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Lucky punter collects 600k from mistake


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Also, either the punter is a massive loser, or they a) wouldn't accept the bet or b) would have laid off a decent amount on the tote - which would have resulted in a quinella dividend of a huge amount less than what it was. As the tote pool was tiny.

It smacks of a advertising 'post' to me.

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It says this in the article. I have no knowledge of the truth of the statement:

Now when you consider there was only $11,831 in the NSW quinella pool he’s actually betting against himself you’d think, but no no no!!!

He’s bet with one of the biggest corporates in the world and instead their system holds the entire amount and they don’t bet anything back.

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Which means one of two things a) he is a massive loser or b) they betting systems are simply throwing money away.

If you can put massive amounts on an exotic - and it doesn't affect the price, that can easily lead to price fixing. Put heaps on a quinella that you don't think will come in on the tote, put high units on the quinella you believe will give you the result. Inflate the tote price of the quinella, giving you all your tote bet back along with massively more that otherwise.

Even if the quinella should be paying around $5. Put $20k into the pool just prior to start where the pool is small (say under $5k). The expected $5 div becomes $25.

Put $20k on the quinella with the bookie. $20k becomes $500k (less $20k into the tote) = $480k. Less bet = $460k. You've just converted a $5 expected dividend into $24.

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The comments on the article are gold.  My apologies for posting initially.

"nice PR puff piece for one of Racenet's main advertisers....yeah right.
Either the guy concerned was a complete victim who has lost tens of thousands to SB so their automatic bet liability alert was not set on his account (unlikely), or this is a typical bullshit yarn spoon-fed by the corporates once in while to make everyone out there in mug-punter land think that this could actually happen to them. "

"Disappointed to read this Stephen, your credibility now about par with Donald Trump's."


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