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  1. M5 Alexandra Park Harness R9 6. Korloff Noir FFTOP3 @2.00 M5 Alexandra Park Harness R8 11. Betterzippit FFTOP3 @2.30 M5 Alexandra Park Harness R7 9. Copy That FFWIN @1.90 M5 Alexandra Park Harness R3 9. Girls Are Best FFTOP3 @ 2.00 4leg multi $17.48 Total Stake: $80.00 Potential Returns $1,398 M5 Alexandra Park Harness R4 10. Eighteen Carat FFTOP3 @5.00 Potential Return$100.00 I am a week behind so its catch up time , Hope this is understandable.
  2. oh dear i need swabbing ..... i am terribly out of form, sorry team 😞
  3. Nice BB Gee .............. Where's me morphine ..... i have now got a masssive headache team !!!!
  4. trivia ..... how many successful protests have there been in the caulfield cup
  5. I keep forgetting to look for horses named zilch and nada
  6. Congrats team BLUES , WIPED US OUT IN THE LAST !!!!
  7. Odds favour the Blues .... Good Luck !!!!
  8. Omen BET today SWAMP VIXEN for the swamp foxes in the 3rd race at Flemington !!!
  9. Yes thankyou Craig and have replied to your message. Finished with a tidy sum in the finish thanks 😀
  10. yay craigie well done on your Quaddie ..... ned kelly bets katherine bets ..... and helped me with win multi with ned kelly and katherine plus recovered bets with taking the two and three multis with robyns shadow and serious moonlite after cody banner got 4th nice going buddy
  11. will watch with keen interest for what it is worth ..... this is my 4 leg multi for $ 3 FF Race 4 # 6 Cody Banner $2.40 top 3 Race 6 # 4 Serious Moonlite $ 2.10 top 3 Race 9 # 1 Robyn's Shadow $ 2.10 top 3 Race 10 # 4 Katherine $ 4 . 50 Win Potential Return $142 . 88
  12. Congratulations to the Roughnecks, very well done. Thankyou Max and team ..... been fun being part of the team. To PJ, Thankyou so much, you deserve tremendous ACCOLADES for all that u do to keep us entertained throughout all your weeks of hard work. Its always a pleasure for me to Jump into your comps as soon as they appear. 🍺 CHEERS
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