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Lightning strikes in the Derby

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Hoping the hot pot can be rolled by the Desert Lightning today in the Nz Derby.

A great week of enjoyment and really on a roll with Nz and Oz upsetting Poms and India in the cricket 😊 also................

Brisbane Broncos upsetting Premiers Penrith in the Rugby League last night, Brisbane Lions beating premiers Geelong in the AFL too. 

and now for the grand-slam Lightning Blue beating 'Moose of the Reapers' to Cap a Great week !!! (best of luck Moose though for a fun contest and a win today💰)

R1 Terapa3      2 - 3   

R2  Terapa4    10 -12

R3  Terapa5     2 - 3   BB    Go Belle 

R4  Randwick3  1 - 3    

R5  Terapa7     1 - 11

R6  Terapa8     1 - 2    Lightning Strikes ! lol has to be sharp and smart to do it though

R7  Flemington6   15 - 17

R8  Flemington7   1 - 8

R9  Randwick8     4 - 5

R10  Flemington8   4 - 6   BB   Gentleman Roy Purdon

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