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Craig's 5 Winners Spring Summer Comp Second to Last Day Feb 22
Sir Gee Gee's(Sir Gallivant/Rex) HARNESS Comp continues FEB 23RD OAMARU - BURNIE
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  1. If race 1 is anything to go on most of us will be spitting tacks😂
  2. R1-3X10 R2-4X9 R3-1X2 R4-3X13 R5-2X3BB R6-1X3 R7-1X3 R8-2X7 R9-8X9 R10-5X8BB Thanks and lets go Puddies.Whe've given them enough of a start
  3. Randwick R2-Shes Ideel(4) R3-God Of Thunder(1) R5-Special Reward(6) Ellerslie R1-Madam Hass(5) R6-Dragon Leap(2) Thanks
  4. Just noticed in the terms and conditions pages (punters lounge) multis not eligible nor fixed odds futures
  5. Bad luck Pete.Hope this is not an omen that the PC will continue its previous record of most Quaddies ending with 3 wins and a second😋 Did notice however that you WON P.Js comp yesterday by a nose(1 dollar)
  6. Would have felt even worse if True Enough had gotten up
  7. R1-5X7 R2-1X2 R3-2X7 R4-1X6BB R5-1X6 R6-1X2BB R7-N/A R8-2X5 R9-N/A R10-1X11 Thanks
  8. What instrument do you play Pete?
  9. Dart throwers dont need a preference so just put me anywhere😆
  10. Thanks Max.Couple of dollars on Marcus Aurelius/Valetti (Teds roughy of the day)Quinella paid$99.99
  11. Caufield R1-Thousand Wishes(4) R5-Rock Of Kryptonite(5) R6-Akatau(2) Randwick R1-Away Game(1) R3-Greenspan(1) Thanks Craig
  12. R1-7X10 R2-3X4 R3-5X6 R4-1X5 R5-3X9 R6-7X8BB R7-1X2 R8-3X6 R9-1X5 R10-3X4BB Thanks P.J.
  13. Rugby is like the English Premiere League.The season is far too long resulting in players going stale and fans getting bored. Aussie NRL far more entertaining anyway in my opinion😁
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