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PJ's 5 to Win Comp ROUND 3 - Trentham Sat Dec 5 - 9 races + one from Oz - closes 12.39pm Races 1-9: Trentham card Race 10: Doomben Race 5 - Roku Gin Winning Rupert Plate


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  1. Thanks Pete, along with me. Surprise ,surprise.
  2. There is being helpful and then there is being annoying. Get my drift.
  3. I see Mardy you have stuck in our horse MegaPixals. Couldn't have it today. If it gets past the 200 mark still trotting then it's a chance but boy it's a head case.
  4. I cant edit this Rex, as I posted early, so will post amended picks here. R1 7-10 R2 3-9 R3 2-5 R4 6-8 R5 5-10 R6 7-8 R7 13-15 R8 9-12 R9 3-9 BB Cheers
  5. That was the kiss of death. Shit run.
  6. Damn , who told me it was Rosehill !!!.
  7. This is more fun than the Harness comp where I'm getting shafted.🤣
  8. Mate you are on fire at the moment. Going well in the Harness comp as well, great score last night.
  9. This comp has got some of you wound up with head to head rivalry's.
  10. Selections for Addington on Sunday. R1 7-10 R2 3-9 R3 2-5 R4 5-8 R5 5-10 R6 7-9 R7 13-15 R8 5-12 R9 3-9 BB
  11. Ellerslie R1 - 6 " R5 - 3 " R6 - 15 " R8 - 8 Rosehill R7 - 2
  12. Got my shit together now, AA meeting over so here goes. R1 3-8 R2 6-10 R3 5-8 R4 2-6 R5 6-11 R6 3-4 BB R7 7-10 R8 6-7 R9 1-6 R10 1-4 R11 4-9 R12 3-9 Go well guys.
  13. Hi All Round 7 Alex Park Frid 27th Nov First Race 6.26pm. All selections and Replacements in by 5.56pm PLEASE. 8 Races
  14. Picking the whole card isn't normal modus operandi , especially for me, so opens it up to a certain amount of luck. Winning 6 head to heads in PJ,s comp means I am just as good at beating the gallop gurus. I have to get out of the habit of looking for value and I might score better.lol. I'm making money still picking my value runners/ portfolio horses ,usually only 2 or 3 per day but not every meeting. It's not over yet Allan.😜
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