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  1. Dammit Pam your nose bigger than my nose😄 Well done Baba's
  2. And my love affair with Nigel Tiley just gets stronger and stronger🥰
  3. R1-8x9 R2-2x3bb R3-3×4 R4-1×11 R5-2×12 R6-1×3 R7-2×9 R8-3×7bb R9-2×3 R10-5x13 Thanks P.J.Good punting Pam.Hope you make a dollar or two
  4. I can understand why some are posting early.No matter how long you look at those Ellerslie Fields they dont offer up anything🙈
  5. Haha.Dead right there Peg.Started yesterday with a BB collect in the first and thought this is too easy.That unfortunatly was my first and last collect😪
  6. R1-2X4BB R2-3X10 R3-6X10 R4-3X10 R5-1X7 R6-3X8 R7-4X7BB R8-1X8 R9-3X5 R10-4X5 Thanks P.J.All betting today courtesy of the Paramatta Eels.Go you good things😁
  7. Missed most of these Craig. Had a love affair with British pub bands back in the day and still visit that music when I feel like a rev up😁
  8. Has anyone ever got more than $5?
  9. Max the obvious Captain for the Kats?
  10. Caution:White men dancing🙈
  11. brown fox


    Even Racenet doesn,t want a bar of it.No Tips only Fields and form
  12. brown fox


    Anyone liking anything there?Looks a bit like one of those pick your favourite Trainer/Jockey days🙄
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