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Craig's 5 Winners Spring Summer Comp Second to Last Day Feb 22
Sir Gee Gee's(Sir Gallivant/Rex) HARNESS Comp continues FEB 23RD OAMARU - BURNIE
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  1. Its a full schedule for an Oaks winner for sure taking in the guineas and everything else along the way. As impressive as Saturday was the will be the usual pack of late developing unexposed types. I liked Grand De Flora to mount a challenge as well but shes not accepted today no idea why.
  2. Shin sore makes perfect sense that was an awful effort when asked to put in. I dont think she will ever run over a mile and a half now.
  3. Thanks for stepping up to run this. I like the 10 week format with more than one on some weeks. Ill request week 6 please.
  4. TL taking on Two Illicit and Dragons Leap on Saturday over 2000. With two leaders in the race the picture is about to get a lot clearer.
  5. I meant she needs some reason to reverse form with Loire and Jennifer Eccles. And it's not breeding or preparation. I think she'll be held by JE and Two Illicit over 2000+
  6. Bold! You are saying the ride cost her the guineas?
  7. Sandpiper

    Desert Gold winner

    Top 2 look strong not my idea of a betting race in general though being something of a warmup for many. Grand De Flora worked her way into the race well last time having gone back from the draw. She's one I can see getting amongst JE and Two Illicit come Oaks time. Will have a tickle e/w if price holds up at 16s+ on the tote.
  8. No winners yet for El Roca at 1700+, only 12 runners though. I can certainly see her in contention in any NZ Oaks and winning a moderately run one this year. As long as Jennifer Eccles isn't there. But I'd doubt they go there, it seems an undue risk when she could target a G1 mile / 2000 in aus.
  9. Boys Get Paid are aiming to have a $240k punters club going at Karaka millions night. Is it even possible to get set for say 8 bets at $30k without destroying the price? We've all seen bets get referred / reduced for hundreds let alone tens of thousands.
  10. This is a non obvious part that certainly escaped me for quite a while. I had a work contact who in a quieter moment admitted to being a troll and you could see his eyes light up thinking about how he gets a rise from people. Good worker, nice guy, just with this weird antisocial disorder / addiction thing going on the side.
  11. I only skip the comp as dont follow aus racing much. Happy to be an emergency too
  12. Sandpiper

    Levin Classic 2020

    I dont think the timing is wrong, its a G1 mile 7 weeks out from the nz derby. Its fine imo if it naturally downgrades to a G2 if connections choose a softer leadup. The option and the prizemoney is timed sensibly tho imo. I agree that nz racing calendar should in essence deliver us the best delegates to go on to lead an assault on aus.
  13. Sandpiper

    Levin Classic 2020

    Agree mustie .. a mile suits too many to have a championship feel like a derby. Even the guineas races only really have an early miler feel. Maybe like a minor premiership winner. And thats fine. 3yo stuff evolves fast. Harlech for me on saturday. I think he has them on whats in the book given how the track and distance will suit. Being a colt on the improve for a derby is a bonus. That said, 2.50 is only a fair price. Theres a few shorties looking tough to roll on saturday.
  14. Keen. What I'd push for as the most fitting and fun approach is to have a couple of decent punts as the main goal. If everyone involved is aligned towards that it could be a very exciting project. A cheap ready to run would be an option so long as we have some syndicate members able to spot lemons from goats. Or how about buying a sound but exposed type from some disillusioned soul who is sick of racing it in $10k r82s. And then win back to back r65 -> r72 18 months later. NZ isn't the best place to attempt this in for sure but that only adds to the appeal for me. Welfare is important, I'm sure that can be figured out with some planning.
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