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  1. He he. Got the quinny in R9, had hunch about Rockin Tommy .The Sportswriters werent that far away, with good place money in the last.
  2. I will back up again after a couple of winners the other night. R1 Auchtercairn R2 Moody River R4 Betterbeonit R6 Glitz And Glam. Sportswriters going well at the mo. R7 Puntaway Another Sportswriter R9 American Sniper, but I like Rockin Tommy Rulz as a backup . R10 Rick Reilly Another Sportswriter
  3. Bugger. Not a great Captains knock today, the Imperial Airforce will be happy tho. Well done MX5, helped by Robs stupendous total. Good total for Plovdiv as MVP for us, but next week is another day.
  4. Go REES, go go go. Oh shiite that's me isn't it. 🤣
  5. Thought I had been stood down from flying in the Imperial Airforce, like some others here by the look of it.
  6. Gee, Mighty Looee was stiff. Only found an out 100 from the post and flew. Black Booker .
  7. We still have the Wombles. Some of you lot voted them into Parliament. Hands up please!!🤣
  8. Some I like tonight. R2 Bettor Listen. $4.40FF. R4 Midnight Dash $5.20 tote. In the groove at the moment from the Hope barn. R5 Raven Banner $5.50 FF. Should go close and deserves another win. R6 Cheezal. $5.50 FF Ultra consistent and lethal with a sit . R8 Mighty Looee. Like the Sweet Lou,s and my smokey at least for decent place money in a tough field but has the draw on his side At $18 FF
  9. A quick note to my Team CRAZY HORSE. I have to attend a Funeral tomorrow on the other side of the country at short notice ,so will have to travel early. Could someone keep an eye on scratchings for me please. Thanks .
  10. MX5. The greatest selling 2 person convertable sports car in History. Trivia time
  11. There is a village somewhere missing a certain person.
  12. LISTEN UP PEOPLE. OUR TEAM IS CALLED . CRAZY HORSE. SINGULAR. NOT Crazy Horses. It is a reference to a band Neil Young played in. If you didnt already know .
  13. He has been spending to much time in a bottle maybe.
  14. Welcome aboard the NEIL YOUNG train Jason, PJ, Squirrel ,and Plovdiv, as CRAZY HORSE. We will now Wage Heavy Peace against the other teams, with an outstanding line up of selectors. 3 to 1 on Fav,s.
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