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  1. Thanks for the game today, 'Ardern Up'. You deserved your Team Profit point, 'Ardern Up' and weren't far away at all from taking out the whole thing. Ray, well done on an inspired selection of Nettoyer. To be honest I thought you'd be able to beat Nettoyer home if it came down to a straight out sprint between the two of you, Ray ...but I was ....... wrong. 🙂. There was still some life left in Nettoyer. My greatest claim to fame in this comp is amassing around me a very, very handy bunch of Barellan team-mates ...... Tom who is fast closing in on legend status ...the form competitor for t
  2. No problem, and thanks, PJ. I have no idea how you are so timely and accurate and with commentary to boot and all the permutations. Absolutely amazing ..and very much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for your top efforts again, PJ. A very enjoyable and entertaining day's racing. Please are you able to check Craig (Barellan) and Ian (Ardern Up)'s scores for the last. I had Craig down as having a BB on Fasika; and Ian had Fasika as well. For Ian, it would mean a Team Profit achived for Ardern Up ? Many thanks, PJ.
  4. Taught him everything he knows ! At last ....a younger brother who listens. 😀
  5. The only race that Craig has missed on today is the race when his Exhortation was relegated. Craig ...a true Team Barellan legend. 🙂
  6. PJ ..... question, please. I'm no mathematical genius. 🙂 Can you tell me please what the revised Team Profit target is ? ..... for 8 races instead of 10. Thanks.
  7. The longer they take the more likely it is that something's gonna be relegated. Yes ??
  8. Team Barellan's team profit chances will be greatly enhanced if Howie & Punter Pete get themselves off '0' ! 😄
  9. Mighty small quinella $23 in the first ...... for 5th & 6th favourites paying $11 and $9 to win. I'd have expected over double the $23. Someone must have got a nice haul somewhere.
  10. I'm thinking a Team Profit may be beyond us team Barellan, albeit we are closing in. We are running out of BBs .... which may leave us a tad short. The 3 leads we have are good leads, so there is certainly hope that we can hold on for victory. And hoping that Punter Pete and/or Howie, both trailing by not much, can conjure up some magic to get another point into the kitty. At the very least, I can't see the Ramones catching our Team Aggregate.
  11. Craig is back !! ..... as we always knew he would be. Nice work, Craig. 🙂
  12. Top job scoring today Max ...thank you very much for your effort, timeliness and accuracy. Much appreciated by us team Barellan. Hard luck, Maxi team. You had us in a world of trouble with Camino Rocoso early in proceedings ...but Rosehill saw a turnaround in our team Barellan fortunes and in the end a good win to hopefully take us to the top-of-the-table. Tom is absolutely "on fire" these past 2 Comps ...the form runner above all others ...... and Geoff firing up nicely including his characteristic BB successes and a nice score today. All topped off by a brilliant come-from-nowher
  13. The Mighty Warriors ! What a comeback ! 🙂
  14. Thanks, Max. Much appreciated. I'll leave it in your capable hands. If you need a hand at any stage, have to dash away for an hour or so, just give me a yell. Happy to help. Looking forward to a top match today, as you say. I'm up against a very much in-form Pam, so I'll be needing all my wits about me. Cheers.
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