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  1. Result Race 10 No 7 $13.30 Quinella $No one again Wrinkles finds the long shot in the last as does D Show. But Wrinkles blows them away and wins the night, well done .👍 Wrinkles $402 Hesi $294 Gordy $294 Ngakonui Grass $250 Rees $225 Pete $225 D Show $204 Great finish girl Steve P $122 Godzstar $107 Craigos $104 Thats it folks . Hope you enjoyed it. Nite Nite
  2. John , if you want a social life just do what Ziggy does. Take five minutes to put your picks on while loading the clubs into the car then gap it. I you have a shit round then brighten up the day by checking on how they are doing. We will still be here.👍
  3. Race 9 Nine on no 7. Guess the odd one out, yep Ngakonui alone on 1 and 6, could it be the killer blow? Result Change at the top as Ngakonui loses his lead, with the pack chasing hard . No 9 $5.30 Quinella $2.50 Last race picks in parenthesis. Down to the wire with any of the top six with a chance to steal it, depending on finishing order and price. Hesi $294 (1-4 ) Gordy $294 ( 4-8 ) Ngakonui G $250 (1-8) Wrinkles $269 (6-7) Rees $225 (2-8) Pete
  4. I have never seen a horse do that in a Derby Craig. That was arrogant.
  5. Race 8 Nine on no 5, four on No 1 . Ngakonui alone on no3 , and Godzsatr alone on no 10, Hesi alone on No 4 . Could be a change coming up here. Result. No big change ,but Hesi and Gordy creep close to Ngakonui. No 5 $1.30 Quinella $No one again. Ngakonui Grass $250 Hesi $216 Gordy $216 (did you two copy each others picks?) Wrinkles $191 Rees $147 Pete $147 Steve P
  6. Race 7 No 8 well fav here, no 5 and 8 quinella selected by 4 people. Two on no 9 and two on no1, which could alter things. Result The weirdest Derby I have witnessed for a while. An absolute bolter of a Fav at one time 15 to 20 lengths in front?????. Ngakonui now under threat. No 5 $1.80 Quinella $No one on it again Ngakonui Grass $250 Gordy $203 Hesi $203 Wrinkles $178 Pete $134 Rees $134
  7. Race 6 No2 and 4 the fav quinella here. With No 4 selected by everyone. The quinellas are going to make the difference providing they are selected . Result Fav Quinella home . A couple giving Ngakonui heart palpatations as they get closer. No 4 $2.70 Quinella $2.50 Ngakonui Grass $250 Gordy $185 Hesi $185 Wrinkles $160 Rees $134 Pete $116 Godzstar $94 Steve P
  8. Race 5 All ten of us on the fav no2. Four on the 2-3 Quinella, Three on the 2-8, Two on the 2-5, and only (gulp) Ngakonui on the 2-7 . Result Fav home, but no one on the second horse No 2 $1.30 Quinella $ No one on it. Ngakonui Grass $223 Wrinkles $133 Gordy $133 Hesi $133 Rees $82 Pete $64 Steve P $64 Craigos $64 Godzstar
  9. Race 4 Eight on No 11 here, with some of us gone a bit wider. Things might spice up a bit in this one. Those $10 quinellas will make a difference. Result .Ouch. Ngakonui Grass is having a blinder. The only one on the winner. No 4 $6.30 Quinella $ No one on it Ngakonui Grass $210 Wrinkles $120 Gordy $120 Hesi $120 Rees $69 Pete $51 Steve P $51 Craigos
  10. Race 3. No 8 selected by everyone. No 7 next best. Six of you on the 7 and 8 quinella. Other no's are 1,6,10 for us hopefuls. Result . Fav quinella rolls home although no 7 spices it up a bit. No 7 $3.50 Quinella a whopping $1.60. Ngakonui Grass $147 Wrinkles $120 Gordy $120 Hesi $120 Rees $69 Pete $51 Steve P $51 Craigos $51
  11. Race2 . No 2 heavily supported here, No 8 next best. We have some catching to do. Result. The gap is closed a bit to our leader. And the two Champs yet to trouble the scorer?? No 1 $2.90 Quinella -$ No one on it Ngakonui Grass $147 Rees $69 Wrinkles $69 Gordy $69 Hesi $69 Godzstar $29 Pete Nil Dancing Show Nil Steve P Nil Craigos Nil
  12. Small but elite field tonight, with both our Champions joining us and continuing on where they left off. Should be fun, with some great Group racing. Race 1. No 2 and 9 the most favoured. Result No 9 $4.00 Quinella $10.70 Ngakonui Grass steals a march with the quinella, well done. Ngakonui Grass $147.00 Rees $40 Wrinkles $40 Gordy $40 Hesi $40 Pete Nil D Show Nil Steve P
  13. I notice looking at the extended Pedigree on the distaff side the Globe Derby line makes an appearance, through Johnny Gee. Interesting.
  14. Welcome Wrinkles. Sorry you missed out on the last Harness Comp. Lòok forward to seeing you in the future.👍
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