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Check this out guys, sent them a shitty email after a piss poor experience today.

Nixon Sofabed.
Hi, We went into your Hamilton store today & decided to buy the Nixon Sofabed which had the price of $1606 on it & a sign saying clearance take a further 30% off . To our surprise when we get to the counter and are about to pay the price is $1606 as the 30% is already removed. Nowhere in the store or on the product does it say this price includes the 30% discount. The sofabed also does not have the full price displayed anywhere or even on the ticket attached which has the price $1606.
In the end we decided not to proceed on principle, the staff at the store indicated they agreed with us & had been fielding similar concerns, they were embarrassed about the promotion.
We are not questioning this isnt the right price, more the fact that the promotion is misleading with the wording.

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I'd be advising Consumer NZ

and reporting it to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) www.asa.co.nz

... and I'd be insisting to managers at Freedom Furniture that the sell me the Sofabed under the terms indicated ($1606 - $480). I doubt that they'd argue.

Mind you, with a name like Nixon you should've been on red alert ! 



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