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  1. Right Rob, no shenanigans this week please , pretty please. Chase these anyway. R1 1-2 R2 1-8 R3 3-4 R4 9-10 R5 1-3 R6 4-9 R7 4-6 R8 3-5 R9 6-11 BB R10 11-19 BB Cmon TURBOS give it death boys.
  2. ,Will be having a go at Trident in R4 Hesi. Andy has big wraps on this horse. 16,s and 5,s FF. Of his other two Pimlico will likely get up near the lead ,so definitely a runners chance as a pacemaker, at 13,s FF. He had an unlucky 5th with Longchamp a few years ago so who knows. I heard on the news that there are 1000 in the BGP betting syndicate.?. Frankly I cant see the point of it, and the negative side of Johns argument is that it can just as easily turn people off racing as the natural inclination is ,"oh betting syndicate, great, winning money all the time". Delusional.
  3. Hey Maxi, you dont go by the pseudonym River Nile by any chance.Your fingers must be very sore.
  4. When the big money is up, it's not beyond the realms of possibility. Always has to be a test case to get the ball rolling , I can see it happening, and it will open up a pandoras box that one.
  5. Lets be frank here John, some on the other channel could be referred to as "members" already with its multiple connotations applied . With some discretionary income I shall be watching Barry's selections with interest. A nice sideline to my Harness. And dont let the fact some may be "wagering" on your selections undermine the thinking Baz. Keep up the great work.
  6. Three Joker plays for zero points on the one day. That would be unprecedented in these comps from my memory banks. Mind you that gives us TURBOS a leg up later on. Great effort guys.
  7. I,m feeling lucky"punk". R1 1-12 R2 4-11 R3 4-11 R4 1-11 R5 10-13 BB R6 8-10 R7 4-5 R8 1-3 R9 2-7 R10 2-3 BB Alternative R7 9-10 R8 6-12 R9 4-5 R10 2-8 BB All the best Moz.
  8. Andy tells me they will have 4 portadunnies at Cambridge. Probably do candy floss for the kids.
  9. Yes Hesi I did say that, but only because of my view of humanity. What spews forth from the mouth usually indicates what lies within the heart. And they seem to be in the majority. But I have stated also that small steps taken will eventually bring forth results on here ,so peoples interest will be piqued as long as the Integrity remains. Those that do join will be of the calibre we need for a robust site. Patience young man, patience.
  10. I already got that as the wooden spoon for the last comp. You know. 3# weeks at the Sharella Motor lodge in Porirua. Im still here bud
  11. He He, that cracks me up.Gets less than me and still wins. ITS NOT FAIR. Yeah, I know. Im not Captain but yah still cant shut me up.
  12. Tight underpants mate. Common complaint.
  13. Cmon Ray bring it home . You must get more than me, everyone gets more than me.
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