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1 hour ago, Hesi said:

Anyone got an update on where this is at

I had heard a bit of consternation as training gallops had to be finished by 8.45 am because of it, which suggests something is happening

Last I heard you couldn't gallop there till 8.30 because they don't have any lights? Most of us are eating brekkie by then..

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Will be a problem in the winter, for sure.

Preparatory work starts today.

Tracks open 4.30 a.m. and horses must be off the tracks at 8.45.

Not too big a hurdle for smaller teams at the moment, as it is light enough by 5 a.m.

But, as mentioned above, lighting is poor/average at best, especially for riders with any sight issues, I.e  colour blindness,  so working when days close in, will be difficult indeed.

The plough, big sand, and trial gallop grasses are now taken out of use, leaving just small sand/ cinders for use, and the inside gallop grasses no 6,7,and 8.

Sounds reasonable,  but anyone who knows the layout will appreciate how limited the options now are.

Both small sand and cinders are only able to manage two horses upsides, and that only if those animals are reasonably tractable.  Passing isn't possible and when a pair is working slow, will hold up everything else behind them.

At least Cambridge had its good outside track which would have helped a lot.

The chute/ pony club area, which used to get a great deal of use, and could have virtually been the pacework alternative,  is not now there, due to the housing development. 

We are able to use the outside course proper on occasions,  apparently,  but in a dry year the likelihood of that area being very hard is pretty high.

New track to be finished and usable by August 1st.

I can foresee some testing months. 

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