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  1. Easy to be critical of their bets but it is a bloody tough gig. It's a very small number of races so hard to take a long term value approach. I wouldn't risk the $1.10 on Catalyst and I wouldn't back Probabeel at that price with Harlech and Conquerer in that field. However I'm not the one having to front up and I wish these guys the best of luck. Ted is a right twat but the Goat is a good bloke and like them or not, BGP are doing a great job of getting more people interested in racing.
  2. One of 5 group or listed races in NZ so I vote to include it. Similar to the most recent Winx races which were included. To Ian's point, I'm pretty sure Howie would like to include that race. Either way, another 150 points in the Hesi 500.
  3. Wasn't the whole point of making Punting Perspectives a members only area, so that they couldn't see the tips!?
  4. Lol. Based on the conversation at the time, I thought he was referring more to comprehension than comp scores, but either way, it looks like it certainly struck a nerve. C'mon Peter surely the "random" draw could come up with a Virgil vs Weasel match-up in that final round 😀 But yes, must congratulate you on your tipping today Weasel - impressive score! Imagine what might have been if you'd shared some of those winners with your team-mates!
  5. Congrats Rex and the Crusaders - good close match and you guys were too strong at the finish!
  6. Looks like the Crusaders vs Hurricanes match might come down to the Robert vs Hesi match-up. Tom has beaten TC and Rex has beaten Virgil so that is 2 locked in for the Crusaders. Not a certainty but looks likely that Porky will beat Rob, and if Time To Reign remains the favourite (and sub) in the last race then I will nose out Craig on a countback (courtesy of Banquo finishing ahead of Sansom in the race just run at Flemington). If All To Royal moves ahead of Time To Reign in the market then my match with Craig will come down to the result between those two horses. Hesi currently had his nose in front in the possible deciding match, but Robert has chances to get ahead in both races 9 & 10. Great match.
  7. Say No More

    Kozzi Asano

    In to $8.50
  8. I'd recommend posting them before the first comp race. Posting after possibly half the races have been run, and knowing the state of play in your match, could give quite a last player advantage.
  9. Just to help you out a little, I'll use an illustration: Let's say Flemington was abandoned after Flemington Race 3 (comp R8). My question was, would Peter cut the comp off at just 8 races or would he replace Flemington R4 & R5 with Rosehill Races 8 & 9. No suggestion of replacing Flemington Race 2 & 3.
  10. My picks: R1: 1/2 R2: 3/14 R3: 1/7 BB R4: 6/14 R5: 2/9 R6: 3/11 BB R7: 4/6 R8: 1/4 R9: 1/7 R10: 2/3 Rosehill (if needed) R7: 6/7 R8: 4/6 R9: 4/5 R10: 6/9 Good luck Craig! Canes will play their JOKER today - thanks Peter
  11. Porky has a scratching in the alternative race 10 at Rosehill. Probably won't be needed but please replace #7 with #9 10. Rosehill R9 - 8,9
  12. TC's picks: R1: 1/2 R2: 3/4 BB R3: 1/7 R4: 2/6 R5: 2/7 R6: 3/13 R7: 4/6 R8: 2/4 R9: 1/2 R10: 2/3 BB Rosehill (if needed) R7: 5/7 R8: 3/4 R9: 4/5 BB R10: 6/8 Thanks Peter
  13. Trentham R1 Festivity R2 Sword of Fire R6 Prince Albert Rosehill R1 Cellsabeel R8 Mr Dependable (unfortunately wasn't last week) Thanks Craig
  14. Too many drinks last night Weasel? Read it again. Where do I say null & void a Flemington race?
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