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  1. Max thinks she also peaked so high so young there was only one way from there -down, esp when you add the 'growing up' pressure and influence of family. Anyone notice how lean she is? I won't say thin - she doesnt look haggard or unhealthy I loved the way she played up to the camera during this TV coverage. Congrats to her and her team. MM
  2. excellent TV coverage too.. Max is enjoying this to the MAX. MM
  3. Change of subject... Lydia Ko sensational first 3 Rounds...great to see her having a lot of fun ! MM
  4. MAXIS* (7th) vs ARDERN UP* (6th) sensational tactical work by Maxis, waiting til the last Rd to play the Joker agst the worst-performing team in the Comp ... apart from ourselves! MM
  5. Two very very helpful points Maxi$ - well done Rob, Graeme and BS today. A big Joker play next Saturday and we'll be poised to pounce in Rd 2. Tks as always, PJ MM
  6. Max is talking hisself into Fiesta here..3rd up...Bowman, Waller ...
  7. Tom you're still in right royal form old son, well done
  8. VE cost herself that race with that bloody annoying habit she has of pulling her head off. Max likens this trait to Mrs W's headstrong, petulant wilfulness ..hard to control, hard to resist! Esp when she's had a couple of Max's Moets ... MM
  9. caught out by the race numbers changing. #3,11 BB were my picks for the Sydney Cup. For the last 3 races Max now has 6 completely different selections to what he spent time deciding on and one of them isnt even in the race ...oh well, will just have to win with #3 Mugatoo MM
  10. Rondinella a bit stiff getting out too late to chase it down ..very game mare
  11. 14.00 Rex 214.00 Porky nice of you to give him a head start Sir Rex
  12. aggregate (just) ... just is just enough for our liking
  13. nice work by the visually challenged rodent
  14. PJ..how many times doth Max have to remind you that a Mustelid is not a rodent?
  15. last week some people got themselves in a terrible muddle trying to post scratching replacements and made a right mess of it ... GUILTY AS CHARGED. Gosh it feels so much better to confess. Now let the Revival of the Maxi$ begin with our bYE week.
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