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Here's another tip that I have given Curious in the past, that will save you a lot of money

Got a moss, mold or black gunge problem, and considering using Wet and Forget or one of the other such products, at about $100 per pack

Go and but yourself a 2l pack of Poolstar Winter Control from Mitre 10, at about $40.

It contains the same active as W&F(benzalkonium chloride or quat),  but is 5 times the strength.  So it can be used at 400ml in a 10l sprayer.  Quite safe to use for killing moss in lawns.

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The home brand bleaches are identical to the branded ones such as Janola, and almost always a dollar a bottle cheaper.

Exit Mould is just bleach as above in a trigger pack, but it is a special type of bleach resistant trigger, so buy one initially, then top it up with the home brand bleach, preferably the Lemon one, as it contains a detergent as well.

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