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  1. Yeah mate, I went to the Airport to welcome the boys home...In such a rush, forgot me teeth. Who cares, basking in the Sunshine in the off season !
  2. 1. Gold Coast R1 - 5,8 2. Gold Coast R2 - 5,8 BB 3. Trentham R8 - 4.15pm - 4,10 4. Gold Coast R3 - 4.25pm - 1,7 5. Gold Coast R4 - 5.00pm - 1,9 6. Gold Coast R5 - 5.35pm - 9,11 BB 7. Gold Coast R6 - 6.15pm - 2,17 8. Gold Coast R7 - 7.00pm - 13,15 9. Gold Coast R8 - 7.45pm - 7,11 10. Gold Coast R9 - 8.20pm - 5,9 Thanks again PJ...come from the clouds stuff hopefully
  3. Porky

    This is of concern

    OK BAZ...I,m with VVD AND without hours and hours of fact gathering (the average punter) already knows O.P is one of best and talented Jockeys in NZ (regardless of opportunities and dividends) and YEP Lisa Allpress then J .Parkes best value riders about.
  4. 1. Gold Coast R1 - 4,8 BB 2. Gold Coast R2 - 1,2 3. Awapuni R7 - 3,9 4. Gold Coast R3 - 4,6 5. Gold Coast R4 - 5,8 BB 6. Gold Coast R5 - 10,12 7. Gold Coast R6 - 2,10 8. Gold Coast R7 - 15,18 9. Gold Coast R8 - 1,10 10. Gold Coast R9 - 3,14 Good luck all, Thanks PJ
  5. This is sort of going outside the square... BUT, I enjoy, chucking the odd roughy into exotic bets... due to track leader / on pace bias or liking for heavy track conditions or a horses liking for a track, (for whatever reason). One that Springs to mind years back in the wet Tono Bungay ...formline 101010 LOL On pace bias tracks are easy to Identify... not always / dependent on track conditions/Barrier draws etc (wont offend anyone But yeah, juggling up all these scenarios will be the challenge for me , in pricing up an event. Thanks for the advice Mardigras
  6. Thanks for that Mardigras, The food for thought articles were good reading...I have written down in my little black punting book (Red warwick 4b1 actually) to be read before selecting ea. Fri night/ Sat. morn YOU WILL guidelines. I am very good (from 45 years punting/ equine experience) at determining value and from gut feeling just what horses will drop in F/F markets. Last question PROMISE...(serious...not trying to be a smart arse) It appears to me Baz, You are alluding to try and label $10 shots... I will give it a go ...thanks BUT, will on pape
  7. Thank you guys for the advice ! I have been punting socially for neigh on 45 years...you have convinced me (with guidelines) How to attack the New Year. I have had a chat to Mumsy and $20 going in her (profit A/C), with bets taken early. (will look more for double figure value) whilst my ingrained/hereditary social punting A/C will also be fed $20. keeps me interested (trebles,all ups etc) whilst at mates, club, races. Thanks again, will write down all bets as a learning curve ! ...and report back in a month.
  8. Your a hard case Baz, and thanks for that advice (again) ...I have short term memory loss (honest)...( I have book-marked all this advice LOL) Sorry I,m also thick !... are you saying don't worry about the 2% idea before you reach $500?...as the market expectation of $6 shots is less than 20% success (2 winners in 10) and from what you have seen me post, I,m not likely to be exceeding that figure.???
  9. Cheers mate, will chuck a hundy in the A/C for Saturday and study for 4 or 5 best perceived value bets to kick off with...$2 bets and record em ! Baz was right ($12 is better than 0) BUT(let me explain) I am expecting to pick (gut feeling) 2 out of 10...(maybe 1 or 3) @ $6FF Av. roughly which is $24 for $20 a fortnight...$4 profit x 26 fortnights = $ 104 a year. not down-crying the idea mate. hope I can up the % to 3 or 4 out of 10 to make it more feasible. I will have a small play account (mums, so temptation eradicated to dip into profit account) for exotics, all ups
  10. What you say above is symptomatic of small bet punters who want to win big, get a few extra dollars in the pocket and you either increase bet size or bet volume to try and win even more. Advice taken ...Thanks guys...will do 2021 resolution ! I guess I was after some magical wonderland betting system or staking plan that ensured your average (good strike rate, value winner) OR 2 x All up place punters collect, would keep you ticking over nicely for a nice yearly profit LOL. I hear you loud and clear,... 99% of punters are not disciplined enough...even if it
  11. I enjoy a social days punting, do ok on the punt, BUT far too often, give it back, when I'm up ! Cant help myself. any advice ?
  12. Porky

    City of Auckland Cup

    How do you Punt?...( to rise above the ups and downs) PLEASE ANYONE ...(system) Couldn't go wrong boxing day, up and down with winners here and there since.
  13. Porky

    Shit service

    Fark Hard case Baz... I,m totally unco and dont pick up on store lay-out, or isle signage, Hence, I seek customer service, like yourself, on entering a store. (i generally stick to the Warehouse / Mitre 10)...well staffed / priced But fuck me, technology has me beat, I have a new swipe version phone with all the bells and whistles still in my top drawer, (after lessons from older teen children and wife)...I prefer an old indestructible Brick. Yeah I would have headed to Noel Leeming for Electrical shit BUT hope your complaint is taken seriously and the st
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