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  1. Hi team Punting solely at Melbourne on one of their very big days, Australian Cup Day and if no covid would have been on course again for another Super Saturday Lets gettem
  2. Still kicking over The Cherry running second, what a horse he is, something special this horse and he will unfold into star status, very excited
  3. Turny


    Yep sure he will be very competitive at the top end, hoping he can get 2400 then a live Derby prospect in Sydney but to me looks like a Doncaster type He is a goodie
  4. You were stiff in the Auckland quaddie Max, almost
  5. Huge artist PJ, amazing live performer
  6. Interesting report Max Some riders would gave got a holiday and senior riders would have elbowed back, more so blackbooker for me Thanks for the report
  7. Next up Bryce preferably with a senior jockey, you were willowed with the ride
  8. With the latest development of business support late this afternoon seems to me we go thru to 2359 Friday at current levels then Auckland the level 2 for 7 days and the rest of the country back to the new normal Who knows
  9. Agree PJ, the dumbest decision they have made just ridiculous
  10. Turny


    Yep Auckland certainly stuffed a wining formula, Boxing Day, New Year's day were not to be missed days but now gone
  11. Turny


    If the AWT don't work then we really are puckarooed. Fingers crossed for a good outcome Thank God I have my Australian racing and Cup Week Christchurch, the only true racing carnival in NZ
  12. Agree a quick back up for the modern thin horse but shows how tough the game is now with minimal stakes Unless you are in the top 5 per cent it is breeding barn or on sell, but the on sell market very thin today What was a gettable 600k for an on sell with 3 wins on the trot say 6 years ago, would be lucky to crank 200k today. Probably 150 would be tops. The game us bloody tough today, just a stakes issue I have a good mate in a 6 people syndicate where they have won 127k in stakes and with a purchase price of 45k and 2 years training are still 25k from breaking even, tha
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