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The Race Place
HARNESS COMP see list of races for friday 27th Alex Park and NZ Metro Entires Close at 5pm for Selections and or Scrs
PJ's 5 to Win Comp ROUND 2 - Ellerslie Sat Nov 28 - 8 races + one from Oz - closes 12.44pm


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  1. Race 1 NZ MET (R1) 5:36 PM 06-08 Race 2 NZ MET (R2) 6:06 PM 03-08 Race 3 NZ MET (R4) 7:06 PM 05-08*BB Race 4 Alex Pk (R3) 7:26 PM 01-06 Race 5 NZ MET (R5) 7:36 PM 06-11 Race 6 Alex Pk (R4) 7:56 PM 03-09 Race 7 NZ MET (R6) 8:06 PM 01-10 Race 8 Alex Pk (R5) 8:26 PM 06-11 Race 9 NZ MET (R7) 8:36 PM 07-09 Race 10 Alex Pk (R6) 8:56 PM 01-04 Race 11 NZ MET (R8) 9:06 PM 04-06 Race 12 Alex Pk (R7) 9:26 PM 01-03 Thanks Rex
  2. R1-05-07 R2-04-09 R3-01-05*BB R4-06-12 R5-02-05 R6-08-13 R7-01-11 R8-10-11 R9-10-13 R10-11-13 Thanks Rex/Rees
  3. R1-10 Le Sablier R3-01 Quattro Quinta R4-03 Super Strike R6-04 Edit R8-14 Levante Thanks PJ
  4. R1-02-03*BB R2-04-07 R3-01-04 R4-02-09 R5-09-10 R6-08-09 R7-05-07 R8-02-06 R9-02-06 Thanks Rex
  5. R1-08-13 R2-01-02 R3-01-02 R4-08-10 R5-01-09 R6-06-11 R7-07-13 R8-02-08*BB R9-09-10 Thanks Rex
  6. Rees I don’t think you score any points for third 5pts for the winner 3 pts for 2nd a bonus 2 points if you get the quinella All points doubled with your Best Bet, that’s my read on it, could be wrong
  7. Good stuff Rees My score today was 42 .....4 second placing’s and 3 quinella’s overall score 152 Hope Rex is all good
  8. R1-04-12 R2-11-14 R3-01-02 R4-01-07*BB R5-03-13 R6-04-10 R7-09-16 R8-08-09 R9-01-04 R10-03-08 Thanks Rex
  9. Congratulations PJ and to all the other Blackbookers teammates you guys are the champions enjoy!!! To my teammates throughly enjoyed the ride An amazing performance from the maestro PJ Saturday midweek you name it PJs got it covered Cheers
  10. R1-11-12 R2-01-02 R3-01-03 R4-09-10*BB R5-02-07 R6-05-16 R7-01-06 R8-01-08 R9-01-06*BB R10-03-04 Good luck PJ and all the BBs Massive thanks for the comp Go Daylight
  11. R1-01-02 R2-01-12 R3-06-07 R4-07-13 R5-07-13 R6-07-08 R7-01-10 R8-03-05 R9-01-04 R10-05-10 R11-01-09 R12-06-10 BB R13-09-10 Thanks Rex
  12. VC!


    Masters kicks off in just under 3 hours Iv’e backed Xander Schauffele and Tony Finau top 5 on Betfair Xander between $4-50 and $4-70 and Tony between $7-$8 both play Augusta really well, And took Tony Finau to beat Bubba Watson H2H for as much as I could on Betfair
  13. VC!

    New Comp - 5 to Win

    When Harry met Sally the poor buggar’s didn’t even have enough money to go out for lunch
  14. R1-03-11 R2-11-12 R3-03-15 R4-05-09 BB R5-01-10 R6-13-14 R7-02-05 R8-01-11 R9-11-12 R10-04-06 R11-01-11 R12-03-04 R13-01-02 Thanks Rex
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