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The Race Place

Tuesday Trivia


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Here's the field in alphabetical order - Name the race and the winner

An Illusion, Blue Blood, Grey Way, John's Pal, King's Romance, Lovely Honey, Marinoto, Mexiquenna, Mr Dan, Nordic Star, Piacene, Pinotage, Sharif, Show Gate, That's Luck


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Okay, try this lot - same equation - the race, the year, the winner

Beau's Demand, Bristol Fashion, Captain Peri, Cepheus, Crystanni, Doux Voleur, Executive, Heidsieck, Jan's Beau, Lady Roseville, Ngapunawai, No Surrender, Oriental Prince, Royal Cadenza, Royal Reward, Sanyo, Sindacato, Super Value, Wool Away

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7 minutes ago, ngakonui grass said:

1976 Queen Elisabeth Hcp

Ngapunawai     Bruce Compton

No Surrender....Nigel Tiley

Royal Cadenza Dean Mateara

You got it buddy ! I backed Ngapunawai so I remember it well. Great work. Have to make these harder

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