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  1. Addington Frid thoughts. R1 Fanny Hill. Strikes a mobile and nice Muscle Hill filly, in a not overly tough field. FF $7 R2 Shards in Manhattan. Will get it right soon , has ability and sticking with it. FF$23. My blowout chance. R3 Franco Jorick. This horse is shaping up to be as good as any of the up and coming stars in this field, and has given them frights all the way along. TAB no balls at FF$11, tote your best guide. R7 Tyrons Bit Of Lemon. Good 3yr old season and up to winning this. FF$4.50 R10 Under Wraps. Consistent and at FF$8 should be thereabouts.
  2. Five zip wasnt it. !!!. An easy 10 points gone begging there. Five Weasels in a trap. Anyone got a picture of that???? Oh, I have thought, oh I have thought, twice. Watch out nxt round o Weasely one
  3. Jeepers what a run for 4th ,Satchmo on a 1.57 mile rate. Got knocked around mid race , broke went to the rear and travelled three wide for most of the last lap and kept trucking. A black booker.
  4. There is another in the same race Richie. Satchmo. Another Sweet Lou who has shown some ability early and had my money last start. Bit wide but just needs a run.7,s FF, . 10 on the tote
  5. What a game. who said the Ranfurly Shield was dead.
  6. Yay the dam has broken. ??? Whats that. (alta ego speaking from wings) "shut up Rees, you,ll put the mockers on yrself". Oh shiite, sorry, as he gives himself an uppercut. But isnt victory sweet.
  7. Where the heck does it show Age of Chivalry finishing ahead of Cascadian. Not on my TAB site.
  8. Some very close matches across the board today. A lot hanging in the balance. Bring it home boys. Pump it hottie.
  9. I did the same and with the same no,s as you ,and only picked up on it late. Still, three of us had the winner, BB Quinnie for Steve , quinn for Moose and BS. Trucking well at the moment and now everyone chiming in.
  10. Captain leading by example. Freeze frame it, and abandon the remaining races . 🤣
  11. I think I dodged a bullet last week. HeHe
  12. Now the shenanagins have settled and the cut and thrust of competition has been sorted , time to post. R1 2-4 BB R2 1-8 R3 3-10 R4 4-9 R5 3-5 R6 10-13 R7 3-4 R8 6-10 R9 6-9 R10 1-15 BB Go well Pumped and all the best Craig
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