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  1. John ME ellencamp Cherry Bomb
  2. Gordy

    Monday trivia

    You are too kind Peter, heck, I didn’t even have the right country.
  3. Gordy

    Monday trivia

    Would they be Grey Way ( Maurice Campbell) and Copper Belt ( Gary Phillips ) ?
  4. Gordy


    My latest watch is ‘The Chestnut Man’ , a 6 episode Danish crime drama. I am up to the last episode which I will watch tonight. I will take a look at El Dragon next, sounds like I might like it, thanks Karrot.
  5. Gordy


    If he can lay off the fast food he will be back. It’s just frustrating that the fight that a lot of people want to see, Fury/Joshua may not happen for a while.
  6. Gordy


    I finished watching Squid Game the other night, well worth it if you don’t mind Korean with English sub titles. Apparently it’s the most watched series ever on Netflix.
  7. Apologies, forget this song, I mistakenly carried on from the last song on the previous page.
  8. Gordy


    Thanks Craig, I could only follow the fight with live updates on the BBC sports site. I thought Wilder was going to be fitter than Fury but he seemed to run out of gas after round 4.
  9. My favourite Bond theme song
  10. Very passionate fans those geordies. One of my favourite teams after my beloved Man U.
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