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  1. Jazz Craig I thought I had eclectic tastes in music from 70s/80s pub rock to Adele and Whitney Houston
  2. Give the Stewards all the stick you want but who would want their job now?
  3. Not our day Kats.So close in so many races.🥺
  4. Go on Pete just rub it in😁
  5. The favoured runners in Aust. tomorrow are so well spread that there must be a good divvie in the offering.I've narrowed it down to Caufield Damien Lane/Prebble Randwick Macdonald/Bowman
  6. brown fox


    Just watched a 2 hour documentary on Woodstock 99 A pack of wild animals wouldn't decend to this level.Nice to know this generation is now running their country.🥺
  7. brown fox


    Bloody spellchecker.Thats Livamol
  8. brown fox


    Is it just my imagination or does this field seem a bit ho-hum compared to earlier years?Although today's horses may run faster times there just doesn't seem to be that romance and excitement of earlier days.Maybe it's just me getting older and the brain fading🥺
  9. Oh to be 20 again and in crowds like this.
  10. Looks like we Kats are on the slide
  11. That's more than I've scored in 3 weeks.🥺
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