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  1. I heard Brian Cree on ZB last week with his plan for Radiuscare. Heaps of commonsense and compassion (no doubt some 'Brownie points' to be scored in the PR/Brand Image Dept too for the initiative they are taking. Well done indeed. We need to understand that if enough privately owned businesses make similar calls, this useless brain-dead government will have to sit up and take notice. Can someone explain to me why we do not already have Rapid Antigen Testing at airports/ferry terminals etc with negative tests required prior to hopping from one island to the other? MM
  2. Tis the morning after The Awakening the day before. We sleepy Kitty Kats finally woke up to begin our slightly improbable Run for Glory. Well, three of us did, but who’s counting - apart from cap’n Max, who today bathes in the sunlight that comes from toppling the formidable Stevie N. (By a massive $5.00, thanks to State of Rest bumping and bashing his way past Anamoe in the Cox Plate. Sorry about that, Stevie, but Maxi desperately needed a change of fortune.) Thanks for the match Chiefs, couldn't have been much tighter - had been hoping you’d play your Joker against us lowly puddies but you didn’t take the bait. Good performances from The Foxy One (aka ‘old tom’ Graeme) and the ever-reliable slinky slippery Sharne. For the next two weeks, all five sets of claws will need to be up to scratch! MM
  3. he has, but the line was busy (Max got in first!) MM
  4. twill be a big call by stewards to swop that result on account of one bump, says Max hopefully!
  5. Maximus

    Cox Plate

    well, at least Anamoe is better credentialled than Shamus Award
  6. unbelievably this poorly organised gummit has not already implemented a system to ensure only people with negative recent Covid tests are able to cross that ditch.
  7. 9 still to trouble the scorer.... actually 8 , but what's one number between friends.
  8. Maximus

    Zaaki Out?

    nobbled !!! Just kidding. Poor James McD, pay day slashed .. MM
  9. well Debbie Lee G showed as much fight as Jacinda at a one-on-one with Hosking. Had all favours and rolled over like a pussycat. Disgraceful performance. Oh well on we go, eh karrothead ...ambush them next week LOL MM
  10. Max n Debbie Lee have got this, Karrots. Have another, just like the other MM
  11. Maxi's bets (screenshotted above) in case easier to transcribe! Bet 1 $50 Top 3 Multi R2 Bet On The Tiger Top 3 @ $2.30 R10 #1 Debbie Lee Galleon @ $2.50 Return:$287.50 $50 Win Multi R9 #2 Aiming For Glory @ $2.40 R10 #1 Debbie Lee Galleon @ $9.00 Return:$1,080.00 Thanks Mike/Karrots...good bit of fun! MM
  12. Maximus

    Mid-week trivia

    perhaps someone here can post the career record of BALLYBRIT. He had quite a few starts at 2; won enough of them to cop big weights later in the season. I vaguely recall him lugging a massive weight around Trentham, 62 or 63kg?
  13. Maximus

    Mid-week trivia

    now there was tough 2yo BALLYBRIT.
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