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  1. [In fairness this one is gone too] hj
  2. Honest john


    That’s exactly my understanding as well. I met a guy about 10 years ago who was a professional fundraiser for Red Cross I think it was. He was living the dream extracting money by playing on people’s soft spot for animals. He was on % of his money he got in. hj
  3. Ever heard of full and final settlement, it’s never ending. hj
  4. I can and do chose what I watch, I don’t watch the news now, everything is there. This country is fast becoming a joke, my friends in the uk are laughing at us, I mean look who’s our foreign affairs minister, someone married to her first cousin with a history of woman bashing. Great advert for our country, maybe you lookup to her, I don’t. hj
  5. I too studied French and German at high school, AND I have used them both travelling, nothing Maori would have helped me over there mate. You think what you like about me, with no actual knowledge, but hey,let’s make assumptions eh. I just don’t want rammed down my throat,ok? hj
  6. X2 he has an exceptional team this year. The year of “ half day hay”. Lol. hj
  7. I don’t have a problem, in fact I learnt phrases during maori week,the last one was my canoe has a leak. It’s just when it’s rammed down our throats, it’s all over tv now,so I’ve stopped watching the news. my grandkids learn it at school, however they are better to learn Chinese, imho hj
  8. So how come aotearoa? hj
  9. My fave horse shakamaker looked so cool racing without an overcheck, head hung right down. I saw it in the intercoms in chch Hj
  10. Wow, I gave to a page recently for the first time. There are some worthy cases out there. And some not. hj
  11. It’s by stealth an agreement between mr Ed and greens and Maori parties, but not declared pre election. This government is treacherous. hj
  12. Sadly that is true, look at border crossings, two asians the latest, just a warning, he’ll I’d lock them up. hj
  13. Always remember Paul (gavinjnr)Hampton telling me 20 years ago? His dads horse while Init’s paddock used to throw a stick up and sometimes catch it. He watched it many times he told me. He used to tip me horses when I saw him at fulton hogan. then there was a mare we had used to play up at the start, one race as they let the tapes go she rared up almost to falling over and never joined the race. Hj
  14. I’m on Di caprio, as a roughy. Hj
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