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  1. Where did I say I wanted it to happen? Simply stating the scenario that would see things turn around. Of course I wanted to go out on a winning note. ps. congrats on winning the comp - top tipping from the Kats these past two weekends.
  2. Quinella will pay (with $30k in the pool) currently shows $13.30. Couple that with a $5 win dividend and it would be enough.
  3. Possibility that a Montre Moi - Rocket Spade quinella in that order (and at current dividends) would see the Turbos earn 10 points. Would it also see the Chiefs beat the Kats?
  4. Say No More


    Minor blip yesterday or has he found his level?
  5. Turbos could earn 10 points with Aquaoir alone. Canes haven't picked Need I Say More, Max. You're getting yourself all befuddled trying to think about more than 3 or 4 combinations of possible outcomes. Just sit back and relax - you've got this in the bag!
  6. Very smart move by the Turbos! We're still at very long odds - need to win, need a team profit, need the Kats to earn no points and need the Blues to earn less than 3 points. Can't see it happening but nothing ventured ......
  7. Just noticed a nicely bred 3yo filly running in the last at Newcastle today. Second start and first run in nearly a year - she won her first start and just missed tonight. her name is I Say Hello - looks a little bit like her mum.
  8. You're spot on Hesi about the value of multiple contributions, but good to see where I stand in your mind. When you started this site you asked me to run a World Cup comp (a H2H version of PJ's Super format) to help attract people across from BOAY. You also encouraged me to run a Losers get Laid comp. Neither were insignificant but neither featured in your post - I suspect a deliberate and pointed oversight.
  9. Hi Peter - have you decided on the races for this weekend? Keen to do some study so I can go out with a bang 🙂 Bit of disarray around Ellerslie scheduling so maybe back to original Covid days with 10 races from Oz?? Lots of group races at Flemington and Randwick.
  10. Hi Peter, I'm opting out at the end of the current comp (this weekend). Thanks for many many years of enjoyment from your comps - I truly appreciate the time and energy you have put into these. The super comps have been a big part of many of my Saturdays, but I'm looking forward to broadening my social life - who knows might have to resurrect the golf career. Cheers John
  11. The number of people I know who say they backed Simon De Montfort - he should have paid $2
  12. Bet placed on Fifty Stars - that's put an end to his chances.
  13. Yes Every Rose - felt a lot better that day. Long way to go Howie, and I'm not counting my chickens given Roland's ability to land a roughie or two.
  14. Hi Peter, Rob posted some for Rex just before race 1 started. Didn't have the winner in race 1 so doesn't change the Race 1 scores.
  15. Can today's picks please be unlocked so we can check for scratchings - cheers.
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