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Te Akau


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Are they good or bad for racing?.

I must admit I struggle to back or cheer for one of their horses,  they have dominated Waikato Racing club for the last few yrs and honestly I am not sure its really been of any benefit for the club.

The sport is shagged anyway and has 5-10 yrs left so who cares I guess, I wont be buying another horse because of the dreadful state of affairs & besides WTF are they doing shifting the average job bloggs purchasing day to friday from Sunday, they can get f--ked doing that. Having bought horses for the last 10 yrs at the festival sale, I wont be even be going this yr or any yr into the future.

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Can't be our showcase race, as a lot of the top 3 year olds were not in the race, like Dragon Leap, Catalyst, Sherwood Forest and Travelling Light.

Are Te Akau good for NZ racing?, the only thing Te Akau are good for, is Te Akau, I suppose that is the idea.


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1 hour ago, Hesi said:

Apparently out for a short spell, then being aimed at the Randwick Guineas, but still 5th equal favourite for the NZ Derby!

Tibetan right on Harlechs flanks and still coming for 5th with daylight back to the rest headed by Pimlico. Aimed at the Derby is Tibetan and Andy will.be pleased with that run.

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8 hours ago, barryb said:


What a f--king dreadful race that was, honestly the concept is a fing disaster.

Thats our showcase race? really.


Dont agree that the concept is a disaster,   by all accounts the day and the atmosphere was great - helped in no small way by the BGP team.

Its a party, before anything else,  nothing wrong with a party,  and if people have it marked on their calendar as a must-do, nothing wrong with that either.

But the bit that sticks in my craw is the perception that it showcases the best horses in Nz and a few from Aus.  Its a sales series day, thats all, plenty of them around internationally and a great marketing tool....but well outside the pattern race system which SHOULD be the arbiter of the best we have.

Catalyst and Kiwi Ida excluded,  the fields were ordinary IMO .

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