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  1. Agree totally with that Robert. Having raced horse in partnerships in NZ, Vic and Qld I always found the Owners always keen to have shares in the horse racing in their own area only. No -one was interested in retaining shares sending to Victoria as not only more expensive , but you just don't see them race. (If living and working Nz,) Used to be a progression thing of reach mark in Nz , sell to Vic, reach mark in Vic sell to Qld (then Tas or SA) thankfully Queensland is picking up many kiwi horses straight from your shaky isles now. KIWIS ARE FLYING a prime example , bolting in again last night in 1.54. now 6 from 7 +a 2nd. old Nz boy NORTHVIEW HUSTLER won the FFA ( beating our local hero COLT THIRTY ONE too. think he's had the biscuit (hasn't won this year shockingly) Also the plane -loads of Nz horses sent to WA were purchased for their Local stable clients. They didn't have a requirement for oversea's owners as well.
  2. A horse of note are in today with a NZ interest, owners and trainer. ONE OVER ALL nz. After his last start win at Addington , Canterbury Trainer Gavin Smith has whizzed over to Victoria to try and win the Victoria Trotters Derby !!! hope he can do it. The three Derby heats are run today at Maryborough in country Victoria , Amongst an incredible 10 race program for Trotters only !! Gavin electing to put local Champion Driver Greg Sugars on too. A great move IMO to get the local track knowledge. Also in that heat is a former kiwi from Cambridge that you would know Karrots, and drawn the One alley . MUFASA METRO nz . unbeaten with 2 wins in Aus for champion trainer/driver John Justice. Has Kiwi Quinella written all over it ???? all going well. Race 7 today at 4.15 nz time ? (guess of that racetime)
  3. Couldn't get much closer. A Narrow margin. then narrow loss in the stewards room as well. Nice prize of $3/4mill for 2nd still scored anway. The value of Anamoe must be through the ceiling now. He tried very hard and anyone beating VE (3rd) home, can't be too shabby lol.
  4. Don't worry. This horse has one of the most skilled horsemen ever to sit in the sulky to steer him. I would of thought was the leading Group 1 trainer ever in Nz as well, but there is surprisingly someone ahead of him. The Allstars people or lately Purdon/Cullen combo would be the foremost in the country at educating standing starts for their horses. The Cup stats don't lie. Auckland Cup = 6 out of 6 wins, since resuming the 3200m stand in 2015 , for their horses. Nz Cup = 6 out of 7 wins since 2014, ( beaten a head 2015 by ARDEN ROONEY who they probably did the education with to get it away from the stand as well ) and several placegetters too, including the Trifecta last year. Standing Start = No Problem.
  5. Zip, nought , zero, nil, does this mean betting on South Island trots is better ? lol 'Close but No cigar' award to Happy Sunrise with beating home the best horse racing tonight COPY THAT , but unfortunately running second with his selection that was 'Bad To The Bone' for not winning for him. Mike and Karrots can now Dig-Up the scores from last week and it remains the same as that.
  6. Two horses running in the last for the competition players. RUSTY and MAXIMUS tasting Glory with 'Aiming For Glory" but need No 1 'Debbie Lee Galleon' to win for $1080 each. Best of Luck guys !! CRAIGOS is having a gallop in this race too with No 2 'Keystone Comet' to try and win $1050 . numbers 1 or 2 to get someone on the board !! here's hoping. then it's Manikato time at Moonee Valley .bottom one a lightweight chance.
  7. Happy Sunrise and Double R going very close to getting a good collect with their $100 investment but just agonisingly short of victory. So we have Maximus and Rusty to take up the banner >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> both looking for a Aiming for Glory -Debbie Galleon double in the last 2 races by the look of it . glory glory be something we need race 9 soon.
  8. Barry Purdons crew a bit cunning for the backmarker there. Great bit of team driving. Gave both the first two every chance to win . and Copy That only third . won't be near Self Assured NZ Cup after that. Very sorry for Happy that was a great attempt to win on BAD TO THE BONE for $1440 beating the hot pot , but unluckily run down by a Stable-mate. Karrots horse no-where in that. Bets are still to come in last 3 races from Rusty , Craigos, Double R, and Maximus
  9. He was very good in Brisbane. and In the Big home track race , The Auckland Cup he was really ganged up on by the ALLSTARS tag-team of 4 , but still ran a fairly close (1 length odd) third after sitting without cover for a fair bit. And Amazing Dream not going to NZ cup , so Copy That would be good chance of 2nd to Self Assured? BTW Amazing Dream has drawn 1 Alley tomorrow night in Geelong Cup . should nearly win from there !! hoping Copy That only gets second tonight for your BAD TO THE BONE collect !! good luck.
  10. What about Bernies Trackwork team in that trot just then ?? 6 v 1 the 1 rival got third. Just shows that Handicaps work !! and horses with less wins off the front than well performed rivals have a chance. Dominion and Rowe Cups should of retained that Handicap status as well . Gift s for Sundees Son past 2 years. Bit nervous with COPY THAT breathing down your neck Happy ? and rightly so.
  11. Race 3 is completed and once again DOUBLE R has taken the chocolates. !!! excellent effort. Now a Win with his own horse in race 8 Arden Velocity will collect $1461.16 for a win and/ or $343.20 if placed. Now that is a good nights work !!!!! Hesi and Dancing Show now eliminated and one of Sir Gallivants bets as well. 11 players from 18 starters are capable of a collect. It will be down to 10 if Miss Hathaway doesn't win race 4 for SMILER. good luck.
  12. Race 2 a declared disaster zone for players as the Tiger (5th) and Matt Major (4th) just paddling in the sprint lane . Some Chevron not in the hunt either. Knocked out tonight altogeather are Lightning Blue, Pete, Mardy, and Globe so just 13 players can score now. One bet knocked out of Smiler, Dancing Show, and Maximus as well. It's a bloodbath out there. Well done to DOUBLE R who selected the winner!!! and has 2 legs of his multis left to get a Win.
  13. Mike is out in the first as BIG BIRD has gone back to sesame st and flopped badly. 18 Players tonight . Down to 17 with sadly the rapid ejection in race 1 of our sponser Mike . Comp is over 4 meetings so Mike still a chance to score. Entries are closed for tonight , and onwards to race 2, a few players interested in the first starter Dunn trained horse named SOME CHEVRON. Best of luck if you are on it.
  14. G'day karrots , yeah I'll have a look at who has posted . just doing picks for race cafe tipping comp now and only 2 o'clock in Aus , but imagine the folk there will be getting ready for dinner soon , some time ahead. had a bottle of bubbly to celebrate a Not Guilty verdict at court. Am so pleased. the poor bugger with new 6 month old baby and all. some things in the world never stop surprising. Bad incidents , good out-comes , etc just like Racing !!!!! I'll try and tally up soon , Sportsbet says 1/2 hour to first race so CALLING ALL LAST BETS PLEASE .
  15. Speaking of Slick trotters like one of your fav's MM, another Nz trotter you liked at Cambridge just had Australian debut now. MH (Majestic Harry) After farting around with 3 wins from 40 starts in 2.05 mile rates for 2 years at Cambridge , Brittany Graham from SKY racing knew what to do first up Albion. Cut him loose!. Roared away by 6 lengths down the back with a 28 second quarter, then just a nice easy jog up the straight , in by 4 lengths cruising. very nice. not missed by the punting elite either. backed in from 8's to 4's. very nice.
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