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Melbourne Cup Comp - see Thoroughbred Chat section
PJ Comp Round 12 split round Part 2 on Wed 28 Oct

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  1. Thanks for the heads up SNM /TC Scratching replacement: R7 now 4-12 Cheers
  2. R6 1-10 R7 12-17 R8 5-12 BB R9 2-3 R10 2-10 Good luck TC Cheers PJ(scratchings please) All the best Blackbookers
  3. Cheers Hesi, I know it is easy to say now, but SD was my 3rd pick in the PJ comp and if you dig deep enough into his form he won at Chester (Mooney Valley of the North)may have been the Chester Vase on softiish ground.Started Derby fav with Ryan Moore (who has 1st pick)finished 4th or 5th in a blanket finish behind AVD. 4yr old form admittedly hasn't been that great, but has low miles on the clock! His last start before coming was in a Grp 1 going down to Magical,who is rated something like 120/122 and ran creditably.I was surprised by the ease of the win, not the win as you can never und
  4. I was taught that in economics, it is either a need or a want! But that was quite a while ago, I'm probably out of touch.
  5. Any answers for part two Hesi?
  6. I needed these answered 3 days ago Thomo!๐Ÿ˜
  7. R1 8-10 R2 3-11 R3 3-5 R4 4-7 R5 3 -16 BB Good luck TC Cheers PJ All the best Blackbookers
  8. GEE that was a flogging! Wednesday good cop, yesterday bad cop, and today the Terminator! ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ.Well played (much) Too Fast and super scoring Gee! Notice, I never left the gates in pursuit of such a grand score๐Ÿ˜.Top scoring Dino๐Ÿ‘ One good thing to come out of yesterday, was that I didn't lose any money and the golfers are going ok! Cheers
  9. You are all a pretty intelligent bunch! So what say thee ? (1) Will Russian Camelot live up to the hype ? (2) Who will actually start favourite for the Cox Plate and Melbourne Cup? (3) Who will be the late money horse in The Cup? (4)What is the code name Mrs M uses now?(Hoover?) (5) Are the pool of "pros" Hesi is calling for in cup week, solely restricted to the city streets? (6)Having been signed up for 3 weeks, is recruit 98(Murray)actually a TAB keyboard warrior,who is logging on for RP race tips and market guide? Come in Muzza! (7)How can Robert live
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