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  1. Jeepers team you dragged us out of a hole there. Well done Richie, Dino and Baby. A day of 2nds and cruel to lose a h to h with a sub,eh Maxi.
  2. Damn. Thought Tavistock had some more posthumous black type to his name. Keep running second today.
  3. Could be the match winner this for either team. Duh. The Imperial Airforce has recruited another Ramone.
  4. At least the red hots run on rain affected tracks. My daughter rang from Te Aroha and told me they were coming home without racing. The tracks are bloody useless.
  5. There was a couple there that had my heart pumping, like Missalyssa, but couldn't go on with it. Thought Bettor Grunter should have won, and Cardinal Sin,s run was a Black Booker. American Dealer had to much work to do from out there in the Derby but Krug is something else. And my little portfolio horse Franco Yorick ran a tremendous race at long odds for 5th in a strong field. Great night of racing and some money in the bank(finally).
  6. One puts their head on the chopping block with picks on an open forum, it is a rather fickle business.
  7. Great fields and a brilliant night of Harness ahead. Going to give these a nudge. R2 Fire Fox FF$8.50 Place only from the draw as loves running second. R3 Bettor Grunter. (took it last time and good run from an awkward position. Should have no excuses from a handy draw FF$4.20 R4 Cardinal Sin Fresh up and difficult field but has shown ability in limited racing FF$11 R8 Franco Yorik. (a portfolio horse and hunch bet at FF$23,s. Not the worst. R9 American Dealer. One tough cookie this guy and up to this despite draw. FF$11,s R10 Missalysa . Always
  8. At least Gee is well over due, and you only need one.
  9. Heheheheheheheheheh. Funny you should mention it.
  10. We had a 10 grand first four labelled there Ngakonui with our picks.
  11. Teds Legacy only two noses and a head from winning. We are getting close.lol
  12. Thought I would add some of my own. R2 Christiano Bucchini. $4.80ff R4 The Morning Star (well bred filly) and like the previous horse a bit wide, but worth a punt at $9.50ff R5 Teds Legacy Nice draw and has shown plenty of ability. $8.50ff R6 Pure hunch bet. DDs SuperStuart $31ff . R8 Vincent Van Gone. (My bet of the day, and portfolio horse) $6.50ff. R11 Mosaic Art.$7.00ff good luck guys
  13. GO Mr Sea Wolf, go Just Thinking, Go Subedar- Buffalo River quinella and hope it pays enough and bugger off Howie. Lol
  14. The Maxi,s $4140 is going to take some pegging back.🤣
  15. The Beach Boys were vomit material for me. Couldn't stand them. Lollipop music. Jmho of course. Give me Neil Young or Frank Zappa any day.
  16. Thnx for scoring Maria. A legend. 👍
  17. Damn. Another of my Portfolios just ran third paying 7,s. B D Joe, a nice big free running son of Roll With Joe came from the back around the whole field smoking home. Black Booker and a horse on the up.
  18. R2 Bettor Grunter. Will need all the breaks but one of my Portfolio horses and at 51FF , 13,s tote worth a punt. R4 Cheezal. Good mare this and well place here.26FF and 8,s Tote R6 Time Up The Hill. My BB for the night. 3.30 ff and 4,s tote. R9 Missalyssa. Always take this mare .Has a huge motor, just needs to step and she,s a chance.10ff and 6 tote R11 Luella Another Sweet Lou and nice draw. 18ff and 9 tote
  19. I shall go out there today and have a look. It is very diverse. Here they are. Colosseum Live -Coloseum ( Chris Farlowe and company, brilliant double album). Skellington was the intro song to Radio With Pictures many years ago, its the whole side of one album and Lost Angeles is on the other side. Also there earliest Daughter of Time House on the Hill -and Refection Nostalge both by Audience (brilliant pop art group from early 70,s, and good musicians) Tarkus and Works -ELP Lynyrd Skyrd- Nuthin Fancy The Band Fragile Yes- Yes Salisbury,Live at
  20. Yep. Got Dinghy Dell somewhere in the garage as well.
  21. Annie Crummer, now she could sing that girl.
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