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  1. Does anybody remember at what stage they put bets on? If you place a bet 3 minutes before race and 2 minutes later the price drops through the floor there is going to be a lot of very pissed off punters😂
  2. Interesting article Mardi.As a loyal(mug) punter who has only bet with the TAB I haven't taken too much notice of overseas betting agencies.Could you tell me which Agencies pay /dont pay fees to NZ Racing.And also do Betfair etc. do exotics like Quaddies/trebles?
  3. Hope things pick up for your family Jason. I agree with Mardy you have done a great job with the club over the years. Unfortunately I wouldn't know a spreadsheet from a spread-eagled racehorse so its beyond my computer skills.Hopefully there is someone to take it up.
  4. R1-2X6BB R2-1X4 R3-4X7 R4-3X7 R5-2X7 R6-2X13 R7-1X12 R8-2X15 R9-1X5BB R10-4X6 Thanks P.J. and good luck Gary.
  5. Trentham R2-6 Riding The Wave R4-Tavi Mac Randwick R4-1Luvaluva R7-1 Asharani R8-5 Phaistos Thanks Craig
  6. Could I nominate Max for Captain of the Kats?🤗
  7. Very few of my picks in there.Now I'm really worried😪
  8. R1-2X5 R2-3X5 R3-2X9 R4-4X5 R5-3X4BB R6-2X7 R7-2X7 R8-7X11 R9-13X14BB Thanks p.j. Good comp😀
  9. Happy to have you with the Kats Max😁
  10. R1-1X9 R2-5X8BB R3-2X7 R4-1X4 R5-11X12 R6-8X11 R7-5X6 R8-8X9BB R9-3X6 Thanks P.J.
  11. R1-3X6 R2-4X7 R3-5X6 R4-2X3BB R5-1X2 R6-8X11 R7-1X9 R8-1X10 Thanks P.J.
  12. Really impressed with Mick Dee.Was good before he left N.Z. but he has come on in leaps and bounds.(and yes I am talking through my pockets)😁
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