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Craig's 5 Winners Spring Summer Comp continues Sat Dec 14
See RITA Annual General Meeting video under Racing Chat
PJ's Comp looking for former players - see thread under PJ's Comps
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  1. R1 3-11 R2 2-5 R3 5-12 R4 8-9 R5 1-9 R6 2-10 R7 7-12 R8 3-5 BB R9 8-9 BB Cheers PJ. Go MM on Sat.
  2. Heading for the Inters, in early with everything. R1 2-5 R2 4-5 R3 4-6 R4 1-6 R5 4-6 R6 9-13 R7 1-9 R8 4-12 BB R9 2-5 BB Cheers PJ. Go MM
  3. Yes bit dodgy ,these results. is it really Ivan masquerading as John, and should he have the litmus test. And should Ivan be covered by the sports ban, or will he revert to John and play as an independent.
  4. Chase these then Pete. R1 4-10 BB R2 4-8 R3 8-9 R4 3-6 R5 5-8 BB R6 9-12 All the best .
  5. Kinda sums up todays effort at the punters graveyard.
  6. Time to remain serious. R1 4-6 R2 3-6 R3 4-6 BB R4 1-5 R5 1-5 R6 1-3 R7 4-10 R8 1-7 R9 2-8 BB YES I got them all this time , run out of wine .🍷
  7. That's a late reply Moosy,, have you been mullng over it for all of this time. You got kids? Sounds like you failed them then, according to this rant. Hope the cyclist wasn't your son, mate I'd be embarrassed as well. It's nice being a baby boomer, I get to see successive generations stuff up our world just like we did(apparentely).
  8. My last race picks are 6-11 Peter. 6 is scratched so biggest no I suppose, which is paying 51 on the tote, gets me past Wrinkles .2-13 was race 9 picks
  9. Ouch Ouch. Wrinkles puts the after burners on.👍
  10. Well done sexy Rexy. I told them I was getting serious, and still 4 races to go. Not over yet though
  11. R9 2-13 R10 6-11 Make it a hattrick on Sat shall I Thnx Peter
  12. Geeze not again. Thats bloody strong Sav. 🍷hic#`~
  13. Time to get serious. R1 2-4 R2 4-6 R3 8-9 R4 3-7 BB R5 1-3 R6 3-9 R7 5-7 R8 2-5 BB Thnx PJ
  14. I will drink to that Allan and Pete. 🍷 Hic #~
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