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  1. You are correct curious, it's not there.
  2. Great days racing once again at Sha Tin, the first race meeting for the new season. Both horses should have a great season ahead. Class 2 1400m Race 10 Sha Tin 06 Sep. 2020 Mongolian King Par times 1:21.35 13.45 21.85 23.10 22.95 1:21.12 13.97 10th 4.25L) 21.84 (9th 10.75L) 22.55 (9th 4L) 22.76 (Win) Last 800m 45.31 Back, made move 600m, let go 300m and ground them down. Class 3 1400m Race 9 Sha Tin 06 Sep. 2020 Excellent Proposal Par times 1:21.65 13.45 21.85 23.25 23.10 1:21.65 13.87 (6th 2.75L) 22.00 (7th 3.25L) 23.04 (9th 3.75L) 22.74 (Win) Las
  3. use a reliable washing machine
  4. The rail was faster on the day
  5. I'm wearing a mask and using sanitiser everytime I go out. "Queensland authorities have issued an urgent public health alert for more than forty venues after a COVID-19 cluster emerged at the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre. Nine cases have been linked to the centre after a 77-year-old Ipswich woman had experienced mild symptoms and continued to work while infectious. Two further cases of COVID-19, both household contacts of an existing case, were linked to the cluster on Sunday." https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/health-wellbeing/on-alert-more-than-40-queensland
  6. Didn't see the media coverage, cheers
  7. Got this from a reliable source "Genome sequencing has indicated the resurgence has come from a new variant of the virus unseen in NZ before"
  8. Both images are The Venetian
  9. My assessment is independent of what bookmakers or the public think. If it drifts then great. All I want is value.
  10. Visited Vegas July 2017, the helicopter ride down into the Grand Canyon was an experience. In Feb. 2018 the same helicopter company had a fatal crash doing this trip. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-breaking/2018/02/11/papillon-grand-canyon-helicopters-involved-3-other-deadly-incidents-20-years/327219002/ In October 2017, the mass shooting occurred. Never bet a cent gambling as I couldn't stand all the smoking, hard enough to walk through the casino on the way out to sight see. We stayed in the Venetian.
  11. "The Herald understands there was a shortlist for that crucial role before Covid-19 struck but the final interviews haven't been able to take place because the overseas candidates cannot get into the country because of the restrictions." Have they heard of online interviews?
  12. race 3 Paprena, it wins
  13. Saw a longshot won the first. Looked down the field race 2 and Bothered jumped out.
  14. I have a sure fire way to not lose any money on this race. Will only back those starting within 14 days of their last race, stats prove it.
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