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  1. Globederby19

    Bye Bye Simon

    Frankly, with those views his "faith" doesnt play a part in his personal career either, so Kaye may find it easier to bring our social values even lower than they are. Good by absolutes, hello Rome.
  2. Actually, i have had a more deafening experience than Kiss, who,s sound system was from memory stories high. A few years ago The Datsuns visited Masterton. We had ( shut down now) a " small "live studio in town where various bands played when visiting and patrons stood shoulder to shoulder to listen and groove on down, as chairs were almost non existent. While I like the Datsuns, it was not the ideal place to listen as they thrashed it out at max decibels. Deafening would be an understatement..
  3. Probably more chance of you singing better. I saw Dire Straits at Athletic Park. Brilliant. Also saw Kiss there as well, and probably why Im still hard of hearing today. F---ing deafening.
  4. Globederby19

    Bye Bye Simon

    To little, to late for National. It will be a quantum leap to see them winning this next election.The new kid on the block even congratulated Jacinda on her handling of the pandemic. Most unusual, and to top it off gave an indication they might look at working with the Greens or would at least look at it. Interesting times again.
  5. Why arent these people held to account, literally. Why is it that our politicians commit the same fiscal mistakes ,yet years later come up smelling like roses, promoted to boards and committees and without batting an eyelid give us advice on how we should operate.Giving Roger Douglass a knighthood FFs. I personally would have shot the prick. New Zealanders are far to passive in dealing with what I call "normative incompetence".aka Hughes and Allen
  6. I stand to be corrected on this and things may have changed, but a year ago when visiting my son in Melbourne he showed me a way to circumvent the system tricking it into thinking you were somewhere other than where you really were. I managed to place a bet on our TAB. He is very clever technically speaking , but has anyone else been able to do this ??.
  7. Globederby19


    Grass roots just got cut off at the knees. Even our beloved Forbury Park is gone.Call it progress ppphhhhttttt.
  8. Just as well Pete. $1.70 win. Everyone was on it. Good win though.
  9. Nice Robert , but we need your picks for Sat 16 , not Sat 23.
  10. Give us a kiss and I,ll tell yah cobber. 😉
  11. Kylie Bax was full of Botox and Silicone. Rachel is no Sophia Loren but has retained a relatively untouched and homely beauty, and good on her.
  12. It wont happen over night, but it will happen .lol
  13. Now that's an old chestnut quip from way back. If I remember it was on a bus ,cant remember the context .
  14. That will be a long stipes meeting Im picking.
  15. Yep, skys clear here in Hawaii. No sign of any Zero,s , doesn't auger well for , well you know who!!!!.
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