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  1. Wishing that RTS had already pissed off too the Blues,denying my Green Machine of a gutsy win.Won't even talk about that forward pass that led to a try for them.
  2. Well done Pete...the new harness guru.
  3. All the best Maxi. Am sure you will rise to the occasion.
  4. Mardy

    Mark Rosanowski

    Yea i think your right. Tho yesterday was the first time i've heard him commentate on the trots.
  5. So i listened to the first race at Palmy(only race i saw) and was surprised too hear Mark calling the trots,am assuming he did the whole card.Now i can't recall him doing the trots before,but i could be wrong.But i think he went for the calling gig in Canterbury that Mark Mc got,so obviously he rates himself. What did people think of his calls today?.
  6. Mardy

    Michael Walker

    Now this isn't meant to sound like me bagging Micky or whatever,as i'm a huge fan of his. But am wondering what is his reasoning etc for pretty much always switching the whip over to his left hand and almost going 'european' and giving his mounts a 'flick'?..can't describe it any better than that lol. Almost seems like he's forgotten how to use his whip in his dominant hand.Definitely a class rider just not sure why he's been doing this style for a while now.
  7. All i know is we got $185 from Tokorangi winning,wouldn't have a clue on the rest of the bets. Still $190 to bet with as well i believe.
  8. Good luck mate. You must have some good oil for Wednesday.
  9. All the best Bryce,get us off to a great start.
  10. Thanks Rex and Rees for running and scoring this comp,it's been fun and to those that carry on into the next part all the best. Must say that i did rate myself of at least winning a meet or two but it wasn't too be,can't win em all i guess.
  11. Definitely no rush. Am going complete shit.
  12. Auckland R1-3 Mailman R2-10 Waitforever BB R3-8 Rain Mist And Muscle R4-6 Krug R5-4 Last Tango In Heaven R6-3 Molly Belle Addington R1-6 Global Flight R2-2 Dashing Major R3-4 Last Of The Mohicans R4-5 Duffy Hollow R5-1 Overzealous R6-12 La Rosa BB R7-5 Self Assured R8-13 Midnight Assassin R9-6 Need You Now R10-16 Givemewhatineed
  13. R1-3 Jimmy Richter R2-9 Demolition Man R3-2 Hooray Henry R4-4 Strength Of Heart R5-1 Shanlou BB R6-3 Rough And Ready R7-10 Jaccka Lucas R8-1 Hezashadowplaya
  14. Mardy

    Where are they now?

    Good to hear that Irish is still around. I remember talking with her a bit thru Racecafe and then i finally met her at the Kaikoura trots going back a few years ago now,she was involved in some sense with Kenny Moore when he trained pacers/trotters. Was definitely a blast meeting her,she is larger than life.
  15. R1-7 Gift Card R2-3 I Miss Mum R3-6 American Lightning R4-4 Mark Dunnett R5-6 Mosaic Art R6-2 Pete's Dash R7-2 Jerry Garcia R8-3 Dashtothebeach BB
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