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  1. 1=1,4 2=3,8 3=3,4 4=1,7 5=1,3 6=8,13bb 7=5,6 8=2,10 9=9,12 10=1,15bb thanks pj good luck all
  2. Great going team not that I had a good day maybe next week
  3. 1=1,8 2=2,7 3=4,11 4=1,4 5=1,2 6=1,4 7=1,11bb 8=7,12 9=3,5 10=4,7bb good luck all and to you MC love the look of your new foal PJ
  4. for the superiors 1=2,14 2=2,7 3=8,12 4=1,5 5=7,12bb 6=3,6 7=1,3 8=5,7 9=3,8 10=8,9bb good luck all thanks pj
  5. wow we won!!! points very handy sorry daylight good game though not that i did any wonders maybe next week up against that porky interesting game
  6. for the superiors 1=2,7 2=2,6 3=8,11 4=2,7bb 5=2,4 6=6,8 7=1,9 8=8,14 9=12,13 10=3,12bb good luck all just hope some goes my way a little miss last time hope i can put TC out to dry go the superiors thanks PJ
  7. for the superiors 1=4,14 2=9,14bb 3=2,5 4=2,3 5=2,3 6=1,5 7=3,8 8=1,6 9=12,13 10=11,16bb good luck all go the superiors new team new management its all go go go thanks pete for the pick hopefully i can do it justice thanks pj
  8. thanks for pick pete we have a good team there only trouble got max first up hopefully i can pull a superior move lucky i didnt go for captain had an early night would of been asleep by the time it finished we have just moved from the rapa a year in cambridge so settled in but lived in carterton for 20 odd years and lake ferry before that
  9. Oh Gordy Gordy PJ cleaned me up last week you have no fear
  10. for the kats 1=1,3 2=5,10bb 3=5,6 4=3,10 5=5,13 6=4,6 7=3,13 8=2,5 9=2,8 10=2,8bb good luck all but hopefully one step ahead of gordy
  11. I played you while on one wing and I still lost I don't think I have had a win against you but a good match pj
  12. go the kats 1=1,6bb go trisha 2=4,12 3=11,12 4=13,14 5=2,9 6=4,5 7=2,9 8=4,10 9=2,5 10=2,6bb good luck all up against you again pj not sure if i won last time or you but hopefully its me today and its go our trisha you will love it wet
  13. No just photos of all the staff the very top floor was the staff quarters it was a great fun place
  14. I remember the hotel I worked in after looking at old photos it was the grand hotel and after my oe came back to the Midlands that was 72
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