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poor poor pitiful Maxi


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So, Maxi manages to get a FREEBET worth all of $5 from the most generous TAB and places all of it on the nostrils of Main Stage in R5 at Sandown today. But Main Stage is then scratched...and what did the TAB do? TOOK THE MONEY (see below). Doesn't show 'Refund', shows 'Missed' (translation: you lose, sucker, thanks for coming).

What did Maxi do? Went into The Crying Room (again), until Mrs W saw him in such severe distress that she rang the bawsteds and sweet-talked 'em into DOING THE RIGHT THING

Wed, 01 Jul 20208:27am
FFWINSandown: Sandown Race 5
Main Stage @ 6.00
($5.00 freebet)
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Just now, Maximus said:

generally take Multis on FF ...woulda got more on tote as you rightly observe

I mention mainly because whether it is something you are interested in or not, you probably know Barry's view on punting in regards obtaining the best price you can get. From an entertainment perspective, that may not be of interest, but for example, even on Betfair, that bet would have returned (net of the $5 (and commission)), $48 profit.

Even though that was a free bet, from a general punting perspective, that would have resulted in effectively getting an extra 4 $5 free bets. 

And if you do that over a long period, what might be a low level of profit over all, or a loss, may well be turned into a bigger profit. Which ultimately can lead into greater entertainment as you can entertain yourself for longer.

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