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Geoff Knight Retirement

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It is a shame to see Geoff and Jude Knight end training after 20 years.

He was always a larger than life character at the races and seemed liked a good bloke. He had a heap of horses at one stage where he was travelling everywhere but has been quiet in recent years. He did very well with cast offs too.

Very little information about it but I see they are wanting a change in lifestyle from the brief interview he did. He alluded to issues with where they are training at Roxburgh, wonder what they are? Could be a forerunner of other trainers pulling the pin if track closures go ahead but it may not be associated with that.

He said Matty Williamson is going to take over the training of the horses so that will be worth following.

Sad to see him depart. Characters are always needed.

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The Williamson' boys are an absolute credit to harness, hard workers and have all the values Phil and Bev have installed and expect 

Just an absolute credit to our racing industry, in a game where it is super tough, ask Phil he got there by doing bloody hard yards, night shifts for years in Oamaru, horses trained after finishing night shifts and persevered and enjoys well deserved success, but it took years and self belief. 

A legend family with strong Oamaru values,  total credit to them

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