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Craig's 5 Winners Spring Summer Comp continues Sat Dec 14
See RITA Annual General Meeting video under Racing Chat
PJ's Comp looking for former players - see thread under PJ's Comps
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  1. R1-2X6 R2-3X8BB R3-=2X7 R4-5X7 R5-1X5 R6-3X5BB R7-3X4 R8-3X10 R9-2X3 Good Luck Alan and Ian.(What the hell are we 3 hotshots doing scrapping in the cellar and why would Peter have the seeding round down in the boondocks?)🦊😄
  2. M4 R5 #1 Uniton M11 R2 #3 Statuesquely M11 R6 #6 Lucycello M11 R8 #9 Burning Crown M12 R3 #7 Neighbourhood THANKS
  3. R1-1x6 R2-4x5 R3-8x9 R4-3x7 R5-2x3 R6-4x10 R7-1x4 R8-2x4 R9-9x14bb R10-1x4bb J0KER Please P.J
  4. That list brings back memories Brian.I was at Linton Camp back in early 70s(Armourer)On Saturdays many of us would have a make believe parade outside the Pub in the square at 11am then go in for the day using the resident Bookie.He would sometimes have to stand on the seat with his little transistor to get a decent reception.😂I remember he never wrote anything down but you couldn't bluff him.Memory like an elephant.Happy days😁
  5. Certainly miss Cubes ramblings😁
  6. Phew! Just starting to unbuckle my trousers😙
  7. R1-1X2BB R2-6X10 R3-1X7 R4-2X6 R5-2X4 R6-1X3 R7-4X10 R8-6X14BB R9-4X10 Favourites getting me nowhere so looks like Sydney or the bush😏
  8. Would love to claim extras Peter but my dead mum would kill me if I didn't tell you my BB were races 7&8
  9. R1-4X7 R2-1X7 R3-3X5 R4-10X18 R5-11X14 R6-6X8 R7-5X7BB R8-3X12BB Thanks Peter
  10. R1-1X3 R2-6X7 R3-1X12 R4-1X4BB R5-2X7 R6-3X6 R7-3X11 R8-4X7BB Thanks
  11. R1-2X6 R2-5X8 R3-1X2 R4-1X2 R5-1X3 R6-2X14 R7-8X11BB R8-6X9BB Thanks
  12. M11-R1-6 M11-R3-3 M12-R2-3 M12-R6-4 M12-R10-16 Thanks Craig (still dreaming of getting more than 2😬)
  13. R1-1X7 R2-2X10BB R3-3X4 R4-4X11BB R5-3X7 R6-14X17 R7-6X10 R8-7X10 R9-10X20 Thanks P.J. Looks tough today but some good divvies guaranteed😁
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