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The Race Place

Privacy and Free Speech


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The only personal details we hold is an email address, which we do not give out.  If there is an urgent need to contact someone, such as with Robert or Rex, then Pete or Hesi will use this email.

Pete or I quite often know who a poster is, but we will not divulge this

We have the ability to edit any posts, and from time to time, something like an incorrect date on say one of PJ's comps is corrected.

We are unaware of anyone who is posting under more than one name, 100% guaranteed Pete and I are not

We will never go into someones account and post.  I don't even know how to

Free Speech

As far as we are concerned it has been pretty free so far.  2 posts I think deleted, a number of other posts deleted on one of PJ's threads as we were concerned about things blowing up, 1 person put on moderation, no threads locked or deleted other than for management of the topic.  No threads or posts hidden, no threads or posts shunted to the back door where people are less likely to read them.  No posters moderated because we did not like what they say.

We certainly believe our record on free speech holds up better than any of the other sites.

We call a spade a spade

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