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  1. Maybe the Hurricanes, Chiefs and Highlanders are more our rugby boys' 'go'. We had no trouble seeing-off those mobs.
  2. Yeah personally I think it's an administrative blunder ...... when you're playing in the freezing cold of the Southern climates games should be limited to 70 minutes only. Then we Blues would have been winners and grinners.
  3. drat ...I hoped that one had slipped past you, Craig. I should have known .... you're Much Too Fast to have things slip by you. 😊
  4. Right ........... here we have one of the two teams in line for the Mighty Blues Joker play ! We'll bring down the 'Cone of Silence' ...and deliberate forthwith. Get us up off the bottom of the ladder .... and poised to take this whole thing out ! Let's go, Blues.
  5. ok .............. but watch yourself ! 😊
  6. Blues rugby pulling away now from the Crusaders .... 15-9 ! Arise the new Kings of New Zealand Rugby ! 👍
  7. Geoff ............ are you responsible for this !! 🤔
  8. Well done to John, TC and the Hurricanes team. A close match on a very tough day. Hurricanes always a very tough team to head off in a close finish. Now sitting back and relaxing as the Mighty Blues rugby illumni already well ahead of the Crusaders 7-6. 😊 Been waiting a long time for this glorious victory
  9. Feeling for the Crusaders ......but unfortunately the pain's not all over yet ! When their rugby boys front up at whatever park it is in Christchurch tonight they'll be confronted by a rampant Mighty Blues ... and it'll be one-way traffic for the unbeaten boys in blue, Patrick Tuipulotu and the team. Sure the locals will turn on the sleet and the snow and the hail and the fog and every other weather nasty to try and throw Beaudy and co. off their stride .... but all to no avail .....the Mighty Blues are made of sturdy stuff, no Queen Street prima donnas in that outfit ....... will be waaaayy too good. 👍 Can't wait ! 😊 Now back to the horseracing.
  10. G'day, PJ ..... Keepella Heights is a late scratching .....jockey incapacitated I believe, no suitable replacement jockey on course.
  11. R1) 4x16 R2) 2x3 BB NZ R3) 5x15 R4) 2x13 R5) 5x12 R6) 6x13 R7) 2x5 R8) 1x7 BB Aus R9) 6x11 R10) 13x16 Good luck Mighty Blues & Hurricanes. All the best, TC.
  12. Not me .... I said at the outset that Mighty Blues 100% wouldn't be playing our Joker against the Ferdies or the Hurricanes. Nothing's changed there. And very, very unlikely to play it against the Crusaders. (and we didn't..... phew ...bullet dodged there 😊). The two teams I mentioned as being 'on my radar' are the Turbos and the Barbarians, and nothing's changed there, either. PJ mentioned yesterday that the Barbarians had 4 un-replaced scratchings in just the one race ..... so I'm suspecting that the perfect Joker-play target has presented itself. Watch this space. 😄
  13. from memory, (and I stand to be corrected) .... in the recently-concluded fun-packed Draft Comp out of 14 Joker plays over 2 rounds there was only one haul in excess of 6 points.
  14. My call on this is that with the evenness of teams there will be more Joker play losses than Joker play wins. So anyone underway with 6 points in a 7-round comp has left the gates with a wing on every hoof.
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