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  1. VC!

    Mid-week trivia

    Seems like some of these horse’s reached great Heights Battle Heights how good, I remember Graeme Richardson arriving at O’Sullivans from Laurie Laxon he told us to unload on this filly having her first start that was trained. by Laurie Laxon called Noble Heights who was by Sir Tristram out of Gold Heights Also late 70s the John Dunlop (Red Cadeaux) trained Shirley Heights(UK) and briefly at Wexford we had Mapperley Heights It must be in the name🤔 I blame Kate Bush
  2. Those jumpers were ghastly 91 GF was the first GF I attended Panthers in an upset against that star studded Green machine, Mark Geyer Greg Alexander and of course Royce Simmons who promised to shout everyone a beer 🙃
  3. You heard it here folks Penrith Panthers are known as the Chocolate Soldiers Shut the gate, hang on two of the teams probably don’t understand that one, so everyone’s on a level playing field Shut the gait 😎 🆙 The Chiefs 🔝
  4. Hard luck Highlanders, at least that BA is out the way, a very impressive square gait outfit, probably best you break into a gallop here on in Hail the King, well done Chiefs 3 clear 3 to play Stevie still unbeaten, stay in control Stevie I know you get pumped when you are up against Max, unlucky today Jack nutted on the line, at least it was against a good bloke, rest up Chiefs it’s nice being in the Penthouse that 7-1 we took to win this comp it’s as good as banked. Thanks PJ another top notch Saturday completed a nice total by the scorer today. Until next week, BTW our B52 bomber King Gee will be unloading on you Kats next week, best you guys/gals stay safely in the basement!!!
  5. VC!


    I watched it in English no sub titles, it reminded me of Hunger Games, they left it open at the end so a series two could be on the cards, with it being the most watched series, you would think Netflix will push for a second series, entrepreneurs actually bet on the poor people, the human is actually the thoroughbred Well worth watching, strange watching it in English though I give it the GREEN light
  6. Trials were good included a win over the Metropolitan winner, Raceday’s were poor, paddock beckoned They are predicting a fair bit of rain in the coming weeks, months I like the progress of Explosive Jack so far, the game of chess continues 😎 ☔️
  7. Thanks Hesi I was muttering away under my breath, trust Hesi, something like that, well done on your win today Allan Yes the Grand Final is massive in NSW and QLD, there is always a saturated media coverage over the season, I wonder what the impact of a successful Warriors team would do for the game in NZ
  8. I watched this the other day, #9 is a classic, if you’re a Sunderland fan best not watch
  9. Congratulations Roughnecks well deserved Awesome comp PJ, many thanks champ!
  10. Colts please disregard the above information. Stick to the plan Project Annihilation!!!
  11. I tend to agree, she has an excellent record on rain affected tracks, and Sir Dragonet, loomed if he was going to win, maybe peaked late, he looks on track for another CP tilt
  12. DW also a norm for the Kingston town over 2000 m on Saturday at Randwick track currently a heavy eight at Newcastle I hope they go to Newcastle. Just watched the replay of the Makybe Diva I think the one you mentioned, Colette would be a serious chance if they decide to run her in the Caulfield Cup She ran the fastest last 200 of that race still at a reasonable price no knock from me on Incentivise he rated 103 on Saturday I haven’t backed him in either cups as he is too short, thought Keiai Nautique was good through the line nominated for the Epsom and Cox Plate not sure if I could back him in those races. Explosive Jack was good late he trialed with Sir Dragonet and Incentivise and didn’t look as forward as the other two, so I’m thinking the Melbourne Cup could be his go, although he should come on leaps and bounds after that run and has a good 2400 record
  13. Chiefs PJ With the King and Stevie also in the Mag7 shut the gate!!!
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