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  1. Yes I noticed on the TV that there was one group missing and not on in your list.... the public. Those in "the industry" forget/ignore that group, at their peril.
  2. Lowest Winning Score85.00 Geoff Not this time leader..
  3. You were right, I was wrong. Gotta go, the armoured truck is backing down the drive 🙂
  4. R1: 2, 5 BB R2: 2, 4 R3: 2, 11 R4: 5, 9 R5: 5, 6 R6: 3, 6 R7: 1, 9 R8: 3, 13 R9: 4, 6 R10: 2, 13 BB Good luck Porky thanks PJ
  5. I am going to have to put in study for this week. Up to now it has been about 10 seconds on each day. I check there is a Sydney meeting, find the shortest priced favourite, and go join the queue to collect points. Now with no Sydney meeting next up.... hmmmm better do some thinking. ( or ask Howie what he is taking as BB in PJ’s comp).
  6. PJ, I have realised that when I went to replace the Kings Brook scratching I replaced the wrong race. There are only 10 runners in R7. (R8 is wrong but i can go with the sub on that one. If Rob does not object can I have my originally picked 1 & 7 please ?
  7. R1: 3, 8 R2: 4, 13 R3: 2, 7 R4: 4, 6 R5: 1, 7 BB R6: 4, 10 BB R7: 8, 11 R8: 3, 5 R9: 5, 6 R10: 2, 11 Te Rapa R1: 4, 15 R2: 13, 16 R3: 4, 11 R4: 6, 8 R5: 3, 8 BB These must represent the hardest fields to pick from in all the years of PJ comps. Hoping for a winner.. somewhere.. anywhere.. Good luck Rob Thanks PJ
  8. Now Howie, we have discussed this before..... Your tips for winning competitions are running at a dismal 0-56, so naturally I wanted to avoid any dna related issues with my picks. With the bonus of stuffing what little chance the Canes had at the same time.
  9. 1. Hurricanes 2. Kauri Kats 3. Blues 4. Ferdies 5. Turbos 6. Crusaders 7. Chiefs 8. Barbarians Thanks John
  10. It is okay lads, there will be input from the real power behind the throne. I have taken his twitter account away already.
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