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  1. vanturk

    what a shambles

    The problem Tom is, even if the arc had processes in place for this not to happen, companies or organizations like arc, can't help if a employee decides to do there own thing against company prodicol. That will come up under there h & s audit, usually tho, if that happens, companies tend to get rid of those type of people, cause repeat performance, usually there not so lucky and fines can be a mill $, + in event of death
  2. vanturk

    what a shambles

    If it has the potential to be serious, then worksafe have to be informed. Going on the video, I would suggest it maybe?
  3. vanturk

    what a shambles

    They would have to fill out a near miss report for filing in there h & s report. In that , there is no punishment as it's all inhouse
  4. vanturk

    Best Form Comments

    5 starts for 1 2nd. Placed 2 from 2 second up
  5. vanturk

    Rova app

    Anyone else having issues with the trackside app. Others working but not trackside.
  6. Your on the money tom. Senior rider would never have let danielle out
  7. Sorry club . Not the start we wanted . Only the 185.
  8. Can say it was not ridden thatvwell but Scottish star is 1 to follow
  9. Today's bets 50 ew ff r 8 Scottish star 8 .5 . 2.9 R11 40 ew ff brian lamont 16 &4.8 Also a 10$ multi Good luck everyone and thanks hesi
  10. We at 185 thus far. Sorry about the late update, high work load over the weekend. Looks like te aroha is still on , pending weather, otherwise if canned will do either thurs/ fri. Still cant believe there was no siren over amano
  11. vanturk

    Race 3 waikato

    Surely there was interference to kiwiana from Arlington gold. ?
  12. I can only listen on the radio at the mo jase, so was expecting a siren but nothing.
  13. Just had a look at the fields for Wednesday and they didnt accept for it. So plan b
  14. Te rapa R1 $1treb 4/ 2_3_12/2 R3 20$ff win Amano at 5$ R4 ff 20$e/w tokarangi. 7 & 2.25 10$ multi ff tokarangi 7$/badnbouj 9.5 for a return of 665$ 27$ 15% quad on r6 te ra 4_7_9_11 1_2_3 3_9_10 1_4_6_7_12 also fst 4 % for 8% Should total 110$ so leaves 190 for Wednesday. Quite a few short price favs today, so either the pattern of racing will go favs way or we in with a shot. Good luck everyone
  15. Most bets tomorrow. Will be leaving a little bit for next Wednesday
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