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Craig's 5 Winners Spring Summer Comp Second to Last Day Feb 22
Sir Gee Gee's(Sir Gallivant/Rex) HARNESS Comp continues FEB 23RD OAMARU - BURNIE
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  1. Funny sort of win but a win is a win Pete maybe some day we will be on the same team again good luck blues for heading the top of the table (penthouse )we are in the cellar with all the good wine
  2. You are probably right but you never know may find a winner
  3. for the kats 1=2,10bb 2=4,6 3=1,2 4=3,7 5=4,8 6=1,3 7=4,9 8=1,2 9=8,9 10=4,8bb good luck all just a little for you pete go the puddy kats
  4. for the kats 1=5,7 2=1,2 3=6,7bb 4=1,2 5=1,5 6=2,5 7- 8=1,10 9- 10=1,2bb good luck all
  5. for the kats 1=7,10bb 2=1,2 3=1,4 4=1,3 5=1,11 6=1,8 7=1,3 8=2,5 9=1,5 10=5,14bb good luck all thanks pj done a silly thing changed a couple of my picks oh well it can only be good or bad
  6. 1=1,8 2=2,8bb 3=1,2 4=2,10 5=1,5 6=4,5 7=1,6 8=1,7bb go lucy 9=1,11 10=6,10 good luck all and a little for you pj
  7. for the kats 1=1,2bb 2=3,14 3=1,7 4=2,6 5=4,11 6=3,7 7=2,5 8=1,2 9=1,6 10=1,3bb alternative races 7=4,7 8=5,6 9=1,4 10=8,9bb thanks pj all the best heather such a big day
  8. Wow don't the aussie do it well vc also we are very happy have 3 el Roca fillies in the paddock with one share available in the 2yr old still go to k a racing on fb and see her if anybody interested
  9. tom-turny rob-was godzstar1 robert- double r he posted early
  10. kats we have a good cap-a-tain thank you max for replacements
  11. go our kitty kats 1=6,9 2=4,5 3=3,5 4=3,6 5=1,7bb 6=1,16 7=1,13 8=2,15 9=5,13 10=4,6bb thanks pj
  12. Time to place my bet 20 sounds good to me come on puddies for sat I am up against somebody blind so no use sending him my little black book to be helpful
  13. 1=2,6 2=4,5 3=3,6 4=1,7bb 5=5,7 6=1,4 7=1,7 8=7,13 9=3,14bb thanks peter a very good comp, but roll on the next one we are the sweet little puddy kats with the flavour of an old tom
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