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  1. I dunno, it's probably just me, but it's always been my take that in Australia (unlike in NZ) you've really got to give something the 'bash' in order to get a result reversed. A brief "touch-up" won't cut it. Even with as good a debater as Craig Williams, and the winning margin being small. And the ultimate decision seems to bear that out.
  2. Well done, PJ .....on my rough calculation your Icebath BB has you nailing me by about $4 ! A crucial $4 for the Ferdies...with you proving to be their 'Man of the Hour'. Good match, close finish, worthy winners PJ and the Ferdies. On ward & upward for the Mighty Blues ....there's always next week ....new opponent ...new challenge. 🙂
  3. wow .... Winter Comp-winning champ Roland almost pulled off a colossal coup with Commander Harry ....only just run down ...... at $93-1. That woulda been nice for Mighty Blues. Coulda ..shoulda ...... woulda ...... 🙂
  4. That man Roland with a BB on Magic Incanto ! Nice. 🙂 No wonder Roland's always very, very welcome, in the Mighty Blues lineup. 😁
  5. Durham Lad eased into tote favouritism at $3.70, PJ ..... Thomas Aquinas was 2nd fav on tote ...at $3.90.
  6. Gordy very unlucky in the 1st ..... had Facetime as BB @ 24-1. Bloused out by the barest of margins. That would have taken Mighty Blues a long way towards a Team Profit.
  7. Thanks for digging this out Gordy ....I'd have never found it ........ a very good memory for me for sure. 🙂 What we do notice here is that the Mighty Blues have gone largely unchanged over many years ...... Gordy, Pete, Geoff, Howie ........ still merrily chirping away for the Blues as other teams have gone through many personnel changes and in some cases have dropped out of sight altogether.
  8. hehe ..the golden days ...that must be five or so years back now, Alan ....... time sure flies .......and that particular golden day has never returned. Well not yet, anyway. 😊. Forever hoping. 😁
  9. Thank you, Craig ..... your Highlanders played very well and had the edge on us for most of the day. We Blues were very fortunate to get the bob in at the right time within the shadows of the post. Fortunately Montefilia didn't read the media blurbs that said it was vulnerable at 2400m. After starting the comp with a '0' in round 1, we Blues will happily take the win ! 😊. Thanks again, Craig .....all the best to you me good mate, and to your Highlanders, for the remainder of the comp. Thanks PJ for another great day of comp entertainment.
  10. Very lucky indeed Maxi 😊 .... as Satu Lagi had to cross behind runners to get open space ...would have cost at least a length and a half ..... and went down by a length. If it had got the run on the rail it would have been game over. 🙂 Not bad for a horse resuming after an 18-month break.
  11. Top pick, Pete ! BB on House of Cartier. Pete having a great day, for Mighty Blues.
  12. Racenet tipster ... you legend ! We should consider Zaaki in exotics, apparently. Hope you didn't stay up all night working that one out ! 🙂 Best horse in Australia. 5-horse field !
  13. Big, big congratulations to Roland's Roughnecks on your superb win today and on being the 2021 PJ Winter Comp Champions. You set a hectic pace right from the start of the comp, and ultimately proved too strong for all-comers. Worthy Champions for sure. We Piko salute you. Great that Roland and Gordy will be bringing across their Championship-winning form and vibes back to their Mighty Blues team this Spring season. Will be great to see you fellas again. Well done my guys, Tom the Terror, Richie, Hesi, and Geoff ....... great team-mates and highly accomplished tipsters who took us from being the cellar-dwellers mid-comp to the point where we very, very nearly took out this whole thing. Certainly this Piko team is one of the best teams I've ever been in ....and I've been in many, many teams over 15+ years. 🙂 The very best of luck to Tom, Richie & Hesi as they go off now to their new Spring Comp teams .... the Ferdies, Swamp Foxes and Magpies respectively. They're very lucky to have you. Thank you for an epic PJ Comp, PJ. Another highly entertaining, fun-filled comp just like we've all come to expect, and look forward to each weekend. Your excellence and dedication is very much appreciated, always, PJ. Thank you. See you all in the Spring Comp.
  14. Te Akau having a 'shocker' today ..... a rare off-day when nothing has gone right. Just saw another one bowled, at Riccarton, nearer last than first. No-one's invincible. Their day will come again.
  15. I wouldn't be completely averse ! 😁 But seriously ...it's a great day's competition going on amongst all the teams. All PJ Comps are excellent .....but this one could be real stand-out, with such a compelling final day adding to the excitement.
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