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The Race Place

Murdered Infants

Howard Atkinson

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By far the biggest problem for New Zealand is the situation whereby deadbeats have unwanted and unloved children, a situation perpetuated through the generations in multiple families.

The recent murder of 1 y-old Ruthless-Empire in Lower Hutt was the latest despicable outcome of deadbeats procreating.
The media have taken to giving the deceased infant the "touchy feely" name 'Baby Ru' - whereas it would be far more appropriate to refer to the given name Ruthless-Empire, so that no-one is left in any doubt as to the calibre of the individual/(s) who would inflict a child with such a name at the start of what would inevitably be a sad, wretched and short life.
That the Department of Internal Affairs did not accept the name Ruthless-Empire gives no licence to the media to call the infant 'Baby Ru'.

There are times that I have a begrudging admiration for authoritarian places like North Korea, China, Russia.
There you wouldn't find 3 suspects in a murdered infant's home leading police around by the nose for week after week after week.
I'm confident that in North Korea, China, Russia the name of the murderer/(s) would have been forthcoming within 12 hours of investigations commencing, not weeks or months later.

I deplore the uncle of murdered infant Ruthless-Empire who comes out in the media blaming "the gummint" for the tragedy that befell the child. Or more specifically, the "gummint" agency 'Oranga Tamariki'. It was the job of the uncle to take action to ensure the safety of his family-member, not to "pass the buck" to the "gummint."   

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