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Magic Millions Super Comp Day 1 (of 2) Sat Jan 9


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Hi everyone. This is a 2 day comp starting on Saturday and concluding the following Saturday Jan 16. Everyone is welcome to play. Newbies and veterans


1. Players. This is an individual comp. No teams.

2. Schedule:

Day 1 - Jan 9 - Gold Coast, Awapuni (1 race)

Day 2 - Jan 16 - Gold Coast, Trentham (1 race)

3. Selections. Each day you will be required to select for 10 races - the card at Magic Millions raceday plus one NZ race. Competitors are required to select two runners per race. No subs are to be posted. All selections should be posted at the same time although I may make allowances if this is not possible due to late arrival for posting.


4. Scratching Rule. You may post replacements for any scratching by editing your original post up until 11.00am on raceday or posting replacement selections prior to the first comp race. After that time any selection which is scratched will not be replaced. Only late scratchings will go to the TAB sub followed by the 2nd favourite by TAB win odds in that order.If more than one horse meets the latter criteria then the replacement will be the horse with the higher number. 

5. Investments. Each selection will be regarded as an imaginary $10 win bet while if both selections start, a $2 quinella combining the two selections will also be credited to the competitor. So that's a $22 investment per race per competitor if two tips are submitted.

6. Best Bet. Each selector may choose ANY two races as a "best bet" selection. All $$$ earned from these races will be doubled. In the event of scratchings the same best bet (BB) will apply. There will be no transference to a subsequent race. If your best bet race is abandoned - bad luck !@.

7. SCORING. This comp will be decided on accumulated earnings. The first day tally will carry through to the second day. The competitor with the highest total after the two days of the comp will be declared the winner. No points, just $$$

8. BONUS $$$/H-T-H.  Ten minutes before the start of the first race on each day of competition I will perform a random draw pitting each player against another in a Head-To-Head battle for that day only. I will publish the draw just before the first race. If a player wins their head to head on any given day they will receive a bonus $$ amount of 20% of their winning margin over their opponent to add to their overall tally. If the scores are tied there will be no bonus. e.g. You win your match $236.00 over your opponents $190.00, a margin of $46. You will receive a bonus of $9.20 added to your overall tally.

9. Posting. Please post your selections by number (names are optional and unnecessary). If you post replacements for scratched horses then do so in a new post rather than edit your original. DO NOT POST SUBS IN BRACKETS WITH YOUR SELECTIONS.

10. Closing Time. ALL selections should be posted 10 minutes before the start time of comp race 1 including best bets. ALL selections should be contained in the one post. If a competitor has not selected by the 10 minute prior cut off time then they will not be eligible for H-T-H points.  My decision is final in this and all other matters.



Terrific form for Saturday's meeting will mean some head-scratching trying to work out your final selections:

ROUND 1 - SAT Jan 9

Races are:

1. Gold Coast R1 - 3.23pm - AQUIS QTIS 3YO Hdcp - $75k, 1200m, 3yos hdcp

2. Gold Coast R2 - 3.58pm - AQUIS Gold Pearl - $125k, 1100m, 2yo fillies qlty hdcp

3. Awapuni R7 - 4.15pm - Japac Homes Marton Cup (LR) - $50k, 2200m, open hdcp

4. Gold Coast R3 - 4.33pm - AQUIS Gold Nugget - $125k, 1100m, 2yo colts/gelds qlty hdcp

5. Gold Coast R4 - 5.12pm - Magic Millions Country Cup - $242k, 1200m, qlty hdcp sp cond

6. Gold Coast R5 - 5.52pm - Play Gold Coast Open - $105k, 900m, qlty hdcp

7. Gold Coast R6 - 6.32pm - Magic Millions Rising Stars (females) - $242k, 1300m, Class 4, 3yo fillies & 4yo mares, SWs

8. Gold Coast R7 - 7.12pm - Magic Millions Rising Stars (males) - $242k, 1300m, Class 4. 3yo & 4yo colts/entires/gelds, SWs

9. Gold Coast R8 - 7.52pm - The TAB Wave - $250k, 1800m, 3yos & 4yos WFA

10. Gold Coast R9 - 8.25pm - AQUIS Dubious BM85  Hdcp - $75k, 1400m, BM85 hdcp

Remember - choose any two races for your best bets


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11 minutes ago, Globederby19 said:

Geeze, can I get a job like yours. Any vacancys ?.😀

Mate, there's a ton of work goes on here that you never see or dream about. Just gave a media interview (see tomorrow's ANZ News for a mention), uncovered a stallion prospect in Chile, spent 3 hours on the Inglis Classic Sale catalogue and offered two NZ horses for sale to an agent in Victoria. All in a half days work.

