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Just like last year, I have set up a Fantasy Comp for the upcoming Tour de France. This year it is being hosted on the official Tour de France website.

Join me in the league now no.42585 : Race Place TDF

By clicking on this link :


You will need to sign-up via either Facebook, Google or Apple OR just by using your email or phone number

Password : JNQPU

Welcome to all Race Place members, friends and family. You are all welcome to play.

Familiarize yourself with the rules and select your team for Stage 1 starting Saturday July 1st.

Do your best !

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Okay at this stage only Jack, Tom and Maria have joined the league.

Gordy and VS, I suspected you have signed up for the comp but not entered the Race Place League.

May pay to check you are entered for "Race Place TDF"

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35 minutes ago, Gordy said:

This comps setup is different to the Superbru one we used last year.

If it is a flat stage can we just pick sprinters and leave the climbers and team leaders out ?

You have 400 credits, so if you remove an original pick out of your team and replace them it costs you 50 credits, even if you select them again later on.   There is no memory of selections, so basically you can switch out 8 riders over the comp unless they provide us with more credits in later stages.


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Your mission? To select a team of 8 cyclists for the whole Tour de France in order to win the most points possible thanks to the performance of your riders during each stage.

You can play with all the 2023 Tour de France General League participants or create your own private league to play with your friends. In the latter case, you benefit from a private ranking and a private forum. You can belong to several leagues while playing with the same team (except for the "mercato" mode leagues).


You will have to build your team with cyclists registered on the Tour de France 2023. To do so, you have a fixed budget in stars that you will have to spend carefully in order to obtain a balanced formation during the race.

Each cyclist is associated with a fixed cost in stars and a category according to his characteristics (4 categories: leader, sprinter, climber, polyvalent). You can freely spend your budget in stars by choosing the cyclists you want (8 cyclists) but you cannot exceed 5 all-rounders, 3 climbers, 3 sprinters and 3 leaders in your squad. When you choose a cyclist, your star budget is decreased by the corresponding value.

As long as a rider has not started a stage in your team, you can remove him from your squad to retrieve your stars by clicking on the red cross.


When you sign up, you will have to choose 1 Stage Winner Bonus whose points won on a stage will be doubled and 7 Teammates within your team. You can change your Stage Winner Bonus for a stage as long as that stage has not yet started.

Throughout the race, you will have the opportunity to make changes in your team by using credits. You will be able to replace one of your chosen riders with a new cyclist by using 50 credits.

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