complicate the whole process. The old saying goes, "keep it simple". Hey, I have got to give The First Call guys some heads up, or they would be struggling!! Good luck everyone.
  6. Race 1: 7,10. Race 2: 3,4. Race 3: 1,6. Race 4: 1,5. Race 5: 1,2. Race 6: 7,9. (Best Bet) Race 7: 1,3. Race 8: 1,2. Race 9: 1,5. Race10:3,5. (Best Bet) Thanks.
  7. Scratching replacement, No. 10 scratched. Now. Race 6: 1,2. Thanks.
  8. Sorry if I was bit delayed in getting selections in Rees. The traffic on my way to Auckland after being at the Karaka Million barrier draw event was a tad slow. Next week, I will be at home, and will get them in a bit quicker!!!!
  9. Race 1: 1,4. Race 2: 2,3. Race 3: 2,3. Race 4: 3,7. Race 5: 1,5. Race 6: 2,10. Race 7: 2,3. (Best Bet) Race 8: 1,4. Race 9: 1,11. Race10:3,6. (Best Bet) Thanks.
  10. Scratching replacements. Race 2: 4. Race 6: 2. Cheers. Robert.
  11. Race 1: 1,2. Race 2: 3,7. Race 3: 1,8. Race 4: 6,8. Race 5: 4,7. (Best Bet) Race 6: 1,3. Race 7: 4,6. Race 8: 1,4. Race 9: 1,2. Race10:2,3. (Best Bet) Thanks.
  12. Scratching replacement please. No.7 is scratched. Race 10: 3,6. (Best Bet) Thanks.
  13. Race 1: 1,6. Race 2: 3,4. Race 3: 4,11. Race 4: 3,7. Race 5: 2,7. Race 6: 1,13. (Best Bet) Race 7: 1,12. Race 8: 2,3. Race 9: 2,11. Race10:6,7. (Best Bet) Thanks.
  14. Double R

    Rick May

    Here is the latest wonderful news, as of an hour ago. Ricky May will travel back to Christchurch this week for a small operation to allow him a confident return to a normal life as he knows it. He will have a short stay in hospital and then return back to his farm in Methven to take time to recover. Over the next few months I am sure he will want to hear from the many of you that want to convey your support in person. He has the right to tell those he wants to or the media what caused his medical event and I will not be commenting on that. I can say we have our wee champion with us to admire and enjoy. He realizes the support he has and is eternally grateful along with Judy and his family so thank you to all those that have got behind the May family. I wont need to post anything else on his journey as I think the future looks bright but I would like to leave you with a few thoughts. Social media is a great tool to keep people informed of many things.Like all tools they can be misused and cause a negative result. The need to be the first to break the news or be the centre of an event should never be put in front of a person's or family's well being. The facts from qualified health professionals or the family should be what's put out into social media not what could be seen to be inflammatory or damaging to the situation and those closest to who ever is involved. One thing that has come out of this is that for the last few days the harness racing family has all come together and put its many issues we all see as negatives aside to support Ricky. Human nature and compassion has been at it's best bought forward from the respect for our champion driver. If we can launch forward with that same compassion and togetherness our sport we will see it back in a stronger position moving forward. I know that would make Ricky proud and us all stronger. Good luck in 2020 and thanks to the many of you who supported this great family through this time.
  15. Double R

    Rick May

    The latest as of 25 minutes ago, on Facebook A friend had visited Ricky for two hours this afternoon, and said it was unbelievable how good he was.. He had been up, and they were watching races from Rangiora, and nurse growled at him for being up.
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