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3 hours ago, PWJ said:

Mate, there's a ton of work goes on here that you never see or dream about. Just gave a media interview (see tomorrow's ANZ News for a mention), uncovered a stallion prospect in Chile, spent 3 hours on the Inglis Classic Sale catalogue and offered two NZ horses for sale to an agent in Victoria. All in a half days work.

And yah still had time to stick the broom up the date and sweep the yard. You're a legend. I think I can speak for all on here, that the time you spend to run these comps is  appreciated greatly. 👍

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And as I usually get asked this around this time of year, I will get in first ! Interviewed yesterday by ANZ Bloodstock News as to my pick of the sale. My response was Lot 382, a colt by Shalaa - Honesty Prevails. pedigree and story enclosed.image.thumb.jpeg.6b52fcc15158bb394c10c2e39e2dbbc7.jpeg

SHALAA - Honesty Prevails.JPG


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6 minutes ago, Babymakesherblujeanstalk said:

Well this'll be interestin' - I don't do Aus! 😑 

We are joining 90% of Marton's population at the track and expecting a good/fun/exciting/entertaining but probably not Rich day on the punt with all them Riff Raff. 

Have a fun day everybodee & may the Best Man/Woman win 🍾

R1 - 4 & 5 

R2 - 1 & 2 BB 

Awapuni - 1 & 3 BB

R3 - 2 & 4

R4 - 7 & 10

R5 - 1 & 11 

R6 - 7 & 8 

R7 -  1 & 18 

R8 -  1 & 8 

R9 -  3 & 15 

Thanking you, PJ! 💐

Stop making excuses before the comp has even started

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33 minutes ago, Hesi said:

The banter in PJ's comps can be excessive Baby, just wait till TooSlow and Maxi start writing their books.....but it is always in keeping with the comps, of being in good spirit

Max doth not write 'books' or even attempt to pen 'short novels' a la Howie.
Max issues the occasional and always pertinent Media Release from his (expensive but worth it) agency, Mustelid PR. Mercifully, they are still on annual leave.


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Good morning, folks.

Very good fields carded for the Gold Coast, big, strong, even fields, just what i like. Will be some great racing there for sure, as long as the rain stays away.

These ones jumped out at me, and I'm hoping that I've latched on to a few winners amongst them :-

1) 4x5
2) 1X2
3) 1x2          
4) 1x4          BB 1
5) 2x5
6) 10x12
7) 1x15
8) 1x10
9) 2x10       BB 2
10) 3x14

For those (i.e. Hesi, Gee, Rees, etc)  looking for good performances today in this individual comp to boost their chances  of being selected for the Mighty Blues in the forthcoming PJ team comp, I regret the news is all bad for you. The Mighty Blues roster is unsurprisingly already completely full following Head Office having been inundated with applications. I regret we've had to turn away hundreds of eager souls desperate to be named in the team representing NZ's premier city. 

Many thanks for this Magic Millions  Super Comp, PJ.
Gonna be heaps of fun, as your comps always are.

Good luck, folks.


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1. Gold Coast R1 – 9,10
2. Gold Coast R2 – 5,6
3. Awapuni R7 – 6,7
4. Gold Coast R3 – 10,11
5. Gold Coast R4 – 15,16
6. Gold Coast R5 – 5,11
7. Gold Coast R6 – 8,9
8. Gold Coast R7 – 7,10
9. Gold Coast R8 – 7,11 bb
10. Gold Coast R9 – 11,17 bb

Thank you Peter

Edited by Jenlove
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1. Gold Coast R1 - 4,8 BB

2. Gold Coast R2 - 1,2

3. Awapuni R7 - 3,9

4. Gold Coast R3 - 4,6

5. Gold Coast R4 - 5,8 BB

6. Gold Coast R5 - 10,12

7. Gold Coast R6 - 2,10

8. Gold Coast R7 - 15,18

9. Gold Coast R8 - 1,10

10. Gold Coast R9 - 3,14

Good luck all, Thanks PJ

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Good Morning All

R  1    #    4    -    13

R  2   #    3    -    9

R  3   #    3    -    5

R  4   #    1    -    4

R  5   #    8   -    10

R  6   #    10  -   13

R  7   #     8   -   16

R  8   #     5   -   16     BB

R 9    #     4   -   8

R 10  #    15  -   17     BB

Thanks P J

Another challenging day  ,,,,,, Raining at the Gold Coast , know nothing of drainage do we need mudders or maybe it stands up better ..... passed the book to me cat and he reckons he has sorted it.

Good Luck and Happy day to you all.🙃



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