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The Race Place
HARNESS COMP see list of races for friday 27th Alex Park and NZ Metro Entires Close at 5pm for Selections and or Scrs
PJ's 5 to Win Comp ROUND 2 - Ellerslie Sat Nov 28 - 8 races + one from Oz - closes 12.44pm

Spring Super Draft Comp Round 6 - Saturday Sep 26 selection thread

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In the Joker double-header in the first:

Superiors go ahead with Sharrock pair Tellyawhat or Sinarahma and 3-zip clear with Ihu

Pumped go two ahead with Diogenes and 3-zip clear with Justaskme

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Race 1 - 3,4      b/b Race 2 - 4,9 Race 3 - 4,7 Race 4 - 4,5 Race 5 - 4,10 Race 6 - 3,6 Race 7 - 4,5 Race 8 - 1,4 Race 9 - 4,8      b/b Race 10 - 8,9

Very tough match tomorrow for us 'Too Fast' up against the ultra-formidable comp leaders the 'Daylight'. TC, John and Pam all in scintillating forrm leading the way, and realistically us 'Too Fast'

Hopefully bit better than last week team Last out of 40? Must say I hate New Plymouth track though   2/4 4/8  *** 4/14 5/12 7/10 6/8  **** 1/4 1/4 4/5

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That NZ 'Raceform' weekly publication is doing a good job with tips.
Last week it had Jamie Richards throwing out some good ones, including Miss Aotearoa, Vamos Bebe and Savy Yong Blonk, all winners.
This week it had Janelle Millar throwing out Zola Express and Smarty Pants, both winners today.
I've been trudging along to the TAB to buy, but I might have to take up a subscription on what I've seen to date.

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Hi, PJ.

Geoff messaged me his selections and has asked me to post for him, as he's got a very busy day but will catch up with watching most of the races later on.

These are Geoff's selections, and Geoff asked me to say good luck to his skilled opponent, Ray.

R1) 2x7
R2) 4x8
R3) 4x9   BB NZ
R4) 5x7
R5) 7x12
R6) 9x14
R7) 4x5
R8) 1x2   Bb Aus
R9) 4x6
R10) 6x10

Thanks, PJ.

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In the first:

Blackbookers go ahead with Torre del Greco, go two ahead with Miss Lizzie and go 4-zip clear with Ihu

No Eye Deer go ahead with Diogenes or Monaco and go two ahead with Justaskme or Tellyawhat

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In the first:

Maxisquillions go ahead with Tellyawhat or Beltoy and go two ahead with Sinarahma or Justaskme

Reapers go ahead with Diogenes and go two ahead with Torre del Greco or Ihu

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My picks

1.   5/7 BB

2.   7/8

3.   8/9

4.   10/12

5.   2/4

6.   6/9

7.   3/5

8.   4/7

9.   4/5

10  5/10 BB


TC's picks

1.   3/7

2.  4/8 BB

3.   4/9

4.   7/8

5.   6/17

6.   6/14 BB

7.   3/4

8.   4/5

9.   8/11

10  6/10


Thanks Peter.  Good luck Too Fast.

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1 minute ago, Piccadilly said:

REX - you're missing a best bet.

You're a very good sport, Pam. 
Thanks very much.
I just picked up Gee missing a BB ..... seems to be contagious in the 'Too Fast' today.
"daylight' is not really a team to give a head start to ! ☺️. Being the Comp leaders.

We'll make Comp R8 Rex's BB Aus race - 1&5 

Many thanks, Pam.

And PJ. Thanks.

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