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  1. Many thanks, PJ, for another first-rate comp. Always a tremdous amount of fun. Top effort Roland ...... congrats ....... I guess the 'Mighty Blues' odds have shortened even more now ! 🙂 Great stuff Gary & Virgil .....filling out the 'Top 3' today. Well done. Plenty of people putting up good scores. The Gold Coast Magic Millions two-day meet was an excellent venue for the comp - big, strong, even fields ...with attractive odds. See you next week, folks.
  2. Make sure you find some of those for the 'Mighty Blues', Roland .... as you've done previously. 😃 Well spotted ..... and Gary and Virgil too. Good stuff.
  3. Will be subject to a vet's inspection only, prior to resuming. We're hoping for the best. There's a bit of wear-and-tear now, Pete having been through so many campaigns.
  4. Having a 'freshener' just prior to unleashing with the 'Mighty Blues' next Saturday.
  5. Good afternoon, folks. I've got a few likely ones sorted out for the Gold Coast today, so I'm expecting to be right there in the Top10 come the end of the day (Top 5 hopefully 🙂). I'm banking these :- R1) 9x16 R2) 3x11 R3) 1x9 BB 1 R4) 2x5 R5) 4x7 R6) 5x9 R7) 6x11 BB 2 R8) 12x13 R9) 3x7 R10) 2x6 Enjoy an excellent day's racing, everyone. Many thanks, PJ.
  6. I'm happy to put my name forward as 'Mighty Blues' Captain, PJ. Perfect position from which to do some sledging, eh Tim Paine, Aussie Cricket Captain. 😄
  7. Good morning, folks. Very good fields carded for the Gold Coast, big, strong, even fields, just what i like. Will be some great racing there for sure, as long as the rain stays away. These ones jumped out at me, and I'm hoping that I've latched on to a few winners amongst them :- 1) 4x5 2) 1X2 3) 1x2 4) 1x4 BB 1 5) 2x5 6) 10x12 7) 1x15 8) 1x10 9) 2x10 BB 2 10) 3x14 For those (i.e. Hesi, Gee, Rees, etc) looking for good performances today in this individual comp to boost their chances of being selected for the Mighty Blues in the forthcoming PJ team co
  8. Maybe Hurricanes seeking to 'offload' Hesi .... therefor not being able to finalise their starting roster immediately?? I started the whisper ...er ..... I mean ...... I heard the whisper. 🙂. heard ...we'll go with that. Not sure how much credence we can place on the whisper. Surely Hesi's got one more decent campaign in him. Maybe ? 😁
  9. Looking forward to leaping into action for the 'Mighty Blues'. To 'right the wrongs' of last winter. We were desperately unlucky ! 😊 Great to see that stalwarts Gordy, Pete & Roland are already locked and loaded. I foresee a sea of blue at the top of the leaderboard this time round.
  10. Isn't that what they said about the Donald 4 years ago ? Waiting ....waiting ........ 😁
  11. 'Smack talk' already ...and we're still 7 weeks out ! 😃 Already Hesi tops our list of those we 'will take down' ! 😁
  12. Thank you my friends for your kind words of congratulations. It's been a long time between drinks, but the racing gods were kind to me this time around. I'll be savouring the success for sure, because we all know well that one week you can be the rooster ....the next week you can end up a feather duster. After being consistently right amongst it for the first 7 rounds, today was a bit of a "damp squib" (both literally and figuratively) for me, but fortunately I'd done a bit of a 'Kotare Chief', and had built up a sufficient lead that it was going to be very, very difficult to be caught.
  13. If it was paying too much for even Gee, then clearly no-one was gonna be interested. 😄 Looks like the Auckland weather of a couple of hours back has arrived at Te Aroha !
  14. A couple of scratching replacements today for me, in the early races :- R1) 8 is out, replaced by 9 : I now have 2x9 R2) 1 is out, replaced by 6 : I now have 6x8 Thanks, PJ.
  15. Perfectly fine with me, Geoff. I'm all for a level playing field. PJs Comps are always fun comps, no money up, and played in good spirit (mostly 😁). Looking forward to another very enjoyable PJ Comp day, and a punt or two.
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