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  1. I'll be throwing plenty of money Tagaloa's way ! 😁
  2. Selections sub-ed in today for Rex for the 'Too Fast' conglomerate. We all hope Rex is ok. R1) 1x4 R2) 4x5 R3) 4x12 BB NZ R4) 1x2 R5) 1x8 R6) 10x13 R7) 1x4 BB Aus R8) 5x10 R9) 9x13 R10) 15x16 Thanks, PJ.
  3. G'day, folks. I'm pinning my hopes on these ones today for the 'Too Fast' empire :- R1) 2 7 R2) 3 5 R3) 4 12 R4) 7 8 R5) 1 3 R6) 13 15 Best Bet New Zealand R7) 1 6 R8) 7 10 R9) 9 14 R10) 4 7 Best Bet Australia Best of luck to my "teamies" Geoff, Rex, Robert & Gee. Looks like a day for the favourites, and I've taken a few. Many thanks, PJ.
  4. Well done, Craig, Alan and your fellow Reapers. πŸ‘ Yes, I can see you guys continuing to climb up the ladder ...you've got a good team there, and this is likely the start of a good run for you. All the best for the remainder of the round. Tough luck my Too Fast guys, we didn't fire today, didn't fire at all ...but it happens sometimes. After the heady heights of big aggregates early in the round we've come back down to earth the past couple pf matches ...but my experience is things can turn around very quickly. So am looking forward to next week's match, and working our way back towards t
  5. Shocking day at the office, John ....... In all my years in PJ Comps I don't think I've been involved in such a low-scoring match. Just can't find them at all.
  6. haha ..... you're the Magnificent One in PJ's 'Magnificent Seven' , Rex ............... so no-one's gonna give you a break. ☺️ So looks like you're stuck with what you've got ! hehe
  7. G'day, folks ! I see that young Hesi has called my team a "mob" MOB ! hmmm ..... First class band of top-rate selectors I would have thought would have been closer to the mark. ☺️ As Hesi will find out. hehe Anyways I've got a tough battle today against me mate Craig ....particularly valued member of 'Much Too Fast' a campaign or two back, and I'd hoped to snare him for this Too Fast roster too. But having nabbed my brother Geoff first up in the draft I didn't get to pick again until Round 16, by which time Craig had long gone. A pity. Anyways, the best of luck to you toda
  8. Bowls.... Bowls !! ......??.............Can't these be put off until Monday ............... this is Raceday ! All leave cancelled ...all hands on deck ! 😁
  9. Drat ! πŸ™‚ Well done, 'Pumped'. Fighting back from 0-5 down with 3 to go, to win 3-2.. I have to say I was never confident even at 5-0, cos the margins were close in all 5 match-ups. Good to see you snatch one in R10 Rees and the boys ...cos I know you've been bloused-out of a couple of matches in recent R10s. Cheers to you. πŸ‘. Tough luck my boys. Now on to the Rugby. Let's go ! ☺️
  10. Sorry ...I meant 'Pumped'. Don't know where 'Pimped' came from.
  11. By my reckoning, Dream Force, Dragon Leap or Rock can win it for 'Pimped'. That gives them a royal chance. But then ....their R10 record hasn't always been the greatest. We'll see ! My post-match commentary will be delayed this evening, as I'll be watching the mighty North Island beat the other mob in the big rugby game.
  12. Very ! ☺️ That was an expensive neck ...Yulong Prince would have put us back to 5-0 with a Gee win. As it happens, it's now 3-2 only. Holding on ....... just ! πŸ˜”
  13. I'm by no means confident, Rees .......margins are tight ...and you guys are closing.
  14. I'll be cheering on Princess Kereru, as Robert has it BB, and Gee has it. At 23-1 that'll really help the cause towards a 'Too Fast' Team Profit. Princess Kereru a genuine sprinter, so that'll help.
  15. Just saw Hurry Cane win the big go at Whanganui. What a marvellous horse for the owners and punters. 15 starts, 5 wins, 6 seconds, 3 thirds. Only once out of a dividend-bearing place ...and if If I looked back I'd probably find that wasa 4th ! πŸ™‚
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