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PJ Comp Round 12 split round Part 2 on Wed 28 Oct


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  1. Congratulations, Rees ..you've already won something by 5, no need to do anything silly tomorrer MM
  2. Surely a Freudian slip performed by Max would have to be a Max Goof?
  3. Max was so excited his keyboard goofed ..shoulda said 'good'...and subsequently edited accordingly LOLOL
  4. Hey Pam What day will it be ? Looking forward to a good match! Pam v Max MM 😧
  5. yes, mate, especially when the subject for discussion is Daylight. LOL
  6. In a supplementary, even shorter, meeting of his mind, cap'n Max asked the provocative question: if Daylight trailed 0-5 at the break for oranges (Lord forbid!), how ginormous would the televideoconference bill be?
  7. At a very short meeting of his mind this evening, cap'n Max came to three FAB conclusions about the current State of the Play: in most Rounds of a PJ SuperDuper Comp, a lot of personal matches would be close at the break for oranges it is better to be leading 5-0 than to behind (esp by 5-0) at the break for oranges in a split Round, a player/team can do something about it, cos their 2nd-half picks can be influenced by knowing that State of the Play. normally they just move on to Comp R6 with picks already posted - eg Maurice and Sharne (trailing by over $200 won't be looking
  8. Ever vigilant, eveready ... cap'n Max fires up the laptop to take a sneak peek at fields for Part 2 on Woden's Day - and is immediately in search of medication via alcohol. The problem of capacity fields and unknown track conditions is worsened by the stark reality that Mrs W has sunk 'n drunk all the Mateus Rose and there's only Moet in the fridge (embargoed til Derby Day). PJ you're a heartless bugger sometimes!
  9. still riding out of her skin ..51 winners in less than 3 months, incl programmes with jumps races, great strike rate and showing impeccable judgment. Go Danielle. MM
  10. who have you found? Could be another Mustelid mixup here. ..thinking three, but but third in my mind was Shamus Award whose winner Sovereign Award won an earlier race. solly for confusion...
  11. Something else rather interesting about the 2020 Cox Plate. There were three starters whose sires won the Cox Plate - can you name them? And all three sires sired winners over the weekend - can you name them?
  12. you gotta love the overblown lingo here, dont ya .. 'a sobering warning', 'superior aerobic capacity' ...mebbe the writer was drunk on success. For goodness's sake, the horse had found one horse with superior aerobic capacity at each of his previous four starts! A fabulous Cox Plate win by SD, to be sure, but 3200m at Flemington has found out many horses with allegedly 'superior aerobic capacity' before ... what I found most interesting about the horse is his damside - mother Sparrow out of All Too Beautiful, herself a daughter of Urban Sea (mother of Galileo and Sea The Stars
  13. Message to you, GD: cap'n Max (King of the Cynics) is a tad concerned by your attitude at the break for oranges. Just recently I was informed that when your team is behind 5-zip you need three matches to be reversed (You can imagine my surprise at this gobsmacking news! But I digress ...) Applying this First Immutable Law of PJs Super Duper Comp to Maxis v Pumped, it strikes me that three of your team are just $30, $39 and $59 away from putting their snouts in front, while the other two are hardly out of contention about $120 adrift. Either the the 'wheels have fallen off' as yo
  14. Thanks for clearing that up.. all matches very interestingly-poised.
  15. at the Church of the Poisoned Sickle
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