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  1. For you muilti takers,let's throw in Thompson in the LPGA.A 7/3 split should give you various combos of your choice to play with.
  2. Ko just didn't finish it off the last two rounds, but I put that down to being a little rusty! Smith gave us the true golfing rollercoaster ride with being in contention for the first two rounds and more importantly leading his fellow Australians. Then having a nightmare of a 3rd round and J Day being two shots clear in the Australian h t h going into the final round. Smith shows some great character in the final round to bet Day by three shots, to secure a 8 pt profit (nice one Cam👍) This week for the muilti players, the short list is a 7/2 split USA: Hatton McIlroy
  3. Thanks guys, we will sit on the pointy picket fence for a bit longer! What with our comrades waving the iron fist recently over the fish exports🤔, there is still alot for us as a family to work though. I wouldn't like to wake up in ten years time and find that we have been "J- Pinged" up the derriere!😳 we are still 50/50 with Le Blu in this household! Au revoir
  4. You guys should easily be able to kick this new community outbreak into touch! 7 day lockdown Phfft!(try 340 odd days😷).With a small population and the right testing protocol in place, borders closed on an island in the Pacific,simples! My only question is... where is the "mother ship", case -1 A ?
  5. Back indoors, and slow out of the gates putting this up as a few have teed off in Puerto Rico. Three tournaments for the multi takers this week,here is my group to pick from Puerto Rico: An Putnam Wallace Lewis WGC: Im McIlroy Palmer Smith Rahm(who looks to be finally getting on with the new clubs at the right time) Ko J Y Hataoka Park S H Lee 6 Smith Top Aussie player (3 pts) Jones dipped his toe in last week and carried us into profit! Good luck this week! Has started with three pars,so will add Ko J Y (1 pt)
  6. In play, he owes me of late and was last to come off the short list this week, but will play Jones T20 one more time.
  7. Jones, Taylor and Cantlay all came up short,with Cantlay's putter going cold over the last nine holes when only needing a couple of birdies!Have backed Lewis a couple of times and finally rewards me at outstanding value for a T70 player! This week its T20 value all round. PGA: McNealy and Davis Korn Ferry: Griffin Multi: Players above with Lipsky. Total 340
  8. Cantlay two shots off the pace @4/1 going into the last round
  9. For the last two rounds, I have gone with defending champ Taylor @7/1 for a T10 finish
  10. Some tidy collects last week! Jones T20( just came up short last week)and Lewis T20 this week
  11. Now I know you lot are living in the summer bubble at the moment! But I would have thought the political wingers (which ever way you lean) would have been all over this(barry for the prosecution and Hesi the defence)accusation from the ockers that NZ was turning into or is Vassal State.My interest in whether this is fake news is greedily personal, as The Midnight Crew start planning their exit strategy from Blighty. With the Red Mist descending on an island in PNG,the question for the Midnight Crew is NZ or S/SW France?
  12. Just watching MOTD now Pete! Good solid effort all round tonight by the Seagulls. Leeds looked a little unlucky Craig.
  13. Bogey and double bogey by Hatton and Herbert on the final hole put paid to any hopeful collect!Good even fields this week and will try my hand to find the winner one last time before reverting back to the old formula. Saudi Arabia: Johnson win, with Fox T20. Multi takers, as above with Hatton, Na, Herbert, Hojgaard, Kanaya US: Ralm win, with Jones T20. Multi takers, as above with Mcllroy, Im, Zalatoris.
  14. Woke this morning to find that Hatton had taken my hundy and buried it in the desert !😟😁That's the cruel game of golf! Ironically, the first two home last week are +3 and +4 respectively after the first round.(desert rats! (phft)😁. I'm just grateful for Kim's return on my 10/100 T20 last week.Still an outside chance of a collect with some multis with 3 rounds to go.Forever optimistic me.😄
  15. Is this Aussie bleating, or do we have a "wolf in sheeps" clothing comrades?
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