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  1. holy crap that was close...ahh well, well done Roland
  2. my points didnt go on for the9th PJ. Gonna be tight.
  3. off out to Lake Ferry first thing to check out the bach I bought - well I take it over in a couple of weeks but handing over saturday. Retirement day from RNZAF regular force on saturday 16 Jan so its a funny old day...44 years of loyal service. Been snapped up as a Reservist for a project starting monday so no rest !! 8/16 2/5 8/11 1/2 ** 2/7 2/4 4/11 3/13 3/16 ** 6/13 Good luck all..happy punting. My retirement day punt Wild Moose for a tenner or maybe 2 of them
  4. Morning all....itching to go to awapuni for AB's race but daughters 30th birthday gathering takes priority 4/5 1/8 1/7 ** 2/7 ** 3/5 3/10 15/16 1/10 1/9 3/15 Good punting all
  5. Pounce late with 5 winners. Even fields and kept changing mind so here goes before I do it again R1 6 Sumi R2 1 Challa R6 11 Aquila Star R8 5 Sir Nate doom R4 4 Phaistos Sub Puni R9 10 Kellys Inspiration The others I had in and out were Aimees Jewel and Brazen Blue. We just secured a Priosir filly to replace the retired The Great Guru so keen to see the Proisirs winning and Aimees Jewel will be of interest for that reason.
  6. if only I left Marroni in R1 rather than snitz...but I really thought Snitz was a good thing today. Akela suffered on a combo of sticky track conditions and a leaders bias today - forget she went around and double up next time....
  7. Away to Awapuni early tomorrow to hopefully cheer home Akela belle in the 3rd. Go girl - awesome trackwork yesterday ...track does worry me a tad as drying heavy tracks can be tough but she is really really well. TeRapa r2 3 Sword of State R3 5 Brando R6 13 Tabata R7 5 Sherrif Randy R7 3 Snitz. Really like him in this race Reserve TeRapa R6 13 memories Only Well done tonight Rees - beaten by a slightly better horse on the night but a new national record. Awesome race between the two of them
  8. Trent R1 4 Wild Moose R2 2 Deerfield R5 2 Silky Red Fox R8 11 Aimees Jewell (super star in the making) Doom R5 6 Thunder mania Sub Trent R3 2 Princess Amelie Good luck all
  9. Ellerslie R1 5 Money Trail R2 2 Sneaky Shark R3 1 Sir Aglovale R7 9 Aligns With Me (my days best bet I reckon) Rosehill R7 6 Phaistos Substitute Ellerslie R4 5 James Barrie
  10. R2 12 JipJip Rock R3 6 Miss Ipenema R5 1 Supera BB R7 2 In A Twinkling R8 1 Julius Substitute for scratchings R6 13 Little Belle Good luck all --hoping Akela belle can back up at Awapuni. Wide draw again but she is just thriving...the boss is a wee bit confident of a bold showing but horses dont always do as expected
  11. Gazzac

    Akela Belle

    Thanks team - it was a well deserved win and a great thrill. She has had her issues but maybe the enforced break over COVID was a blessing for her. 3 very good runs back and I would be remiss not to add 3 very good rides by Faye Lazet. She will retain the ride too as we back up in R74 this week then we will likely step her up in distance and aim at a decent race before the tracks get too hard. Got to look after her legs so hard tracks will be a no go.
  12. Best of luck to all the finalists. Ya done good getting this far
  13. Could be fun so I'll try....can we nominate a sub in case of scratchings?? Often I cant get a replacement done due to grandy's sport etc
  14. Cup day...be strange with no crowd roar as they jump.... 1/2 3/4 11/13 ** 6/12 4/5 4/12 15/18 ** 6/15 1/15 15/17 Chasing you down Gee - good luck Hope the day is a punting success for you all. I have added a 6th runner to my normal 5 horse tri so if 3 of these 4,5,7,12, 17 and 20 roll home I'm in. 2 of them were in my winning trifecta last year - until the stewards intervened and spat one back to 4th cheers
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