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  1. Big Girls Don't Cry - Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons
  2. where are the rules for the Summer Harness Comp? The poor Mustelid is uncertain how many wobblies to pick per race, BBs etc MM
  3. After The Love Has Gone - Earth, Wind and Fire
  4. Scientists - no doubt being paid a truckload of dosh - are trying to work out if your house in Auckland could withstand a localised big volcanic eruption. Hold the cheques, Jacinda ..or whoever is funding this bullshit. Just send the money to Max. He knows the answer: NO! aka Kiss yer ass goodbye! aka Forget about it! https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/science/scientists-firing-missiles-at-roofs-to-determine-how-catastrophic-an-auckland-volcano-eruption-would-be/ar-BB1cU7s7?li=BBqdk7Q
  5. Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper
  6. Maximus


    Racing Tauranga - 2 January 2021 Bethlehem Motor Inn 2100 HAIL DAMAGE (W Pinn) - Admitted a breach in that he failed to allow HAIL DAMAGE to improve into a run to between ALAMODE and EXTORTION from near the 200 metres for at least 15 strides (or approximately 125 metres) when there was clear racing room and it was reasonable and permissible to do so. After considering submissions the Judicial Committee suspended his licence to ride in races from the conclusion of racing on Saturday 30th January up to and including Wednesday 17th February, 9 National days.
  7. I Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Raitt
  8. this will be infinite now that there's a title with the word 'The' in it!
  9. Achy Breaky Heart- Billy Ray Cyrus
  10. Maximus


    Isa not Isha She is all class apart from having an appallingly lazy accent and she Is-a certainly earning her rupees putting up with Warney MM
  11. Maximus


    So so good to see those CHEATING ARROGANT plonkers from Australia made to eat humble pie by an immensely determined and courageous Indian team. Pujara fantastic. Pant courageous. Etc etc. Tim Paine shown up to be not much better than the cheat he replaced. No good being a sledger if you cant make the right calls as captain and back it up with a top-drawer performance, and Paine blew it imo. Shoulda brought the field up much earlier and tried to strangle an inexperienced opponent out of the match, but he was too defensive. Note how Warney was nowhere to be seen in the commentary team in the l
  12. Maximus


    diversional therapy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BkwnGq2yaA
  13. Maximus


    as Liz Hurley soon found out
  14. Maximus


    Cant believe what the flockwit Warney just said after Pujara was hit for the 11th time ...this time knocked his grill vizor off.. Warney compliments Josh Hazlewood for asking Pujara "are you OK?" as if in compassio/concern...look at the visual/replay and see the NASTY ugly look on Hazlewood's face...and I'd bet he didn't say 'Are you Ok"? more like "Did you feel that one?" go India! MM
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