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  1. Cambridge 24/10/21 R1 3 Matais Louis 1rst $3.00 $1.50 R2 5 The Hulk 1rst $4.10 $1.80 R3 7 Some Girls Dont 1rst $10.90 $2.60 R4 5 Delson 1rst $3.50 $2.00 R6 6 Brookies Jaffa 1rst $4.00 $1.90 R7 6 Del Shannon 1rst $2.40 $1.30 Total spend $14 Total Return $39.10 Profit $25.10 JUST KIDDING> MISSED TODAY-FAMILY BUISNESS
  2. Cool is a vast understatement. Karrots you really do need to go and visit it. For a Harness nut it is the closest you will get to Heaven. For those of us with long memory's it is genuinely eye watering stuff.
  3. I need to get back there Robert, not nearly enough time last time I was there. Like a little boy in a lolly shop. Brilliant place.
  4. Well I have always toyed with the idea of having a face to face with those people I have been conversing with for years. Logistical nightmare ,as you say in the current climate. I am sure some of us might be surprised at appearances compared to comments. Years ago our Plumbing firm in Wgtn had an answer service that people rang and left a message, and we would ring them up and retrieve the message . The lady that answered the phone had the most silky/smooth sexy voice, it oozed sexuality. Well after 4 yrs of this we were invited to a Xmas party put on by the aforementioned service ,and most of us were champing at the bit to see this woman. Well , and not being to disingenuous to any females on here, it was like looking at the Goodyear Blimp. Lovely lady but, boy . Taught me a lesson.
  5. Doesn't always work out the way one would think. We were offered big money for MM in his Aussie campaign and it was put to a vote. We said no. Enough purists onboard to want to do the best thing by the horse and keep him with his passionate trainer, regardless of reward, even allowing for the fact he is a top horse. Personally I wasn't in it for the money, win or lose the buzz from watching your horse/horses run was enough. Not everyone is in that position and it isn't for me to judge someone else for wanting to cash up. I think the stakes available is a sad indictment on NZ racing and its administration in general. I remember the days of Hutt Park and the Wgtn Cup , chock full of open class pacers. Sadly with the advent of regionalising the industry and inflating costs the last Cup I remember had C5 pacers running . Loved Hutt Park, beautiful shell grit track, and fast.
  6. What a load of bollocks that was . Some absolute shit runs, and double figure winners.
  7. That was a very good run by Copy That . The pace was on and the time was quick and he was steaming home. Wouldn't right him off Lightning.
  8. That Major Jellis is turning into a good animal, top effort in that grade. And 14,s , bugger.
  9. Hope you took these yr self mate. Great effort on a hard night so far.👍
  10. Yep Arden Velocity is primed and ready to go.
  11. $30 multi Top 3= $3667.35 R2 4 Some Chevron @ $3.30 R3 3 Ardens Horizon @ $1.60 R4 3 Harder Than Diamonds @ $2.10 R8 5 Ardens Velocity @ $1.50 R9 6 Korloff Noir @ $2.10 R10 3 Aldebaran Keeper. @ $3.50 $70 Win R2 Some Chevron @ 13 =$910
  12. Yeah they seem to be the "golden cross". Way back in the 40,s the Golden Cross was Axworthy /Peter the Great, where we got the Great Cardigan Bay, and there is a lot of that influence (however small) in the Direct scooter line. Since the advent of AI in the 60,s the gene pool has shrunk quite considerably .
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