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  1. I see Gheorghe Hagi's son is playing for them. Loved Hagi senior in his heyday - didn't look like much of an athlete but had a wonderful left foot on him.
  2. Stevie G doing ok there!
  3. Sounds good Peter. We have a team message thread so I will ask my team to copy their picks onto there at the same time they post them, so I can be prepared for scratchings, non-posters, ...... and apologies - I loved Remarque's trials and win yesterday but I've been a member of the Enthaar fan-club since Ian put me on to her after the trial leading up to the Gimcrack.
  4. Cheers Peter. Interested to understand how picks will be posted such that opponents can't see each others picks. Will we message our picks to you?
  5. I'm not judging anything - I don't really care what gets posted on those other forums. I'd just like to understand who Barry was likening to the poster on BOAY.
  6. You said "his posting is incredibly similar to someone on this site". You can't have had "no one" in mind!?
  7. Baby Wong in the Gold Coast $2.2m Magic Million 2yo race today 😊 Finished well to place at Eagle Farm last start. Back to weaker company.
  8. R1 - 10/15 BB R2 - 4/11 R3 - 1/2 R4 -5/7 BB R5 - 11/13 R6 - 5/14 R7 - 1/6 R8 - 1/15 R9 - 1/12 R10 - 2/6 Thanks Peter
  9. My records don't go back further than April 2016 (just after a very dark period for the Canes), but I'm guessing they won the Super Comps a few times. One of the oldest comps I have, the Kats (Graeme, Sharne, Pam, Betty and Pam) finished runners-up to a Magpies team that Ray was part of. The rest of that Magpies team did a bit of a grab and run - they were only around for a very short period and probably have the best strike rate in terms of winning PJ Super Comps (albeit only a small sample size).
  10. Yes back in the days when they were a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps with Pam back that might be the case again. Although the one obvious difference between the pre-Maxi era and the Maxi error era, remains 😊
  11. Hi Peter - happy to captain the Canes if no other takers. Thanks.
  12. Say No More

    Site demeanour

    Yeah good call Hesi - let's keep it all back-slapping and pollyanna-ish. Not at all concerned with homophobia, misogyny, sexual innuendo ..... (the Benny Hill brigade)?
  13. Pam posted earlier (page 3) saying she would like to rejoin the Kats. Sucker for punishment? 😊
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