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Looks to me like Linda Meech’s riding days are over.

Concentrating on becoming a trainer now, training out of Stawell

For mine she struggled to make it into town always 2nd or 3rd string even 4th rider for Moody

But her last two seasons I finally thought she had made it, rode Pippie to group one glory not long after gave it away 

She hadn’t rode for about 3 weeks or more then one Sunday in April she was booked to ride a few for an ex Jock Mark Pegus who is actually Linda’s partner this was to be her official last riding day ( she hasn’t ridden since) and boy what a day it was, one of the massive betting plunges was pulled off when a horse she rode for Pegus Costa Maya  was backed in from $90-1 into 9-1 and it was win at all costs for Meech as she caused some serious interference on her way to victory 

She also went onto win the Stawell cup with Sentimentalist 

Yesterday Meech now training had a horse in at Sandown it was backed in from 50s led but faded over the last 200, but watch for her to pull off a betting plunge as a trainer

Just one other thing Top Sport allowing you to win $5,000 most let you on for 1k provincial 2k metro

Not so long ago Centrebet an affiliate of WH invited back banned punters and let you on for the same amount, that was short lived, so let’s see how this goes, TS head office is not far down the road from where I live so I know where to find them lol





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