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  1. Sandpiper

    Covid-19 update

    NZ was dealt a pat hand and played it accordingly. I think we (collectively, not NZ) may owe a debt of gratitude to Sweden for taking a nonstandard approach because there was some doubt about the best approach for more infected nations and in that case a mixed strategy amongst similar nations (those with reliable reporting) allows for better analysis after the fact. JMO
  2. Sandpiper

    Covid-19 update

    The weaker economies in the eurozone are going to be pinned down very hard. NZs biggest issue isn't printing money so much as getting a half decent return for the investments.
  3. Sandpiper


    Very true and they made sure to get rid of a key avenue to discuss via radio beforehand too
  4. Don't forget the service contract!
  5. Rebuild from the ground up at a few key venues and incentivise training to relocate there. Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch. World class turf, AWT (whatever the best surface is). Adjoining dogs stadiums. Integrated casino and restaurants. Racing can't do anything other than suffer a slower death unless how the product is experienced is transformed. Awful to lose the connection to all the history and the annual festival at all of these clubs.
  6. Those with the skills needed (i.e. from overseas) to make a go of operating NZ betting systems have already shown how easy it is to tickle the soft underbelly. Why get involved in administration when you can clip the ticket 17 million p.a!! Bottom line, hard to see how NZ racing can be offered as an internationally comparable attractive betting proposition. I have always thought if training and racing could be centralised to two regions with an awesome AWT each we could build a good product but that's not culturally possible. We have to field proper group racing not the worse-every-year f
  7. Inevitable and the talk of future recapitalisation started approx 10 seconds after the bailout, from the same mouth!!
  8. Sandpiper

    Covid-19 update

    Im picking and hoping the antibody testing is cheapn and widely available so a lot of people can get on with things in a bit. Would lead to a perverse incentive to catch it for many tho and that could be ugly.
  9. Sandpiper

    Covid-19 update

    Brazil is so fucked
  10. Its a full schedule for an Oaks winner for sure taking in the guineas and everything else along the way. As impressive as Saturday was the will be the usual pack of late developing unexposed types. I liked Grand De Flora to mount a challenge as well but shes not accepted today no idea why.
  11. Shin sore makes perfect sense that was an awful effort when asked to put in. I dont think she will ever run over a mile and a half now.
  12. TL taking on Two Illicit and Dragons Leap on Saturday over 2000. With two leaders in the race the picture is about to get a lot clearer.
  13. I meant she needs some reason to reverse form with Loire and Jennifer Eccles. And it's not breeding or preparation. I think she'll be held by JE and Two Illicit over 2000+
  14. Bold! You are saying the ride cost her the guineas?
  15. Sandpiper

    Desert Gold winner

    Top 2 look strong not my idea of a betting race in general though being something of a warmup for many. Grand De Flora worked her way into the race well last time having gone back from the draw. She's one I can see getting amongst JE and Two Illicit come Oaks time. Will have a tickle e/w if price holds up at 16s+ on the tote.
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