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Craig's 5 Winners Spring Summer Comp continues Sat Jan 25
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  1. Don't want to be a snitch, but my intuition tells me that one might have been wasted!? Of course that's not chapter and verse and I could be persuaded otherwise.
  2. Cheers Peter. I know that wouldn't be in the spirit of the comp so have posted my Rosehill alternative selections ahead of the first as John suggested.
  3. Rosehill (if Flemington off) R7: 4/5R8: 4/8R9: 4/5 **R10: 8/9 Thanks
  4. I have six different selections to Rex in the first six races. If Flemington is abandoned and I am ahead in my match at that time, I am allowed to replicate Rex's picks in the Rosehill replacement races? Doesn't feel quite right and I'm assuming that is what SNM was alluding to.
  5. VvD

    Kozzi Asano

    Amazing! Riding so well. They should swab him - rode 8 winners from 95 starts last season and this season has a strike rate better than 1 in 5. Madame de Soir, his next ride, is currently at $9.50. Wonder if that will shorten.
  6. R1: 1/2R2: 3/9 **R3: 1/7R4: 6/9R5: 2/7R6: 3/8R7: 4/6R8: 1/4 **R9: 1/2R10: 2/3 All the best Rex and thanks Peter
  7. No you need to read SNM's post a little more closely - you've still got the wrong end of the stick. It was a good question as was Peter's response.
  8. M4 R1 Festivity M4 R2 Sword of Fire M11 R1 Cellsabeel M11 R3 Lashes M11 R5 Big Parade Cheers Craig
  9. ?? The fields come out on Wednesday and Peter normally has the comp races up by Wednesday evening
  10. R1 - 5/6 ** R2 - 3/4 R3 - 2/4 ** R4 - 3/4 R5 - 1/2 R6 - 8/16 R7 - 1/10 R8 - 2/15 R9 - 2/4 R10 - 3/6 Thanks Peter and good luck today.
  11. All at Trentham R2 Riding The Wave R3 Opalescence R4 Tavi Mac R6 Fiscal Fantasy R7 Harlech Cheers Craig
  12. Very clever, but not sure which of my teams you are referring to: - the Canes? - defending regional Super Comp champs - Five-0? - current Draft Super Comp champs - Liverpool? - current holders of the Champions League, Super Cup and World Club Cup and soon to be EPL champions All this winning gets a bit tiresome. You should try it sometime!
  13. Hear hear - God forbid in a team competition that team members talk to each other before a match! I'm guessing that would be a little bit like Everton right now. Let's go Canes - YNWA!
  14. 1. 2/6 ** 2. 4/5 3. 2/8 4. 4/7 5. 5/8 6. 4/8 7. 1/9 ** 8. 5/6 9. 5/6 Joker today thanks Peter. Just as well the real Virgil is travelling better than this one. Walk on!
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