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  1. i also had number 4 ..as well Baby !! thanks P.J.
  2. Well done P.J and co you managed to escape by the skin of your teeth!! and if track hadn't deteroriated as quick because horses floundered in going result may have been closer just sayin!!
  3. Thankyou Maria you guys put up a grand show Dancing to a lead after 5 races ..But i put on my own Dancin shoes and pirouetted away from you with my Super powers ..maybe next time when we meet again the shoes be on the other foot!?? Well done Maxi$ the first of many wins i/we and Kapitaine Max hope for this Autumn Comp as the grounds deepen and tracks head to wintry conditions, BRING IT ON !!
  4. P.J, Max had 3x10 in race 1 as BB also!! Max for the MAXI$ R1 3 Project, 10 Rapid Falls bb
  5. Yes pity wasn't one of P.Js races i would have quinella ...as i now 2nd on punters .au .$4800 no Sunday 7 MarProfit 1 Malcaster$5,850 2 Xcalibur1$4,800 3 Fenix$850 4 Warrawong$850 5 Tamers_Tips$750 6 william49 w favourites probably prevail if can handle tra
  6. oh dear i made a blue!! me bad in my rush put -8x9 in last should been 7x8 ..no probs tho !!
  7. Can i have a go if not too late!! R1 - 2x8 R2 - 1x8 R3 - 8x10 R4 - 5x11 R5 - 2x8 R6 - 2x4 R7 - 1x9 R8 - 5x10 R9 - 5x7 R10 - 8x9 Thanks Rees,
  8. i used to sneak off from silverstream to go races at trentham too late 60's with few mates !! a very long time ago ..loved watching old Peter luis runnersd ..Johns Pal being one !! and staying roight up top public stand skylarking about!!
  9. Just rang Gee he will be in draft as well Thanks ,,,
  10. I be in draft please Peter! i will ask Gee as well!!
  11. Gee Maxi i remember sdm winning the cup and count k n Pinotage winning i got the double n concerss when you had to exchange tickets aftyer first leg onto second leg .I was a youngster the ntoo and Dad used to do my bets ..i only picked them ,, trentham was a happy hunting ground for me in those days ! i picked winner of Duoro Cup at huge figures i think from memory was Ashanti ?? Sir Vigilant won for Noel Harris on at 76/1 i got quin $206 ..nd i think la osull ran third Our own horse ran 5th in wellington cup '68 behind wds on loofah .and bright chief.. lost front
  12. i did post a set for Rex P,J. where you put rex is awol!! ok For Rex thanks pj.. r1=-1x9 r2=-9x11 r3=-5x7 r4=-9x10 -BB r5=-4x6 r6=-1x2 r7=-6x11 r8=-2x4 r9=-6x7 10=-3x9-BB
  13. Champions of Chumps @ Addingtoon ! Best' 0 British to ALL!! 1-12 2-5 3-3 4-7 5-4 6-7 7-7 8-1 9-5 -BB -thanks!!
  14. AUCKLAND -vs-Pete!! 1-4 2-9 3-8 4-5 5-5 -BB 6-2 ADDINGTON -vs Hesi!! 1-6 2-14 3-11 4-2 5-4 6-12 7-6 8-12 9-15 -BB 10-8
  15. Cambridge !! R1 -1 R2 -2 R3 -3 R4 -2 R5 -8 R6 -3 R7 -10 R8 -5 -BB -Thanks Guys!! good luck Craig!
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