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Mardy's 4 day Lockdown Comp continues 3 April at TAMWORTH!!! Close off 2.10 pm
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  1. Have posted Mardy R1 13 R2 6 R3 7 R4 7 R5 3 R6 11 R7 1 R8 16 bb Enjoy
  2. JMac has a great book, could win on 4 or 5
  3. Same as on the Benalla thread thanks Mardy
  4. R1 6 R2 5 R3 6 bb R3 9 R4 2 R5 7 R6 4 R7 6 R8 6 Enjoy If abandoned same numbers at replacement meeting, in meetings tomorrow so offline from 7am
  5. True curious, we are in very serious times our racing world is in for massive change, after 65 years of interest I have walked I no longer care
  6. Will speed up the closure of courses I can see over the next 12 months it will all be at Wingatui, Riccarton, Trentham, Awapuni, Te Rapa and Ellerslie. Reduced travel, where the horses are trained, where attendees are, reduced ongoing covid risk. Can see only 6 races a day initially with no public then after 6 months may loosen up. Can't see any public on course for 12 months at least This covid thing has a very long tail, and my regular trips to Aussie for Premier racing days are gone till 2022 as I can't see international travel for 18 months minimum
  7. R2 10 R2 12 R3 13 R4 1 R5 7 R6 10 bb R7 5 R8 2 R9 7 Enjoy Tom
  8. R1 9 R2 2 R3 6 R4 1 R5 9 R6 2 R7 7 R8 16 bb Thanks Mardy Enjoy
  9. TAB need to become user friendly and acknowledge and respect their customers bit I think that will be a bridge too far as they haven't a clue who their customers are
  10. R1 10 12 R2 3 5 R3 1 6 R4 1 3 R5 1 4 R6 6 9 R7 1 6 R8 6 8 R9 5 6 bb R10 4 15 bb Enjoy, stay safe team Tom
  11. Let's run it, if no ponies go overseas sports
  12. With 2 weeks to go let it run, go sports
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