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Christmas-New Year Comp Round 1 - Sat Dec 26


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1. Players. This is an individual comp. No teams.

2. Schedule:

Day 1 - Dec 26 - Ellerslie, Wingatui, Eagle Farm

Day 2 - Dec 27 - New Plymouth, Hobart

Day 3 - Dec 28 - Rotorua, Timaru

Day 4 - Dec 29 - New Plymouth, Gosford

Day 5 - Dec 30 - Taupo, Kurow

Day 6 - Jan 1 - Ellerslie, Flemington

Day 7 - Jan 2- Tauranga, Tauherenikau, Eagle Farm

Day 8 - Jan 3- Te Aroha, Gilgandra Cup


3. Selections. Each day you will be required to select for 10 races, most in NZ but a few from Oz. Competitors are required to select two runners per race. No subs are to be posted. All selections should be posted at the same time although I may make allowances if this is not possible due to late arrival for posting.

4. Scratching Rule. You may post replacements for any scratching by editing your original post up until 11.00am on raceday or posting replacement selections prior to the first comp race. After that time any selection which is scratched will not be replaced. Only late scratchings will go to the TAB sub followed by the 2nd favourite by TAB win odds in that order.If more than one horse meets the latter criteria then the replacement will be the horse with the higher number. 

5. Investments. Each selection will be regarded as an imaginary $10 win bet while if both selections start, a $2 quinella combining the two selections will also be credited to the competitor. So that's a $22 investment per race per competitor if two tips are submitted.

6. Best Bet. Each selector may choose one race in each country as a "best bet" selection. All $$$ earned from these races will be doubled. In the event of scratchings the same best bet (BB) will apply. There will be no transference to a subsequent race. If your best bet race is abandoned - bad luck !@. If there are no Australian races on any given day then you may select any two races as best bet vehicles.

7. Points. Each day the top 20 scorers will be awarded points as follows:





























































          The competitor with the most points at the end of the final day will be declared the Christmas-New Year Champ.              

8. BONUS POINTS/H-T-H.  Ten minutes before the start of the first race on each day of competition I will perform a random draw pitting each player against another in a Head-To-Head battle for that day only. I will publish the draw just before the first race. If a player wins their head to head on any given day they will receive two bonus points in addition to any daily points they may have accrued for their ranking on that day. If we finish up with an odd number of participants then one match will be a 3-way H-T-H with the winner taking 3 bonus points.

9. TIED SCORES. If daily scores are tied the players will receive an averaged total for the two places they have filled. e.g. tie for 3rd (3rd-25 points, 4th-23 points) will result in each player receiving 24 points. If H-T-H scores are the same then each player will receive 1 point.

10. Posting. Please post your selections by number (names are optional and unnecessary). If you post replacements for scratched horses then do so in a new post rather than edit your original. DO NOT POST SUBS IN BRACKETS WITH YOUR SELECTIONS.

12. Closing Time. ALL selections should be posted 10 minutes before the start time of comp race 1 including best bets. ALL selections should be contained in the one post. If a competitor has not selected by the 10 minute prior cut off time then they will not be eligible for H-T-H points.  My decision is final in this and all other matters.


ROUND 1 - SAT Dec 26

Races are:

1. Ellerslie R2 - 1.05pm - Dunstan Feeds Stayers Championship Qualifier 2200 - $50k, 2200m, R74 BM

2. Ellerslie R5 - 2.50pm - Hallmark Stud Hdcp (LR) - $60k, 1200m, open hdcp

3. Wingatui R6 - 3.37pm - Alleviate Administration Hazlett Stks (LR) - $50k, 1200m, open hdcp

4. Ellerslie R7 - 4.00pm - Stella Artois 1500 Championship Final - $80k, 1500m,Sp Cond

5. Ellerslie R8 - 4.35pm - Jamieson Park Eight Carat Classic (Gr2) - $100k, 1600m, 3yo fillies

6. Ellerslie R9 - 5.15pm - Cambridge Stud Zabeel Classic (Gr1) - $200k, 2000m, WFA

7. Eagle Farm R6 - 6.22pm - Mullins Lawyers Grand Prix Stks (Gr3) - $250k, 2200m, 3yos SWs

8. Eagle Farm R7 - 7.02pm - Magic Millions Bernborough Plate (LR) - $200k, 1600m, SW+Ps

9. Eagle Farm R8 - 7.42pm - Magic Millions Favelon Quality (LR) - $150k, 1200m, qlty hdcp

10. Eagle Farm R9 - 8.25pm - Thank You BRC Members QTIS E&G Class 6 Hdcp - $75k, 1400m, Class 6 hdcp, entires & geldings

Remember - one best bet in each country




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23 hours ago, Sir Gallivant said:

ME Sexist ..... ask my Nursey whether i sexist or not MAN !!!! 😜

My nurse says Merry Xmas to u all , She says when  she hears me laughing she figures Hesi is being naughty or globederby and maximus are teasing me 🎅

Max says Merry Christmas to you Sir G ... and that remark of yours has made my Xmas Day ...MAN! All the best for a fab festive season.. and I'll be tryin' my hardest to kick your beknighted behind in this Comp!



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1. Ellerslie R2 – 7,12
2. Ellerslie R5 – 5,9
3. Wingatui R6 – 5,12
4. Ellerslie R7 – 11,13
5. Ellerslie R8 – 8,10 bb
6. Ellerslie R9 – 7,11
7. Eagle Farm R6 – 5,13
8. Eagle Farm R7 – 3,8
9. Eagle Farm R8 – 10,11
10. Eagle Farm R9 – 10,13 bb

Thank you Peter

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No wonder I only just passed School C...read instructions 1, 2 & 3 and thought this is easy peasy, any 10 races from 3 meetings and 1 BB nz / 1 BB Oz.

Posted...and have only just realised, further down the page on PJ,s post ...He actually stipulates the 10 races.

Similar to School C...back to the start smartarse, READ INSTRUCTIONS

Hope i can re-submit PJ and ignore my 1st post.

Here goes

1. 8,12

2. 9,10

3. 7,11

4.7,9 BB NZ


6. 7,9

7. 1,9

8. 4,8 BB OZ

9. 2,4

10. 6,9

Thanks for the Comp PJ   

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1. Ellerslie R2 - 1,14        
2. Ellerslie R5 - 8,9
3. Wingatui R6 - 4,11
4. Ellerslie R7 -8,9
5. Ellerslie R8 - 3,5 BB
6. Ellerslie R9 - 5,6
7. Eagle Farm R6 - 6,11
8. Eagle Farm R7 - 1,7
9. Eagle Farm R8 - 2,3
10. Eagle Farm R9 - 2,4 BB

Thanks P.J. Good luck all. 


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