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  1. Unlikely, thickos like Hesi and a few other brain dead’s on here just line up and tick a box every 3 yrs.
  2. Oh wow, I imagine there isn’t many opportunities in that field in NZ, esp down south.
  3. Are you a Truck Driver Craig?. Horror time to finish work mate.
  4. Max mate, you are entitled to nothing, this is a privately operated forum & the owners can do as they please. Surely you have more than enough going on in your life to not care about what why who etc. Social Media & internet forums become sad places where many become deluded that they are a little family & hang off every word some faceless people type.
  5. The way to reverse or halt the trends here is bloody simple. The human population is too high, it is this high based on unsustainble means, primarily driven by oil consumption. There are trends worldwide that do show some positive signs in that women are having less children and many populations are set to decline, only sustained at current numbers due to immigration. This Is How It Ends: The biodiversity crisis (stuff.co.nz)
  6. Its because they have a lower IQ than Hesi (not by much I might add).
  7. You almost had me at the high IQ, I missed the word relatively. The anti’s are stating freedom of choice which is great and I agree with that, but unfortunately they are holding the rest of us to ransom and denying us the same. Get the vax, and stop giving Cindy reasons to inflict left wing control over us.
  8. barryb

    Logistical issues?

    Tauherenikau is gone.
  9. barryb


    OMG, who has 30 mins to sit through that terrible crap. Sweeney is horrible to listen too, complete turn off that show is.
  10. As they should Hesi, no one is above the rules. Public vilification is the best deterrent to stop that sort of thing.
  11. barryb


    Can you still get books?. You should be down at the Kurupuni Tavern most arvos or go to the cafe by the Regent, beautiful coffee & scones there.
  12. barryb


    Red Tube or Porn hub, storyline is rather weak & I mostly know how it ends.
  13. Yep & the vaccine roll-out, housing crisis, emissions targets, child poverty, mental health, should spell the end for Jacinda. but nope, she’s above scrutiny by the media, eventually fucktards like you Hesi will realise shes achieved nothing and drift away.
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