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Craig's 5 Winners Spring Summer Comp Second to Last Day Feb 22
Sir Gee Gee's(Sir Gallivant/Rex) HARNESS Comp continues FEB 23RD OAMARU - BURNIE

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When I get home, I will post a suggestion for how it could be run without so much work.....that you can pull to pieces


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13 minutes ago, Mardy said:

I am tempted to run it

Don't resist the temptation Mardy, do it!

As I say it does not have to be a single person.

And from Hesi's post it appears management are keen to support!



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 Agree with you Steve if one or two people were responsible with updating the results it leaves a possible couple of people to handle the admin side i.e. draw . finances etc.

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Okay then, and not getting into the finer detail of Blind Squirrel's suggestions, but using it as an example

Is there someone who can act as a central banker and set up a separate account.  Maxi, I recall you did this for Maija Vance on BOAY and it seemed straightforward.


1.  All contributions are paid into this account.  I presume some will pay lump sum, so cash flow should not be a problem.

2.  On a Wed, the central banker internet bank transfers, to the person(s) bank account who is selecting that week.  This allows for FF value to be wagered on(we might even get Barry interested:classic_smile:)

3.  It is then up to that person(s) to place the bets and post the detail

4.  It is up to the person(s), to post updates, but I'm sure if there are any wins, others will post, along with the associated banter.

5.  When all bets are done and dusted, it is up to the person(s), to post a final tally won, and pay that to the central bank account, early the following week

So with 3,4, and 5 it will mean 1 week out of say 10, when it will be on the onus of that member to be involved to a reasonable degree.  Other than that they can sit back for the remaining 9 weeks and contribute to the banter(hell even Howie might join:classic_rolleyes:)

6.  At any stage, members can request a copy of the account statement from the central banker, either that, or the following week the central banker sends out via a group PM, a copy of the statement and a cumulative update on total money won

Establishing a betting roster and any management of it are a simple 10 min job


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2 hours ago, Blind Squirrel said:

I'm not sure of my participation for a coupe of reasons

1 same as Richie I also work most Saturdays plus I'm one of the lepers with no NZ TAB Account

2. My enthusiasm waned last time around due to the length of the Club and the lack of updating etc. in the last 6-8 weeks. That is not a shot at Jason as I completely understand his situation and it s one nobody wants to find themselves in - Th club just seemed to lack any enthusiasm unlike previous editions

I was keen to provide feedback on some changes that could be implemented so please feel free to dissect these thoughts, add any you may have and we may be able to come up with a solution,

A. Regardless of the number of participants the Club shouldn't run longer than 10 weeks maximum - just divide number of participants by number of weeks and if there are more than two per week so be it - some weeks will have 3 people betting.

B. One go per participant - no matter what you collect that is your turn done.

C. You can bet where you like, when you like from Friday lunchtime to Sunday night - Sports or racing - but all bets for the day MUST be notified before midday. I found it incredibly frustrating trying to watch the progress of the club from work or at home when members don't post all their bets and even post bets after the race has been run.

D. $300 stake - $30 per week equivalent. Paid weekly, fortnightly or in one lump sum - whatever suits.  If 3 people are punting then we will have a tasty $900 in play 

E. Minimum bet amount is $30 or 10% e.g $300 Quaddie taken at $30% - Note $10W and $20 place on one horse counts as a $30 bet

F. One of your bets must be for a $90 total. I like the idea we have a decent punt om something - the rest are however way you want to play it.

G. Random draw for who bets when but if you have a particular day you want to bet on then it will be accommodated in the draw

H. Bonus Week 11 - at the end of the 10 week period participants can vote to allocate a set % of their individual payouts to a bonus weekend or take their payout. Those who participate in the bonus weekend will pool their contributions and players with the 3 highest tallies during the ten week comp will spend it. Any returns are paid back to participants in the bonus weekend as per their % contribution e.g 10 people want to play the bonus round and all contribute $150 - there is $1500 to spend with 3 nominated players spending $500 each. Any winnings divided equally amongst the 10 as they all contributed the same.

All other players would be paid out the set amount after week 10 and the bonus players get there amounts after week 11.

Those are just some ideas to kick around - not everyone will like them all but lets get some discussion going and then try and get an organiser and the Club ready to go by say Feb 8 (International day at Te Rapa) - if we accept the 10 week thing it would be wrapped up by Hawkes Bay Cup Day - 11 April (last day of the Championships at Sydney) - Bonus weekend would be Easter Handicap weekend at Ellerslie.



Think your need to update your initials from BS to WM(wiseman)

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Okay then, going nowhere slowly on this one.

Do we have any takers to step up and run it


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Sorry Guys n Gals...lack of time and computer / bank transfer skills, means I am unable to Step Up.

Hope some-one else can carry on JASONS PUNTERS CLUB though....I,M KEEN . 

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