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  1. Congratulations to my team Escapists ..... valiant effort Maxi and your team ..... See we have a bye this week ..... THE BIG QUESTION ? Who are we gonna challenge ?????? Have a good day tomorrow folks 😊
  2. Yes the old ads are brill just like me old self oooops maybe not so much of me or the mistaken suggestion your lovely wife is old !!!! Apologies.
  3. Whats that special Quote ..... oh thats right ! YA DREAMIN JONESY !! too fast
  4. Congratulations to the SEAGULLS ..... lets hope for the challenges of the more wintry comps where things will change , challenge us as PJ keeps us guessing round nz and oz. Good effort Teamies .... but we were outgunned in the last ..... suggest we either send the bill to HUGHIE or the Seagulls fly a bottle of champagne his way !!!! Thanks once again PETE for your teams friendly competiton. Thanks PJ once again for helping me out ..... now where is the Axe !!!!!
  5. Hugh Bowman never gave PHAISTOS A CHANCE ..... Shocking ride.
  6. Did the MOET drinking Maxi jump on LETZHAVBUBBLES ?????
  7. Good old Haubie aye !!!! will be a long party today/toniight
  8. Thanks Captain Maria and team for an interesting afternoon of selecting and watching your results roll in. So congratulations for your win. Thanks to my team members who got us the point for the dollar amount that has kept us in a nice place in the comp. Thanks again PJ For all your work and support and your continued excellence in running these comps.
  9. very nice selection PJ ....... Never looked like it was gonna lose
  10. I was never gonna be a challenge to PORKY .... Do not think I have beaten him in any H2H'S a nemesis me thinks.
  11. I wish to repick pleeeeeeeeeeeeze .... find horses who have drawn in first six barriers
  12. Having a much better health run in the last two - three days thanyou Maxi. Thanks for asking my friend ☺️
  13. TO My Team of JEN , PJ, ROLAND and JACK many congratulations on YOUR successful picking today. You all made this Captain very HAPPY 😁 Thanks PJ for another very good day on your comp. Congrats also to the Seagulls ..... Commiserations to the Maxis'
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