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  1. slam dunk

    Cox Plate

    not so confident now. Mind you when Poetic Prince bolted in the Caulfield Guineas the interference was far less.
  2. slam dunk

    Cox Plate

    Anamoe with 49kg would have to be the greatest certainty to run on a racetrack for 100 years h'mm maybe 75 years allowing for Phar Lap.
  3. Could well be nobbled. Shades of Big Philou. Like to know it the temp reading was independent and what physical signs were exhibited. Lets assume a trainer keeps various substance readings for just below the max and does lab testing overnight. Opens up various scenarios
  4. slam dunk

    Mid-week trivia

    I would say the Cassidy brothers but that would mean Larry being placed in the GN steeplechase. Can't see that. Larry was probably champion in Sydney then meaning Jim riding in a steeple. Headscratcher?
  5. slam dunk

    Mid-week trivia

    Perhaps a good method of attack would be listening to the horses in the race La Mer won i.e. 1979 Air NZ Stakes at Ellerslie ???? Can't imagine importing a horse to stand in Hunterville although there was a full brother to something like Faux Tirage (by Big Game)
  6. Peter, you are slow to catch on. They were looking at your wife !!!
  7. slam dunk

    Mid-week trivia

    Just a guess. Herb Rauhihi. John Grylls.
  8. Peter, brings back a few memories.. You may have mixed up the manager of the estate who was the accountant with Pat Sole. If you moved to the Veale Rd/Frankleigh Rd area then it was Pat Sole. The accountant I think got caught up in the big scandal with the President of the Jockey club. (not fair to mention their names after so many years.) This story may give you a chuckle. You obviously have had a lot to do with marketing yearlings. Back in early 1960's my father had been given a horse which after some determination was a Balloch mare. Mr Alexander who had just imported Copenhagen was so impressed how the mare looked he basically gave him a free service. Now the the old man was basically on a minimum wage, not that great at English having been in the country only a dozen years or so. Anyway managed to get the resultant yearling to the yearling sales at Trentham all done on a shoestring. I was pretty young but I distinctly remember when in the box at Trentham the Wright Stephenson rep coming in and saying "tell your father he will have to take down the montage of photos from the stable door". Back in 1963 the only bit of advertising allowed in the front of the boxes was the standard catalogue page. Nowhere else at the sales did I see any extra material on the front of the boxes and that included all the big studs although they had their hospitality tents. After the yearling was sold the Aussie buyer was quite aggressive he wanted the photos. It was quite obvious he only bid on the horse because he saw the photos.
  9. Except for one race when Peter Graham rode her which probably means he was regular trackwork rider for her. So I was keen to findout who actually did the trackwork on her. I knew the "owner" of La Mer very well. He was the Chairman of the High School Board because the late L.A. Alexander had bequeathed his estate for the purpose of setting up an Agriculture College. The chairman Pat Sole would have all sorts of fights with the rest of the board who were aghast at the prospect the future education of their little darlings depended on a horse race. Finally they sold her for over $1M.
  10. Peter. hopefully you tune in. Magic Incanto offcourse won Taranaki's main F/M race on Saturday which got me thinking was Freddie Pratt La Mer's regular track rider? About that time I was doing bit of a owner/trainer stint and young Fred did some trackwork for me. He was the head lad for Malcolm Smith and had the reputation as the strongest rider at the track also a popular character. Just thought the La Mer connection something the Racing Desk reporters didn't pick up.
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