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  1. Wouldn't worry about him, overrated and no value whatsoever.
  2. somebody deleted my comment earlier, this stinks, it is total BS...oh there it is
  3. I would like to apologise in advance...for anything Hesi writes in the future. Just kidding brother.
  4. The number of times I listened to people telling me a horse was a certainty and it lost. I think $100 was a better risk than the house. No need to get greedy. The number of times I missed a winning bet on a $50+ horse because I didn't trust my own judgement. There is always another winner around the corner at value.
  5. Years ago when highweights were around in abundance, there was a particular horse that won every second start. He would win then race next up over a different distance or class then back in to Hwt for another win. regular as clockwork. Can't remember his name.
  6. My advice is for the social betting side of things. You will do enough to have fun. Barryb's advice is the future if you wish to make a good profit long term. Good luck
  7. https://www.betfair.com.au/hub/the-advice-of-profitable-punters/ https://www.betfair.com.au/hub/how-to-know-if-your-elo-numbers-need-help/
  8. Agree with above. It sounds like you can pick winners but are too impulsive with your betting. Start with a bank that will be for beyond the day or week. Bet a % of the bank. This will control your impulse betting. Have a spreadsheet to keep records of starting bank, bets and profit/loss. For example, start with a bank of $100 and bet 2% ($2.00). This will keep you going for quite a while if you are losing. Once you have lost around 18 bets at $2 per bet, you will be betting $1.00 (rounded). However, if you are losing, it will pay to see why. How do you select a bet and why? You won't get 'ric
  9. Checked and found she has been riding in Macau
  10. 5 rides this season, last rode 2009/2010. On Veloce Sorella today
  11. Kings of the Turf A History of the AJC Derby From 1861 to 1980 https://kingsoftheturf.com/
  12. Interesting reading "I had delusions of grandeur. I thought I could write a seminal tome about the evolution of the Thoroughbred Breeding Industry in the Upper Hunter Valley. Earlier I managed a very modest digest which I called the ‘History of Thoroughbred Breeding in the Upper Hunter Valley’. I believed I could ‘expand and enhance’ this book. When I delved deeper I discovered that much of the best ‘modern’ information was available only on the web? The rest hadn’t changed. I had the good fortune to meet the late Keith Binney at his pristine home in Cremorne. He helped me immeasurab
  13. natural spring water, no chemicals...wait.
  14. water...cheaper from the tap. You're welcome.
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